self hypnosis for memory suppression

”Hypnosis For Memory Suppression can be an ideal way of releasing the emotions surrounding the trauma”

Memory suppression is a claim that our memories for traumatic ordeals may be reinstated in the unconscious mind and locked away from our normal conscious recall.

However, suppressed memory can still affect an individual through subconscious influences on behavior and emotional responding.

The ability for hypnosis to transcend mnemonic abilities has become one of the most persistent beliefs among clinical psychologists and laypersons. Despite this widespread belief many studies seem to dispute it.
For many years, the memory of human beings has been the object of extensive scientific investigation.

Hypnosis and memory suppression explained

Today we are going to examine hypnosis and memory suppression and the truth behind it.

We all have those past experiences we wished to forget – a nasty breakup or divorce, a shameful moment that ended up in the local newspaper – whatever it is, you must be wondering how you can erase it from your memory.
In the popular sitcom “Arrested Development”, in one episode, one of the main characters G.O.B Bluth had a few shameful events he wanted to forget. So he would take a “Forget-Me-Now pill and he would completely forget what happened before taking the pill.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy in real life…

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can make a person do something against their will, fall asleep, and even, according to some psychologists, it can be used to forget bad memories.

Understanding Hypnosis and How it Works

It is not a secret that hypnosis affects your mind. But what is hypnosis and how does it do to the brain?
In the nutshell, hypnosis is a technique that makes a person access the subconscious part of their mind.

But at its core, hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy that uses a blend of positive suggestions, deep relaxation techniques, and mental conditioning to develop a positive state of mind.

The word hypnosis originated from Greek, “hypnosis” which when translated to English, means “sleep”. It uses guided relaxation to enhance a sense of quietness while maintaining you’re your sense of focus as well as the sense of awareness.

hypnotherapy session does not encompass losing your consciousness

It is important however to note that hypnosis or hypnotherapy session does not encompass losing your consciousness or falling asleep.

This form of therapy is designed to intensify your sense of mindfulness, enabling you to be more responsive to positive suggestions as well as encouragement.

Hypnotherapy provides a powerful and gentle way of exploring your suppressed and painful memories and emotions by accessing your subconscious mind.

This part of your mind is usually hidden to shield itself from pain and suffering. With a hypnotherapy session, you will be able to confront these suppressed thoughts, feelings, and memory in a safer environment, thus enabling you to solve whatever might be troubling you.

According to psychotherapists, being under a state of hypnosis is similar to being in a meditative state, as both conditions allow you to open your mind to positive suggestions, thoughts, and discussion through a guided session by a professional.

Deep hypnosis can help treat conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias, depression, grief, depression, trauma, grief, binge eating, smoking cessation, among many other negative behaviors.

is it possible to erase your memory with hypnosis?
So, is it possible to erase your memory with hypnosis?

This has been a topic of discussion for many years in the field of hypnotherapy, but unfortunately, there is no proof that this form of therapy can erase specific memories from a person’s mind or brainwash someone into forgetting the past experiences.

There is little evidence that supports brainwashing in real life; however, the changeable nature of human memory is real. So, it is this flexibility of the brain that is used by the hypnotherapists to treat a person who seeks to forget the past ordeals.

Our memory is not fixed. It is suggestible, flexible and in some cases fictional. According to psychological studies, details can be added to one’s memory and can also be lots by either design or accident.

This means that maybe, memory altering happens naturally and hypnotherapists simply give it a nudge.

Each time someone remembers his or her past, they add to that memory, and it is in this style of recalling that a hypnotherapist can help an individual to “forget”.

In most cases, what we wish to forget is not the event but rather the way we feel about that recollection, the way our body and emotions respond to the recall.

So in other words, hypnosis cannot help you forget something but can help you change the way you feel about that memory. When you visit a hypnotherapist, he or she will make you feel comfortable.

And, if you can feel comfortable when remembering something that usually makes you feel unhappy or uncomfortable, it means you are making strides towards suppressing your memory.

This is because you are adding that memory of feeling comfortable and relaxed to a memory that is typically related to discomfort.

You may have spent years recalling and retelling the experience with all its negative connotations but with hypnotherapy, you are retelling the same story but with positive and calm experience.

The repetition of this past experience but with positive connotations will not create an entirely new memory or completely erase the old one, but it will create new positive associations that are essential in suppressing them.

Self-Hypnosis for Memory Suppression

Final Thoughts about Self-Hypnosis for Memory Suppression

You’ve probably come here to get an idea of it is possible to get certain painful memories suppressed. Although it is possible in some cases it is certainly not always the best possibility. Why? Because the growth you get by going through the trauma is essential for the next parts of your life.

Besides that, it is more logical to do the self-hypnosis course to reprogram your mind as a whole, so you won’t feel stuck and depressed all the time. In this way, you can build your life in a happy and fulfilling way, like I imagine you always wanted to do…

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