What is the Law of Attraction? Simply put it’s about raising your frequency, creating positive thoughts, and visualize your desires, and from that feeling you’ve intentionally created, you will attract objects, persons, and situations with the same frequency.

The law of attraction shows that if you have thoughts of lack, poverty, quick-temper, and complaint every day, you are only sowing what you are going to reap tomorrow.

Understanding the law of attraction is interesting because it is an efficient and straightforward view for acting in your life and achieving happiness.

In a simple way, we could say that the Law of Attraction establishes that we have the power to influence the events and circumstances of our life.

I feel that it is the reason that an ordinary person like myself has been able to achieve all I have today: from being a student to becoming a freelancer and blogger, multiplying income to a level that most do not even dream of.

I earlier started with the word, “I can do it,” planned them, and put them into action.

If you do not believe in the law of attraction and manifestation of desires, you may as well believe that nobody has control over their destiny, that everything is written, and that we are simply at the mercy of what is happening around us.

Personally, with everything I have accomplished today, and because of what I have done to achieve those goals, I could never think that we do not have the capacity to change our lives and to fulfill our dreams.

Law of Attraction Meaning

Let me start by explaining what the law of attraction means. It is one of the main laws of the Universe. It is the creative force that governs the life of all the beings that live in it. It always accompanies you, even if you are not aware of its existence.

Attracting what you want into your life is possible, thanks to the power of thought. This allows you to think of something, connect with certain actions, and generate energy to the universe, which will return the same frequency of the energy you sent.

You can attract the love of your life, your soulmate, attract money, improve your health, and everything you want.

To apply the law of attraction, you must cleanse your limiting beliefs that are in your subconscious mind and improve your attitude of positivity and optimism.

The law of attraction works to attract both good and bad, so it is important to keep yourself vibrating at a high frequency or tune of constant positive vibration.

Believe it or not, it is part of the difference between success and failure, prosperity or poverty, health or illness, love or loneliness.

If you want good things, you will get good things, but you should always act accordingly, not only wanting but acting in accordance. On the contrary, if your mind is full of negative thoughts, then failure is around the corner, and you need to learn very fast.

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that the Universe is made up of vibrations – high/low, positive/negative, which are attracted by similar vibrations.

To simplify it a little more, this Law is a metaphysical philosophy rather than physical, that says your power of thought affects your outer world, in ways that go far beyond the physical realm.

In other words, the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on one kind of thought, whether positive or negative, you bring the exact things that correspond to that thought into your life.

Law of Attraction and Positivism

With this, I want to help you to be positive. Begin step by step to pay attention to this beautiful law in a serious way, so that the power of creation reaches you in every way you can imagine.

Remember, you are the origin of the universe, and you can create anything as long as you have faith and positive thoughts even in times of trouble.

How You can Apply this Great Law in You – A Step By Step Guide!

Applying the law of attraction in your life requires a lot of work ahead if you really want to achieve the life of your dreams.

Probably some others who speak on the subject of the Law of Attraction assure that it is something almost magical.

But I am convinced that earning $3 million a year and being able to buy yourself a mansion on the shores of a paradise beach is not something that is achieved by daydreaming and without lifting a finger to reach it.

I divide my manifestation process into several steps that I want to share with you:

Step 1: Carefully Review Your Thoughts

This technique is about continuous reflection, paying attention to everything that goes through your mind. Most thoughts are connected to events in the past.

To those of us who go around without reaching anything productive, may the past serve you to learn and know how to act in similar situations.

But there is no point in thinking about something that has already happened, and you cannot change. It is a waste of energy in your life, nor is it fruitful to think about the future all the time.

It’s okay to visualize what you want, plan some actions to get your accomplishments and connect your energy with that feeling.

But everything must be from your today, from the present. Stop hitting yourself against the walls. The past is over, and the future is sometimes uncertain.

You must focus on the thoughts you generate at each moment, to convert them into words and actions that promote the energy necessary for the universe to drive the frequency and receive the same energy.

The thought review technique may be a bit difficult at first, but I assure you it is worth the reward. You will realize the time and energy you waste on things that will not really lead you to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Forget Negative Thoughts and Feelings and Focus only on Your Positive Thoughts

Sometimes you tend to worry yourself with thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that do not correspond to the energy it takes to produce good things.

The complaint, the mockery, being aware of other people’s lives, may only bring negativity into your life, which may further attract more negativity.

So, by continually checking within your mind, you may find yourself thinking about negative things. It is at that moment you must raise awareness and change.

You have the power to control and eliminate the negative, replacing it with positive thoughts. You will always have the alternative, in all situations that arise, to choose a different approach.

Highlight the good in people, focus your energy on how to help, and put yourself in the place of others.

A very routine example is finding a neighbor who is not saying hello. You are in front of your door, and the neighbor passes by and does not say good morning.

It is common for your mind to work immediately: what a rude neighbor! And just like that your mind begins to fly, but negatively, “Don’t greet him anymore.” Now, what you may not know is that this person is having a bad time.

On the other hand, the environment and the people around you have an important influence on you. Distance yourself from negative people. That is people who are always complaining and charging you with negative energy.

Talk to them and change the subject; don’t waste time on meaningless discussions and help everyone you can, remember the power of attraction. If you can’t find an atmosphere of harmony, you better walk away.

Positive thinking will help you overcome fears. And step by step, you can visualize what you want when you begin to think it, affirm it and take it to action.

Step 3: Define What You Want

The next thing is to define what you really want.

When I say “really,” it is because, with all the negative ideas in which we are faced with daily by the media and the people around us, we can lose track of what that means.

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted something for a long time and, when you finally got it, you didn’t enjoy that incredible and maximum satisfaction that you thought you were going to feel?

This happens because sometimes we believe that the experiences or material things that others have will also bring us happiness.

We ended up saying to ourselves: “If they are happy being millionaires, I will probably also be happy when I buy that huge house, get those things they are enjoying, or move to that incredible city.”

To avoid the above, you must first determine how you want to feel. Then make a list of the things, people, and experiences that currently make you feel that way.

If what you want, for example, is to live near the sea, you should probably start looking for properties on the beach and find out their price, and then go on thinking about the steps to follow in order to acquire it and bring it to reality.

You will also need to look for a job in the area or options that allow you to work from home or earn money online while traveling.

You just need to find out how you want your life to feel every day and then find out what kind of people, experiences, and things will allow you to feel that way.

Step 4: Plan

Although many teachers and followers of the Law of Attraction say that by planning, we limit the action of the Universe, for me, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Now that you know how you want to feel and what people, things, and experiences will help you achieve that, the next thing is to define what you have to do to get closer to that final result.

It is really possible to earn $300,000 a year from home, but you will not achieve it if you do not offer the world something in return.

There is no use knowing what you want and loving it very much if you do nothing else.

You can daydream and complain about your reality for the rest of your days, or you can make a plan and work on it to achieve how you want to live.

I fully agree that we must ask the Universe what we want, meditate on it and keep it present every day. But that’s only half the job.

…Determine the steps to reach that goal

Write the points 1, 2, 3, and so on… until 2025 if necessary. And if you have to create points 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 before moving on to 2, then so be it.

Your only mission in this life is to live it. So why not do it the best way and be really happy?

Again, make a list: How much money do you need to earn? What career do you like and will help you earn that amount of money? Where do you want to live? What sort of friends do you want to be with?

Answer all the big questions about your dream life, and then look backward, discovering what smaller things you need to accomplish first.

It is very important that you always keep in mind that the path to achieving your perfect life will not be easy and that unforeseen events may also impact your plan. Therefore, keep the exact expectations of your mind, and this is why the next step is so important.

Step 5: Focus

You have to focus. There is this saying that discipline beats motivation, and this is 100% true. There will be many days when you don’t want to work because you feel bad, sick, or sad.

When you feel like this, it is good to take time for yourself, but not to abandon your plan.

In everyone’s life, there will always be difficult moments, but if you want something, you can’t let that stop you. As far as we know, there is only one life, and we have to give everything we have to live up to it the best we can.

If moving into that house on the beach is your plan, stay focused on your goal and the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Plan your budget, reduce expenses, save for the move, find out if you can rent out or sell your current house if the need warrants it, calculate how much you could pay per month on a mortgage, and look for the options in the area, etc.

Mind you, focus on ONE thing at a time.

Step 6: Meditate

Staying focused is difficult, as day to day tends to distract us with its challenges and all. That is why it is so important to meditate.

Meanwhile, I am not saying you should sit on a carpet with your legs crossed while listening to chants in a language that you do not understand.

To help you stay focused and be more receptive to the signals of the Universe, you should always keep your goals in mind. The more you think about them, the more you will love them, the more you will attract them, and the more you will work for them.

That is why it is suggested to start your daily routine with those goals in mind, before your day is confused with the opinions and negativity of other people through the news, social network, etc.

Meditation can be done in many ways, and you just need to find the time alone where you can focus. If cooking relaxes you, meditate while you prepare breakfast, but be careful with hot objects.

You can also take a few extra minutes in a comfortable chair while having your coffee in the morning. Or, if you like to exercise, do it early and take advantage of that moment to focus on your goals.

What’s more, if you think you don’t have enough time for any of the above, you can meditate in the shower, which you surely have at least that moment for yourself.

Step 7: Act Intentionally

The role of action in the attraction process can become a great source of fear and confusion for those who are just beginning to study it.

I feel that there is a tendency to take the teachings of the Law of Attraction very literally. And since we generally hear things such as “it is our energy that creates, not actions,” some may misinterpret it, assuming that we do not have to do anything at all.

As much as I would like to tell you that just by wanting it, you will be able to attract what you want, this is not so. You must take action on purpose.

Think about it, because this is not about magic.

You can’t make your blog popular if you don’t have a single post, and you can’t make money from home just by wanting it.

Now, it is not about acting for the sake of acting but doing it with the intention of achieving what we have decided to manifest, leaving aside the preconceived expectations of how exactly it should be.

Most of us live by acting automatically. We get up, get ready to go to work, and continue our day without really thinking about each of our actions.

But if you act intentionally, you will recognize the type of actions that you will have to take because they will inspire you, even though they may be difficult at the beginning. After all, it involves doing something that you have never done before.

Your mind may have some objections, but you know it is a good thing, and it will fill you with satisfaction once you have completed it.

Tools That Will Help You Properly Apply The Law Of Attraction

1. Vision Board

This is a board/poster (digital or physical) with images that represent each of the things you want to achieve.

You can cut photos from magazines, google them or draw and paint them. Do something fun and pleasing to your eyes, use shades of colors that you like, and images that are striking to you.

The most important thing is that you put it in a place where you can see it every day. Stick it on your bedroom ceiling or use it as wallpaper, whichever is most accessible to you.

The idea is to be able to look at your board every day and make it evoke feelings in you. Emotions are powerful tools in the Law of Attraction: the more often you can feel and visualize the things you want to achieve, the much better.

2. Route Map

A “road map” is basically what is meant by the name. Imagine a game map, one of those where you have to pass different levels before reaching the goal. You can’t win the amount of money you want until you decide on a career that you like and allow.

Take the time to write or think about the changes (from minor to major) that you need to make in your life to help you reach your final goal, and then make the map in the style that you like.

3. Diary

Nothing will help you focus and record a goal better in your mind than writing about it every morning when you wake up and every night before going to sleep.

Just as how writing notes helps us review a topic, writing a journal will help you to record in your mind all your goals.

In addition to this, many experts affirm that, if you write about the complications that appeared to you during the day before sleeping, your subconscious will work looking for ways to solve those problems while sleeping.

And I will also tell you that it is very refreshing to read your diary after a while and see everything that you have advanced.

Some Important Elements of the Law of Attraction that You Cannot Do Without

1. Affirmation and the Law of Attraction

The affirmations of the Law of Attraction can be said to be the first element to put yourself in a position to achieve what you want.

They act on your conscience so that your body moves in a specific direction, that is why it is important to repeat the phrases that help you to go in the direction you need to achieve your goals, daily and several times a day.

Another important aspect is to avoid doubts when you make an affirmation. Every time you pronounce a phrase, doubts can arise, like “how will I achieve that?” or “it’s so difficult,” etc.

These thoughts, which go in the opposite direction to the phrases of the Law of Attraction, should be avoided. A struggle of forces has created that ends by sucking the energy that can direct you to achieve what you want.

If, on the contrary, you repeat, believe, and do actions in the direction that the affirmation dictates, the energy accumulates, grows, and directs you.

It is also key to put feelings in the statements of the Law of Attraction.

Everything is vibration, and the positive vibration will attract positive results. Therefore, every time you make one of these phrases, you must involve the affective part, either by yourself or by others, but you must do it with a pleasant vibration, with affection.

Also, they must always be positive and affirmative; thus, what you aspire to achieve, in some way, is already happening at the moment you make the affirmation.

20 Affirmations Of The Law Of Attraction

I present you some phrases of the Law of Attraction for you to repeat every day, and that will help you give more strength to your actions.

  1. Everything I want is easily reached.
  2. I believe I can, and I deserve it.
  3. I am a successful person.
  4. I build my reality.
  5. Money is constant and abundant in my life.
  6. I am perfectly healthy.
  7. I have free time to enjoy myself with my family and friends.
  8. I love and accept myself entirely.
  9. I always have a good job.
  10. I have complete confidence in myself.
  11. Everything in my life happens for my highest good.
  12. I am fully grateful for everything that happens in my life.
  13. Love is part of my life.
  14. Everything I dream of always comes true.
  15. The universe always works in my favor.
  16. Every day that passes, I am happier.
  17. I attract good people to my life.
  18. My future will always be positive.
  19. Everything is aligned so that my life grows.
  20. I am, I give, and I receive love.

2. Visualization and the Law of Attraction

The creative visualization technique is a tool to impact your subconscious with the things that you want to manifest with the Law of Attraction.

This powerful technique consists of creating mental images, so real that they generate the emotions and feelings of the things that you imagine and in this way your subconscious is not able to differentiate between reality and what you visualize

For visualization to be effective, you must emotionally impress your subconscious mind to program with this new belief.

8 Secrets on How You Can Effectively Use the Power of Visualization to Make the Law of Attraction Work Positively for You.

  1. You must be in your visualization. If, for example, what you want is to buy a new car, you should not only see the car you want, but you should see yourself driving it and enjoying it.
  2. Visualization should be done frequently, regularly, and preferably at specific times. Experts always recommend doing the visualization, every night before falling asleep, since your subconscious works on it all night, while you rest and sleep.
  3. Do not put limits on what you ask God and the Universe to materialize through the Law of Attraction.

Be clear that all the riches of this world already belong to you and are waiting for you to accept them, and you can do this using visualization.

  1. Have fun making your visualizations, that is, live, enjoy every tiniest detail that excites you, and feel grateful for having what you asked for.
  2. When you visualize, think with real images of what you want. For example, if what you are asking for is economic prosperity, and your affirmation is I have a lot of money, determine what wealth means to you.

That is, how much money? how do you receive it? in cash? or in cheque?. Visualize yourself receiving the exact amount you asked for so that the Law of Attraction will materialize it for you.

  1. You have to desire what you ask for with great passion, that is, have a burning desire that moves you emotionally, you must firmly believe with a total conviction that what you asked for is already yours, accepting it or being prepared for it.
  2. The more you repeat the visualizations, the more effective it is because repetition focuses on what you want and tends to charm you.

This is the ideal state to communicate with the subconscious and impact it or impress it with what you want the Law of Attraction to manifest in your life.

  1. To carry out your visualizations, it is not necessary that you are in a state of deep meditation like that of the Tibetan monks or that you enter a trance-like state as if you are charmed.

You can do them with your eyes open, and the only thing you need is to be relaxed and have your mental images very clear and defined.

These are the key things you have to keep in mind when making your visualizations if you want them to be effective.

3. Emotions, Feelings, and Law of Attraction

If you visualize something, and you do it as if it had already happened, you have only succeeded in fulfilling the beginning part of the Law of attraction.

You already know that what you conceive in you, that is, your thoughts, will be the same thing the Universe will manifest for you.

Therefore, what is outside, that is, your experiences in life – childhood, work, love relationships, etc., provoke emotions that you will keep inside of you.

And it is the union of those emotions, and your thoughts, that will make your wishes materialize. But pay attention that the two parts must go together: thoughts, visualization, and the emotion and feelings of those thoughts or visualizations.

These emotions and feelings reside in the superconscious part of your brain.

Why Emotions And Feelings Are Important In The Law Of Attraction

If you do not put your thoughts and emotions together, the result will be that what will come to the Universe will be only your thoughts.

Thus, even if you visualize and see situations of wealth and prosperity, but in your superconscious, there are negative emotions and feelings related to money, be it due to trauma or erroneous childhood teachings, or for other causes.

The result will be that your superconscious will finally send these negative emotions to the Universe and of lack, and the Universe will return those emotions to your reality, to your dimension, in the form of bankruptcies, serious money problems, and others.

And you convinced that you were perfectly practicing the Law of Attraction, would sit crying inconsolably, not understanding why those misfortunes came to you.

Tips to Align Your Feelings and Emotions with the Law of Attraction

I know at this point, you will be asking how you can make thoughts and emotions become one to make the law of attraction works positively for you. Well, the answer is that you try to think about what you feel or feel what you think.

Yes, dear friend, Buddhists know a lot about this, they know that daily transcendental meditation is vital to put the emotions and thoughts on the same path. Obviously, the task is not easy and involves daily work.

If you want your life to change, change your thoughts, and especially emotions. Flower therapy, homeopathy, meditation, and yoga are some of those tools that can help you in this.

An Exercise To Evaluate Your Connection With The Law Of Attraction And Prosperity

Before I round up, quickly go through this exercise. I am going to ask you some questions based on “The Test of Prosperity” by Randy Gage.

Kindly get a pencil and paper and answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. Are you afraid that your friends or family will stop loving you if you become a rich person?
  2. When you were still a child, maybe they told you: “we are not rich, but very honest.” Are you still with that ideology to date?
  3. Depending on your religion, you may have heard that your life should be sacrificial and that your actual reward will come in another life or realm. Do you still believe in this?
  4. Did you feel guilty when you started to earn more money than your parents, or did you somehow feel superior and started treating them like your children instead of your parents, questioning their financial actions?
  5. Were you raised with a study-work mentality and not with a study-business mindset?
  6. Many of your favorite fiction-based TV series from the 1980s onwards portrayed the wealthy as mean, ambitious, and selfish. Do you still stick to that idea?
  7. Do you constantly suffer from pain and illness that doctors cannot resolve?
  8. Have you become envious of people who own a good car, clothing, housing, luxury, go to restaurants, or travel?
  9. Does it seem noble, romantic, spiritual, or philanthropic to be poor?
  10. Did you ever end an unsatisfactory love relationship and then start a similar one?
  11. Do you use popular sayings frequently such as: “I am poorer than a rat,” “poor but honest,” “a bird in the hand is better than 100 flyings”, “you have to clothe yourself as far as the blanket reaches,” “I look like the guy from 8”?
  12. You make excuses for not being rich, like: “You have to have money to make money,” “you always need connections to achieve things,” “it costs a lot to earn money”?
  13. Do you think life is a constant struggle, full of sacrifices and battles?
  14. Do you like to feel sorry for your challenges, always saying that you have no money, that you need help, that you are very ill?
  15. Can you meet your needs, do you have a stable partner, family, and friends, but you still think that life is hard for you because good things don’t usually happen to you?

Very well. Now I invite you to add your results, how many yes, and how many no.

Now let’s Review the Answers Together:

  • If you get “No” for like 13 to 15 questions, you have a strong awareness of prosperity.
  • If between 3 to 5 questions you probably have some unresolved answers, you are afraid to leave your comfort zone, and you are not extremely happy, you know that you are not with something, but you can’t say what it is in particular.
  • If this unresolved answer is between 5 or more questions, you are probably in a cycle of stagnation that does not allow you to advance, you achieve progress and end up setting back where you started from.
  • If “Yes” is your answer to 7 or more questions, then you are probably on a downward path in your emotional and physical life.

You have to start removing all those limiting beliefs from your mind by following all the solutions in this article. Start turning them into positive beliefs. Critically reprogram yourself.

Conclusion about what is the Law of Attraction?

Just like the popular adage, “speak of the devil, and he’ll appear, ” whatsoever you conceive in your heart, be it good or bad, is what you will end up attracting into your life at the end of the day.

So, I challenge you today to always be positive with your thinking, tell yourself you can overcome those great challenges of yours, and just like magic, you will overcome them in no time. That is the Law of Attraction working in you.

I wish you the best of luck.