Organifi Red Juice Review – Is It Really Worth Buying? Here’s The Answer…

I’ve been consuming this supplement for about a month. The amazing thing about this supplement, of course, is the fact that you only need a few seconds to get all the incredible health benefits of 11 superfoods. No blending, no juicing, and no cleanup.

But the real question is: Does it really work?

Keep reading to find the answer. I’m going to share with you all the good and bad things about this popular red/superfood supplement.

If you’ve been thinking about Organifi Red Juice, but you still not sure whether you should buy this supplement or not… you’ve come into the right place.

Why? Three reasons:

With that said, you’ll get everything you need to know about Organifi red juice and see if it’s just as good as the green juice by Organifi, which I hope could help you decide if this product is right for you.

Product Summary

Product Name: Organifi Red Juice

Quantity: 283g, about 30 servings (which is 9,43 per serving)

The place to buy:


Claimed Benefits:

Who buy Organifi Red Juice:

What I love:

What I don’t like:

The price:

If you buy it from a retail store, it’d cost you $79.95 per bottle.

But if you buy from its official website, it’d only cost you $57.95 per bottle.

You can also save more if you purchase 3 or 6 bottles in bulk. I didn’t choose this when I bought the product because I want to test it first.

But if you’ve decided this is right for you and you want to see the Organifi reviews, then go ahead… Click here to buy the product with a 42% price off. 

My Experience With Organifi Red Juice

In case this is the first time you read my blog, allow me to introduce myself first.

My name is Jewel, and for the five years, I’ve been into healthy living and have bought various products on this market.

So, as you might guess, I’ve been purchasing several superfood supplements before I tried Organifi Red Juice.

There are some that are really working really well, and there are some that don’t deliver their promises.

As someone who’ve been purchased various superfood supplements with all different ingredients, I can tell you there are dozens of products that’ll end up wasting your money. So you have to be really careful.

“How about the superfood powder Organifi Red Juice?” you might ask.

Well, even for people who’ve never bought supplements before, I think they could easily see this is a legit supplement.

Here’s why:

Week 1

When my red juice finally arrived at my doorstep, I picked it up and rushed to the kitchen. When I drank it for the first time, I was surprised by its taste.

The website claims it uses organic fruit sweetener used in eastern medicine for centuries. I imagined it would taste less sweet than sugar and have that sour taste of fruits… but I was wrong.

It turns out this red juice is almost as sweet as sugar, which is great for most people, but too much for me. Maybe it’s because I have consumed less sugar for more than five years? I don’t know. If you’re like me, just make sure you’re prepared for this surprising taste.

But don’t worry… It won’t raise your blood sugar level since this is an organic fruit sweetener and contains zero calories.

In the first week, aside from my first impression, there’s no result I could report to you.

Ah, I forgot to mention about the texture. The texture reminds me of the water you drink before colonoscopy diagnosis. It has a slightly gritty texture that feels strange in your mouth.

A friend of mine that has been consuming the ingredients of Organifi supplements before, he told me that mixing it with iced tea could help. But I recommend you just let yourself get used to it. In less than 10 days, you’ll start to really get used to its texture.

And not only that. I’m beginning to kinda like this magical red juice potion.

Week 2

This is when I feel like I started to experience the benefits of consuming this red juice supplement regularly for 10 days.

Not a life-changing result, of course. But I can tell the difference between what I feel before and after consuming this supplement.

Before this, I could only write about 3,000 words for my blog posts. And usually, I would end up feeling extremely exhausted.

But now, I could write 2,000 to 3,000 words, and do another one the same day…This without drinking a coffee or energy drink like what I always did before.

It’s not that I could work for extremely more hours… (I’m working for 6 hours a day now. Working for more hours? No, thanks.)

…But I feel like I have a greater focus, and clarity now. My mind could find an idea for my next blog post faster with just quick research.

What else?… The red juice helps me to reduce stress.

If you’re a busy person or someone who always need to keep your creative juices flowing all the time, you know that stress could drastically lower your productivity.

For these types of people, its ability in helping you boost your mental focus, clarity and reduce stress could be the main reason why you should give Organifi Red Juice a try.

Week 3

Now, I’ve been consuming this red juice supplement on a daily basis for more than two weeks, and I started to love this superfood supplement despite its “sweeter than sugar” taste.

This week, I started to feel like my body feels much, much lighter than before… So, I was getting really curious to see if it’s really helping me lose weight as claimed on its official web store.

Please note that I’m not really into heavy exercising. I’m just doing yoga to help me get rid of those stubborn body fats.

To my surprise, consuming this organic supplement regularly for just a few weeks has helped me lose five pounds. I also noticed that my blood sugar was more steady.

I know… not a jaw-dropping result. But I feel happy with the result.

Anyway, when I decided to see if it’s really helping me boost my metabolism, at the same time I suddenly realized how it also made me sweat more frequently.

That could be a sign that the ingredients are working to boost metabolism as they advertised. Should you decide to try Organifi Red Juice, just make sure you’re always using deodorant when you go outside since the result of improved metabolism might make you sweat more frequently as what happened to me.

Week 4

The final week… the time that I finally decided to keep consuming this supplement with her wonderful fruity ingredients, until I found a better one.

Frankly, I have no idea what to report this week since everything just the same as before. I always feel full of energy, my body feels lighter, and I feel confident I could hit my weight-loss goal this time.

So, I decided to talk more about another claimed benefit, which is reducing the sign of aging or anti-aging.

I should cover it in week 2, but the result I experienced still not very noticeable, which made me unsure whether it’s really working as promised or it just a placebo effect that makes me think: Organifi Red Juice really helped me make my skin look younger.

After a few weeks of consuming this product, I noticed some common skin problems suffered by women at my age began to disappear.

Hmmm. Do this red juice and her antioxidants really have anti-aging properties? Just look at the ingredients!

For example, those wrinkles in my forehead started to appear finer than before. I know antioxidants play a huge role in this.

They’re not completely disappeared, and it’s not easy to see the difference. But when I take a look closer to the mirror, I noticed they appeared to be finer than before.

The same thing happened to the lines around my nose and mouth.

I wish I took a before-after picture. But I’m so sorry, forgot to take a picture before I started consuming this supplement. I wasn’t expecting to see this result in less than a month. My bad.

So, anyway… For me, it worked to reduce the sign of aging.

However, if you’re interested to buy this red juice supplement with all her healthy ingredients for the sole purpose of reducing the sign of aging, don’t expect to see an amazing result with just one bottle. Assuming you have the same result as what I’ve achieved, you might need to purchase 3 or 5 more bottles until you finally see the result you want to achieve.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can have better results, but this was just my experience.

Ok, let’s continue with this Organifi Red Juice review…


1.What does Organifi Red Juice do? Good question! and let me answer that to all the promises that Organifi wants to deliver. 

The ingredients of Red juice are a great source of antioxidants which is almost good for everything. But you’ve probably known that already. But did you know that oxidative stress from different kind of pollutions damage the different layers of the skin? 

This is where wrinkles, decrease of fine lines, and deterioration of your skin begins. But, no worries! Luckily, nature provided us with antioxidants and they will fight off the oxidative stress and other forms of skin stress. I, myself did experience a bit of smoother skin and finer lines after a month.

2. Is Organifi Red Juice effective? As I first experimented with the ingredients of this supplement, the first week was more of an experiment. But after a month the full effect kicked-in.

The last promise from Organifi of getting better memory I couldn’t prove, but I can imagine when your brain or overall health is not so good, you’ll get better effects.

3. Does Organifi Red Juice have any caffeine? Sorry for the caffeine freaks, but there’s no caffeine in this red juice. There’s some Siberian Ginseng. This Siberian Ginseng along with other ingredients in the Red Juice is going to get you fired up. Also, there’s only 1 gram of natural sugar in it. 

For some, this seems much, but your brain lives on glucose, and the only glucose that can go through the blood-brain barrier is sugar from fruits. This is a healthy shot of sugar and not detrimental to your body.

4. Does Organifi Red Juice help with weight loss? Yes! Well, it did with me and if you read the customer reviews on their official website, you’ll find more excited customers.

But it always is good not to expect too much. This isn’t an extreme weight loss fat burner which will compromise your health. Moreover, it’s instead a natural supplement, with gradual weight loss improvements. Which by the way is the more healthy approach to losing weight.

5. Does Organifi Red Juice have any side-effects?

No, no serious side-effects are reported. I also couldn’t find Organifi red juice reviews where certain effects were reported. Still, since this red juice is made from natural and organic fruits, you can experience mild digestive discomfort in the beginning. 

This is due to the process that fruit and vegetables ”’rot” at a certain time. This is totally normal, but just make sure you don’t plan a movie evening with your new lover.

6. What is folic acid and for what is it good for?

Folic Acid is also called the B-9 vitamin. It’s beneficial for a lot of processes in your body, but especially in the brain. But, the biggest benefit and what Organifi claims is the improvement of memory.

Another important benefit is that vitamin b-9 is responsible for a better mood and in particular depression. That’s why it’s not so hard to understand why Organifi put this vitamin in the red juice.

Also, the malic acid, together with the antioxidants that’s in the red juice is for refining and smoothing the skin and for overall skin health.

Organifi Red Juice Review – Conclusions

Is it really worth buying?

Let me say this: Will the Organifi red juice just as popular as the Organifi green juice? Well, it could be, if you’re okay with its “almost sweeter than sugar” taste, strange texture, and the price… my answer is a big YES.

Moreover, look at all the different natural and healthy ingredients. I feel healthier just by looking at it.

And remember that you shouldn’t expect to see any jaw-dropping result with only a bottle of Organifi Red Juice.

Sure, it really works for…

…But again, the result you’d get for the first month won’t be too far from what I’ve achieved.

There’s one claimed benefit I couldn’t prove to be true.

…That’s about improving your memory.

I’m not sure about this one – I never forgot where I left my car’s key so I couldn’t tell the difference. If you’re planning to buy this product for the purpose of improving your memory, please do more research first.

One Final Thought…

Now that I’ve shown you everything I’ve learned after using Organifi Red Juice regularly for nearly a whole month.

The next move is up to YOU.

But seriously, if you’ve read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in giving this superfood supplement a try. All that’s left is to take the action and do it.

Remember, you have a chance to try Organifi Red Juice for the next 30 days without risking a penny.

So, if you feel like this is right for you, I recommend you take advantage of this generous refund policy – just like what I did.

There’s nothing to lose. Your worst-case scenario is, you’ll spending a few minutes to contact Organifi’s support team to ask for a refund… if you find it doesn’t work for you.

Drew conole (Drew Conole)

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