the most powerful prayer for wealth

When you use this most powerful prayer from your heart, attracting wealth is not far away

Hello dear friend,

Good thing you landed on to me blog. You’re probably in a financial crisis or you want more money and wealth in your life.

But as for now, you didn’t succeed yet by attracting more wealth. You see, that’s why you need a powerful prayer for wealth. In this way, you can have a secure future for you and your family.

Anyway, today I’m giving you some extra tips to enhance this powerful prayer so you’ll attract money and wealth faster.

At the end of the article I will reveal the most powerful prayer.

so, let’s go into it shall we?

How can you make prayer more powerful?

How can you make prayer more powerful?

Prayer on its own is very powerful because you connect directly with God or the Universe. But to make a prayer really powerful, you need to do some preparation.

For example, these 4 points. Will go into the points step-by-step.

  • Get rid of tension by shaking your body
  • Cleansing your emotions before prayer
  • Raise your frequency before praying
  • Ask, from the heart

How to get rid of tension by shaking your body

Did you ever do Qi-gong? It’s Chinese martial art, but maybe, even more, an energy healing practice.

One of the first things you learn with Qi-Gong is how to shake the negative energy of your body. They do this so you can become more balanced and clear before you go into practice.

Likewise, if you don’t do this, your training isn’t as fruitful as it can be. Why? It’s simple. Because now you’re spending time for clearing your emotions during the practice, while you’d shake it off in the beginning.

Also, if you begin with more balance and clarity you will get far more benefits out of the practice and you’ll be much more aligned with God/universe or your higher self.

That’s why it’s important before you pray to do this shaking exercise, so you can better connect with God or the universe.

Likewise, the better you’re connected with God and yourself, the better the connection will be. Of course, this will translate with faster answers to your prayer.

The exercise goes like this:

1: start by shaking your toes and feet, then go up to your legs knees and hips
2: continue to go up till you reach your head and shake the energy off. This will take roughly about 1-2 minutes
3: Now shake your whole body for about 1-2 minutes
4: When you’re done go to preparation two.

Do you feel the tingling in your body? That’s new energy replacing the old energy that you just shook off.

By now you feel lighter and more energized. Ok, so let’s continue to step 2.

Why you need to cleanse your emotions before prayer

Why you need to cleanse your emotions before prayer

Cleansing your emotions is maybe the most important part of the preparation. Why, you might ask? Well think like this: If like attracts like or emotions and feelings are the keys to manifestation, we don’t want too many negative emotions before praying.

It seems logical, right?

Although, I understand that in times when you need praying the hardest you always have negative emotions. That’s another reason to clear it first. It won’t only make your day better, but you’ll also connect better with God or the universe.

How do you cleanse your emotions before praying?

Did you ever comfort a child that was in pain? You probably have. Can you remember how that felt? Where you compassionate, loving, and giving it attention?

Now, stick with that feeling when you did comfort a child. Do you feel it? Good!

So, when you’re in pain you can comfort your emotion in exactly the same way. Try to hold your emotions and be gentle for it. When attracting wealth and money a lot of the times this is anger, frustration, and despair.

Just hold it and even talk to it if your comfortable doing that. You will see that the emotion will react to you. It will begin to feel nurtured and slowly the emotion will lie down.

If you did this, you’ve just completed part two of the preparation and connecting even deeper with God, and you’re on your way to start manifesting wealth and money.

So, let’s go to step 3

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Why it's important to raise your frequency before praying

Why it’s important to raise your frequency before praying

It’s pretty much the same reason as with the two preparations that I mentioned above.

You can think about it like this: If you would go on holiday and you would prepare yourself properly, you can go on holiday, relaxed and smooth. And if you do that, you won’t have to tackle the frustrations and negative emotions because you didn’t prepare well.

In this way, you can instantly enjoy yourself and it will get better along your holiday.

Likewise, if you raise your frequency a bit, you’ll start fresh and good and you’ll attract wealth faster, if not automatically.

And, how do we do that? Let me show you…

How to raise your frequency with a simple technique

So, now that you know how important preparation and raising your frequency is, how do you do it?

  1. Begin a sentence with the word ”I love” or ”I’m thankful about”
  2. For example, I love the way my partner cooks for me. One of the last word is partner.
  3. Then you take the last word (or any other word in the previous sentence) and make a new sentence again with ”I love” or ”I’m thankful of”.
  4. So the sentence could be: I’m thankful for my partner. He or she always provides to nurture my needs.
  5. Repeat this for about 2 or 3 minutes and see it as a mini-game. If you don’t like the game aspect of it, you can just create your own affirmations.

Now that you know this and you’ve raised your frequency, let’s go to the next step to benefit from the most powerful prayer for wealth and abundance.

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Why it's important to pray from the heart

Why it’s important to pray from the heart

Although, probably a lot of people that read this post already live from the heart, if you don’t then read further…

There’s a scientific institute that’s working on the science of the heart. As so, they have discovered that the heart’s magnetic-electronic field that radiates around the heart is 5000 times stronger than the field that radiates around the brain.

But, what actually means this, and what is its function? Let me explain. One of the other discoveries that they made was that this field around the heart transfers information to the zero-point field.

Also, this is the field where infinite possibilities reside. So, when you want to attract wealth and abundance through a powerful prayer, the information will be emitted to that field and eventually to God.

In other words; Your prayer will be answered.

Maybe, now you understand why you need to prepare yourself before praying. Because every unresolved thought or emotions will be transferred to The field/ God.

So, now that you know that, we can do the last part of the preparation to pray from the heart and manifest the answering even faster.

Why it's important to pray from the heart

How to pray from the heart for faster and better results

Luckily, The Heartmath institute gives us a simple technique to pray from the heart, so we can enter the field.

The technique goes as follows:

  1. Put one or two hands around the area of your heart
  2. Then slow down your breathing
  3. Take 30 seconds to a minute to get in sync.
  4. You will feel more relaxed and you feel you entered your heart’s space.

So, now it’s only a question to apply it when you’re praying and a little bit before you pray.

You can take it for a test-drive to feel your own hearts energy to feel what I’m talking about.

Ok, so we got this covered. Now, let us go to the grand-final and meet the most powerful prayer for wealth an abundance

The most powerful prayer for wealth and abundance

The most powerful prayer for wealth and abundance

Let’s get right into it. Here’s the prayer:

Dear God/Universe let me connect from my heart to yours so I may feel the abundance that resides in you. When I feel this abundance I know I never lack anything in my life. Life is so full of abundance and wealth that it will effortlessly flow into my life, which I’m thankful for.

I thank you for clearing my limiting beliefs and emotions related to wealth and money. I already feel your power coming through me to free me from past beliefs and blocking emotions and It feels wonderful.

When I connect with you I finally can see myself having great abundance, wealth, and prosperity. I’m grateful for providing for myself, my family, and everyone that I love.

With you as my loving father and the angels right beside me, money, wealth, and abundance are already in my life. Because it’s already given, so shall I experience wealth as for now and so it is.

When you use this prayer God will answer your prayer in one way or the other.

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I truly hope I helped you a bit with finding wealth and prosperity. Give it a share if this article did that.

Be well.
Be blessed,