what are the 12 universal laws


The universal laws also known as the laws of nature by some authors are natural principles that describe and define the interrelationships between several natural forces, such as harmony, attraction, karma, love, etc.

It is these laws that govern our entire universe. That is, all areas of creation – all circumstances/conditions, the entire events that everyone experiences either as an individual or collectively. This they do with such a precision that is absolute.

These laws are applicable to everybody, not minding the social status, educational background, geographic location, nationality, age, gender, etc.

The universal laws are graceful, balanced, precise (mathematically), as well as constant. There are no errors in them. They are so perfect that they give the same result universally to those who obey them promptly.

Unlike the artificial laws made by man that you get punished when broken, there is no punishment for not adhering to the universal laws. You either get an expected result for obeying them or get nothing for not obeying them.

Therefore, for some things to work positively for us, we must know and abide by some of these laws. So, for the rest of this article, I will be discussing with us the 12 universal laws according to McCune and Dr. Milanovish in a book written by them, “The Light Shall Set You Free,” in the year 1998.

What are the 12 Universal Laws

What are the 12 Universal Laws

  1. The law of attraction.

  2. The law of universal oneness.

  3. The vibrational law.

  4. The law of inspired action.

  5. The correspondence law.

  6. The law of cause and effect (karma).

  7. The law of perpetual energy transmutation.

  8. The law of compensation.

  9. The law of relativity.

  10. The law of polarity.

  11. The law of gender.

  12. The law of rhythm.

  • The Law of Attraction: States that who you are and what you think of definitely define what comes into your life. Having a bad thoughts and feelings, means you will always be experiencing bad things in your life. On the other hand, goodness will always come to you if you think and feel positively.

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The bottom line, be peaceful if you desire peace in your life.

  • The law of Universal Oneness: The law states that everything in the universe is interconnected. From we the humans to the animals, rock, grasses, trees, etc. We are all connected in one way or the other by the universe.

The bottom line, be mindful of every action you take. Each of your actions goes a long way in affecting the entire universe.

  • The Vibrational Law: We all in the universe including the plants and animals vibrate at a subatomic level, and this vibration is unique to every one of us as an individual. Particles vibrating at a fast rate attract other fast vibrating particles and vice versa for slow vibrating particles.

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The bottom line, to complete a task very fast, you need to be very fast in the process of doing it.

  • The Law of Inspired Action: For our goals to be achieved, then we must back it up with some actions that will make it a reality in our physical world.

The bottom line, inspiration + action = achievement, whereas inspiration – action = nothing.

  • The Correspondence Law: The patterns by which things happen repeat themselves all over the universe. The well-pronounced patterns always repeat themselves over the less pronounced ones.

The bottom line, try to know and embrace the patterns that work positively for you, as you shun the negative ones.

  • The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma): Whatever you sow, you will reap exactly the same thing. Be it good or bad, whatsoever you do to other people will be reciprocated back to you in one way or the other.

The bottom line, do good if you want good in return.

  • The Law of Perpetual Energy Transmutation: This illustrates that all the things in this world are changing constantly. That is, the only permanent thing on earth is nothing but change.

The bottom line, irrespective of the ugly condition you are in to right now, you still have the ability to change it to a positive one.

  • The Law of Compensation: Whatever is in your heart when you perform any action, be it good or bad is what you get in return. For instance, if you do good but with hatred in your mind for someone, what you get in return is the hatred and not goodness.

The bottom line, if you are not happy giving something to someone, then just don’t give it.

  • The Law of Relativity: This implies that until our mind gives a particular meaning to something, then that thing is neutral. That is, it has no meaning or value.

For instance, there is no such thing as “bad” or “good,” our thoughts/impressions make it so.

The bottom line, if you think good of what others consider to be bad, then you will get a good result from it while others are getting a bad one.

  • The Law of Polarity: This states that there is always an opposite to all the things that exist in our universe.

  • For coldness, we have hotness.

  • For sadness, we have happiness.

  • For the night, we have the day.

  • For down, we have up

  • For rain, we have sun.

  • For the valley, we have a mountain.

  • For hate, we have love.

  • For women, we have men, etc.

The bottom line, nothing is without a disadvantage.

  • The Law of Gender: Everything in our universe is made up of both male energy and female energy. The people of China already refer to this as the yin and the yang.

In contrast to what some people may be thinking about these two energies opposing each other, the truth is the male energy and the female energy indeed compliments each other. That is, they are totally dependent on each other.

The two energies when combined together will give a higher form of energy than as an individual.

The bottom line, you can always do it better when involving your spouse, always ask for your partner advice when you are about doing something.

  • The Law of Rhythm: Everything in life happens in a particular cycle or in a particular rhythm. To arrive at a particular state, all due processes must be followed without boycotting any.

  • Life must precede death.

  • The day comes before the night.

  • From seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months, and finally comes the year.

  • Fall before winter which in turn precede spring before finally comes the summer.

  • The ground produces plants for man to feed on, man dies and returns to the ground to become manure to the plants.

  • One time we are poor, the other we are rich.

  • A rose that is once beautiful momentarily withers off and becomes dust.

  • One time the tide rises, the other it recedes.

Naturally, these cycles are just there to constantly govern the universe. We all need to fully acknowledge these cycles so as not to get too attached to a particular state of our lives over the other.

The bottom line, there is always time and season for everything. Never postpone the yam you are supposed to plant during the rainy season to dry season as there would be no rain to water it.

Mastering and abiding with these 12 universal laws above will go a long way in helping you to fulfill your destiny. Irrespective of you believing it or not, these laws exist and are effective, just as the fact that you will surely fall to the ground if you jump from a cliff whether you believe in the law of gravity or not.

Hopefully, i have helped you with this information to get a better understanding about what the 12 universal laws are and how you can use it.

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Thank you for reading.

With love,