When do I meet the love of my Life?

When you know how the circle of life works you know you’re an moment away of meeting the love of your life

Dear friend,

Welcome to my blog and hopefully, I can explain to you, why you don’t have to worry about not meeting your love or soulmate.

Therefore, if you know the cycles of life. You know its nearly impossible to not meet your soulmate or someone you already love deeply from previous lives and meeting them again.

Having said that, some tools will speed up the process and there’re signs to know when you meet the love of your life.

Luckily, we’re going to explore al these things together so you’ll meet the love of your life as soon as possible.

Sounds like a plan? Alright!

What are you going to learn today in this article?

  • The teaching of the holy life cycle
  • Why the lifecycle is important to meet the love of your life
  • Signs you can recognize for meeting someone special
  • Why the law of attraction is important to speed up the process
  • Law of attraction tools for attracting the love of your life.

the holy cycle

The teaching of the holy cycle

A lot of you are maybe not that spiritual perse. Luckily that doesn’t matter, because it won’t be influencing if you’ll meet the love of your life.

It will happen anyway. Although this is good news, you maybe ask yourself why this is?

Let me tell you why. You see, you have something that is called the holy cycle of life and what this means is: through every different life, you’ll meet some of your previous lovers or soulmates in this lifetime.

Maybe, you’ve even had the experience more than once where you had a wonderful connection with someone, while you met him or her for the first time.

It’s likely to say, there was magic going on in that room. it was the feeling you’ve already known that person for your entire life.

Needless to say, this was a person from previous lives that you are meeting then. The feeling, the smooth and natural conversations, getting lost in each other eyes.

There’s just something special about them, that you just can’t explain. Well, just yet!

Because what a lot of people don’t know is that these meetings are arranged between you, your previous partners, and the universe.

It is intended to meet each other again so you can work out karma with each other, but also to reunite the burning love that you have for this person.

As a side note: please don’t forget you sometimes meet someone from previous lives that are more destructive in nature. These meetings are also arranged and it’s meant to let you grow.

Having said that, most interactions have a kind and loving intention and it can feel like you’re in heaven.

Also, these cycles from different lifetimes keep reoccurring with almost the same partner’s en soulmates.

Maybe you’ve already read it, but let me explain why this is important to meet the love of your life.

Why these lifecycles are important to meet the love of your life

Why these lifecycles are important to meet the love of your life

As you’ve might understand now it’s impossible to not meet your soulmate or lover. You’ve already agreed to meet each other.

Still, having said that. There are ways to speed up the process. One of them is through the techniques from the law of attraction.

That’s how I manifested my soulmate Gui and within a month we’re going to travel through Asia for about 2 months.

If you’re really interested in this technique and easy to follow the program. You can read my review right here, and maybe you’ll be amazed also.

but I need to mention a little side-note here because often you need to do something for it. Well, if you want to manifest your dream partner that is.

So, what’s that Jewel? You need to raise your frequency and heal your inner wounds first.

Because a lot of the times you meet a soulmate from a previous life there are more or less within the same frequency as you are. Or you don’t meet anybody entirely, because you need to grow first.

That’s why the first thing to do is make some kind of checklist and see if you can recognize the signs of meeting the love of your life.

Also, see if you got some work to do or that you’ve maybe nailed it already.

Ok, so let us go to the signs.

Signs that you're ready for someone special

Signs that you’re ready for someone special

  • You live from your heart and you use rationality only for certain tasks.
  • You healed most of your core wounds.
  • You don’t lash out for every reason you think is justified. That doesn’t mean you don’t get angry from time to time.
  • You’re self-compassionate and self-loving and therefore often to your future partner also.
  • For the most part, you know who you are. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t let anybody tell you who you are.
  • You’re assertive enough to stand your ground.
  • You’re self-confident. Again this hasn’t to be perfect, because we always grow, but you need to me meer confident then insecure.
  • You know what you need in a relationship and aren’t afraid to ask
  • You’re a great listener for your partner and you don’t always seek solutions. You care about what there is to say and you do it with your whole heart
  • You’re flexible and adjustable. That doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinion, but you’re ready to switch if it doesn’t cross your own important values.
  • You’re ready to give the other the freedom he or she needs. You acknowledge that your soulmate is a free being and can’t be owned. Again, this isn’t an excuse to let somebody cross your own values.
  • You give unconditionally, without expectations.

So having written this points out. It doesn’t mean it has to be 100% correct. That’s almost impossible. But it gives you an insight where you can work on, to meet the love of your life.

Ok, now let’s go to the signs you’re going to meet someone special or already meet them

Signs for meeting someone special or that you’ve already met them:

  • You feel confident and ready for your future relationship
  • Energetically you’ve said goodbye to your previous partner.
  • You feel calm and joyful when thinking about a new relationship
  • When you meet a specific person you and your heart smiles
  • You feel that you know this person your entire life, although you’ve never met him or her.
  • You start to think of joyous relationships and feel calm and joyful about it
  • You’re meeting your soulmate in your dreams and you see the different adventures you’re going to do. It feels relaxing, calm, and joyful.
  • When meeting this person you’ll instantly know you’re supposed to be together and you know this person has this feeling also.
  • You feel like there’s new magic in and around your life, without or meeting a specific person.
  • You feel like to meet more people or going out more. Your intuition tells you there’s someone special waiting for you.

Again, you don’t need to cross all of them, but they give a good estimation if you’re going to meet your soulmate.

Also if you want to try the easy to follow manifestation technique that I learned to manifest my soulmate, Gui. You can read my review right here, to see if it’s suitable for you.

Why the law of attraction is important to speed up the process

Why the law of attraction is important to speed up the process

I used the app from manifestation magic to raise my own frequency while lying in bed. But why is raising your frequency so important?

Simply because if you want to attract the love of your life, you want to attract a healthy and loving relationship.

Therefore, if you don’t get your life in order because of your low frequency, you’ll attract a low-frequency relationship.

Side-note: This is not all the time, but for the most part. And of course, I intend to help you attract the most beautiful relationship you’d ever have experienced.

Law of Attraction tools to help you attract the love of your life

As you know, the law of attraction has techniques that will help you attract the love of your life faster.

It does this by affirmations, visualizations, and the created feelings that will enter the zero-point field also called the field of infinite possibilities.

Let’s begin with the affirmations to get you aligned with the signs or the standards you have to meet to attract that beautiful relationship, alright?

Affirmations to attract the love of your life.

Affirmations to attract the love of your life.

So, when you’re asking yourself; when do I meet the love of my life, you should use these affirmations to attract your dream partner.

  • I’m free of emotional blockages. In this way, I can attract the love of my life.
  • I’m beautiful and desirable and the love of my life will notice this.
  • I fully accept myself and I feel my frequency rising after this affirmation.
  • I love myself deeply and I can feel the frequency of love deeply in my body.
  • I know I will meet the love of my life very soon and I’m excited to meet him/her.
  • I trust myself and the universe that I will meet my dream partner when it’s a perfect time.
  • I feel calm, relaxed and in harmony, because I know the love of my life will come at the perfect moment when we’re both ready.
  • My vibration is high, clear, and harmonious. This is because I know my manifestation will come sooner.
  • My frequency is aligned with the frequency of the love of my life. In this way, we will meet very soon.
  • I can see and feel we will be together with our whole life. This vision brings me peace, happiness, and security.

Ok, we did these beautiful affirmations to let you attract the love of your life even sooner and to get you aligned with the plans of the universe.

Because the universe always wants you to meet somebody that is predestined to come on your path.

Feel the feeling to attract the love of your life

Now, when doing the affirmations you get certain positive, high-frequency feelings. It’s important to focus on that feeling, so it can expand even further.

You can do this by focusing your attention on it and visualizing a story of your story like a fairytale you’d like to see.

But be warned. It can be quite powerful. So, stay grounded at all times.


Hopefully, when you read this you have enough insight and tools to attract the love of your life and make your own fairytale.

If not, you can read my manifestation magic review and see if that’s an option for you.

This is it for now.

Be well.
Be blessed,