Law of Attraction and Psychology

Without a proper understanding of your psychology, the law of attraction will get less effective.

Hmmm, you might say. Why is that? Shouldn’t the law of attraction always work? Yes, of course, it always works, but how much does unconscious behavior interfere with your creation process?

Another question you might ask: Do I need a certain mindset to make the best use out of the law of attraction. Or does my psychology affect my manifestation process?

The answer is yes. It can have a major effect and not only with the way you’re trying to manifest, but on all aspects of your life.

To help you further with manifesting your desires in life, let’s take a quick overview of what we’re going to talk about in this article:

  • Why does psychology matter in a person?
  • Can you use certain psychology for the LOA?
  • How do you get rid of psychological blocks and beliefs?
  • How do you replace these beliefs?
  • Is there a smarter way to do this quickly and simply with the law of attraction?

Why does psychology matter in a person in regards to the LOA?

Why does psychology matter in a person in regards to the LOA?

Simply put, the law of attraction attracts the same frequency as the source (which is you ;). Therefore, when you think and feel about it; if your psychology isn’t creating good outcomes in your life, you probably don’t have a good set of working beliefs.

Of course, this isn’t a judgment and you’re certainly not alone. But the fact stays this isn’t fruitful for attracting your desires.

But what makes our psychology in simple words? It’s the structure and the number of all the believes we have. As you maybe know; our beliefs create our perception of reality.

The other thing is, it doesn’t only give us a perception of reality, we also create our future with it. Which is awesome as long as your conscious of it.

The workings of beliefs with the LOA and Psychology

The workings of beliefs with the LOA and Psychology

So, when we experience some situations, inwardly or outwardly. The mind is going to ask questions to get a conclusion out of it. And when it does have a conclusion out of it, it will value the conclusion.

For example: When somebody hits you. you might conclude: people are violent. This just newly formed belief will color your reality. Not only that but as you might have guessed. This is also a limiting belief which unconsciously put the law of attraction at work.

That’s why if you have this limiting belief there will be more violence in your life.

In this way, we can see what an effect our psychology can have on the law of attraction and how it influences our lives for the good or the bad.

But now, the next question becomes, how do you get rid of such limiting beliefs?

Let’s go to the next chapter with me and let’s find out, shall we?

How do you get rid of psychological blocks and beliefs?

How do you get rid of psychological blocks and beliefs?

Of course, when you want to get rid of psychological blocks and beliefs, then first we must find them. We do this by asking questions to ourselves.

Did you ever hear of Socrates questioning? It’s a bundle of questions to find out what your beliefs are. And not only that. You can also eliminate limiting beliefs when you find them.

obviously, if you can find your limiting beliefs and dismantling them or even replace them with empowering beliefs, your psychology would improve drastically.

And needless to say, thus the practice of the Law of Attraction will almost go on auto-pilot. Pretty need, right?

So, let us go to the Socrotas questioning.

Socrotas questioning

First question: What do you like to have or be, but what is stopping you from having it, or be it?

Second question: What is stopping you from having it or be it?

Now most of the time, there’s running a story in your mind by now. Slowly you get in contact with your limiting beliefs. To make it even more clear, we’re going to the third question.

Third question: What is really stopping you???

Now, the mind is forced to look even better, and such there will be a clearer answer. Therefore, the fourth question will cut to the heart of the limiting belief.

Fourth question: Why is this a problem for you?

Often, a part of the whole limiting belief is already found, but there’s another interesting part of questions, namely the ”5 Why’s”

The 5 why’s are designed to uncover the masks around the limiting beliefs. Often the ego disguises the real limiting beliefs.

So, now you ask 1 to 5 times why is this a problem for me? Of course, depending on how clear your answer is.

Ok, le’s go to the grand finale to find your limiting belief with the last question.

Last question: What must you believe about yourself for this problem to exist?

Boom, here’s your limiting belief served on a warm plate for you. You might be surprised by what comes out of your mind. A little side-note: Don’t feel ashamed or fearful when finding this limiting belief.

It’s pretty normal to be a little shocked. Don’t worry about it. Besides that, it doesn’t matter all that much, because you can get rid of the limiting belief also.

I just simply used the application of manifestation magic to program my subconscious and installed new beliefs. I manifested things and people, I just couldn’t imagine.

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How in your psychology do you install new beliefs?

How in your psychology do you install new beliefs?

You see, the simple, easy, and cheap way is by buying manifestation magic and read my experience with it right here. It’s simple as that.

But if you don’t have the money yet, luckily I can explain it to you…

So, when you’re trying to install a new belief, you’ve to ask yourself a few questions again?

This is because you need to know if a new constructive and positive belief will fitt you and your life path.

Makes sense, right?…

So, here are the questions:

  1. What are the most difficult obstacles you come across in your life?
  2. What makes it a hard obstacle to conquer?
  3. If you had a new belief that would conquer this obstacle, what belief what it be?
  4. When examining this belief, do you feel peaceful, relaxed, and in alignment with who you are? ( The peaceful feeling will give away that you are)
  5. Affirm this new belief, until it’s installed in your subconscious and creates a new psychology and thus a new reality for you.

Is there a smarter way to change your psychology with the law of attraction?

Is there a smarter way to change your psychology with the law of attraction?

Luckily there is. It’s called Manifestation Magic and it’s one of the most popular applications you can get now.

I must say. Not every law of attraction technique worked for me. Some did, but not to the degree manifestation magic did.

So, how does this app work?

It’s actually very simple and easy to use. Manifestation directs it’s attention through installing new constructive beliefs into your psychology and the subconscious.

It does this with Orbiting tracks and NLP. It trains your mind and psychology to adopt new beliefs and demolish your old limiting beliefs.

And not only that. It does this on auto-pilot if you want. Yes, because you can listen to this at night and fall peacefully to sleep and be programmed at the same time.

It’s also a very cheap application which makes it accessible for almost everybody. Well, not if you’re still living with your mom and you’re still on an allowance. But, my guess is your not 😉

Maybe you think YES, This is exactly what I need! But not sure if this is really going to change your psychology and even more important if you get results?


No worries. I got you covered. You can read my manifestation Magic Review when you click the blue link right now.

Be prepared to be shocked or blown away by the results. I will see you inside!

Hopefully, I helped you with the psychology of the law of attraction to get you further with manifesting your long-awaited desires.

Forever yours,