Numerology: the Master Number 11

Do you often see the same number appearing in your life? Do you always look at the clock at exactly 11:11, without realizing it? Have you ever wondered why this is?

Numerology can help explain this. Not only can it explain phenomena like these, but it can help you understand aspects of your personality, your life, and your future. It can also aid you in figuring out problems that you may be having, such as relationship troubles.

In numerology, numbers hold importance. And some are more important than others. Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33 all have huge significance. So today, let’s learn a little bit about numerology and the Master Number 11.

What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a practice akin to astrology or other forms of divination. It uses numbers to help ascertain information about personalities, lives, and the universe as a whole.

The entire universe is made up of numbers— that’s why we use mathematics as a way to explain the world we live in. But for followers of numerology, these numbers carry a special meaning and can provide a deeper insight into the world around us.

There are many forms of numerology. The most common form, especially in the Western world, is called the Pythagorean system.

It is named after Pythagoras, who is not only a huge name in mathematics but one of the fathers of Western numerology. His philosophies and findings led to a lot of what numerology is based on today.

How does Numerology work?

How does Numerology work?

As we said before, numerologists “read” numbers to gain insight into themselves, others, their relationships, their life, and the universe as a whole. Much like the Tarot, any person could conduct their own numerology reading with a bit of practice.

However, like the Tarot, only those who are very experienced are able to see all of the nuances and details in a numerology reading.

You have multiple numbers associated with you— your life path number, or birth number; your name number; your expression number; and more. These numbers, when combined, form your numerology chart, which when properly interpreted, can provide insight into your character, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Now, you don’t have to read your whole chart to gain insight. Even just one number— your life path number, for example— can provide you with a lot of information. But the more numbers you have, the more insight you will gain.

As for individual numbers, let’s take a look at an example life path number to see how it works:

Start with your birthday. Let’s say you were born on July 27th of 2002. Take all of the numbers on that day: 7 (July), 2, 7, 2, 0, 0, 2. Then, add all those numbers together.

So, 7+2+7+2+0+0+2= 20. Then, add those digits together, repeating until you get a one-digit number.

2+0= 2. Your life path number would be 2. This can then give you insight into the core of your personality and the path of your life.

In this example, it would say that you are after peace and harmony with others; that you are a great mediator; that you have a desire to build strong relationships; and that you are very socially and emotionally intelligent.

That’s just one example. But that’s the basic philosophy underlying numerology, and clearly it can provide great results.

Some numbers are exceptions when adding together. These are the three Master Numbers.

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The Master Numbers

The Master Numbers

In numerology, there are three numbers that hold more significance than the others. These numbers are 11, 22, and 33, and they are called the Master Numbers.

Some people will say that any double-digit same number (44, 55, and so on) is a Master Number. However, this is not correct. The status of a Master Number is not based on it being a double, but on its meaning and connection with other numbers.

When you come across one of these numbers while adding up your numbers, you do not simplify it down. So if your life path number adds up to 11, you do not add it again to get 2. You keep it at 11 because 11 is a Master Number and has its own meanings.

Each Master Number has its own importance and meanings. They are also all related to each other. For now, let’s focus on Master Number 11.

Number 11: The first Master Number

Number 11: The first Master Number

11 is the first of the Master Numbers. It has two core meanings: one in relation to insight and personality, and one in relation to the spiritual journey.

First, insight and personality. This number brings a heightened spiritual perception, increased sensitivity, and higher intuition. It suggests someone who is empathetic and naturally intelligent.

If this is someone’s life path number, they are considered to be a wise and old soul. They are intelligent, mature, and wise beyond their years. They have incredible mental and physical strength.

They are able to empathize with and relate to others in a way that many people cannot.

People with this number are often very strong spiritually. They have a heightened intuition and sometimes can predict future events, catastrophes, or accidents. Their dreams can be revealing of the world around them.

They often rise to positions of high respectability, because of how strong they are socially and spiritually.

In terms of relationships, this number indicates passion and gentleness. People with Master Number 11 are romantic and gentle in their love life and like to get to know their partner, They don’t like jumping in without thought.

Master Number 11 suggests a path full of high dreams and success. It may seem difficult, but these people get it done. They excel as artists, painters, writers, as well as politicians, businessmen, and more.

Their empathy and social abilities carry them far.

People with this number are generally good at getting through conflicts. They can see and understand others deeply. Additionally, they can be a jack of all trades— they are capable of being good at multiple things, not just one.

They can excel in many fields.

There can be downsides to this number as well. Hypersensitivity and a workaholic attitude can be dangerous. These people may focus too little on their own needs, and suffer from insomnia, being overly open, and even suicidal tendencies.

They take on a lot of responsibility and may have periods of solitude. Sometimes, they may seek solace in tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.

The Master Number 11 indicates extreme power, both in the good and the bad. So these negative aspects make sense. However, many people with this number are still successful. It may be a struggle, but they have the strength to make it through.

Master Number 11 and the spiritual journey

Master Number 11 and the spiritual journey

In a level above the personal, Master Number 11 represents the first step in the spiritual journey towards total enlightenment. This number is a powerful combination of the strongest male and female energies.

It is a combination of the strong and the driven with the intuitive and the cunning. Thus, it is a number that pushes the limits of human experience.

This number symbolizes the potential to push past the basic human experience, into a state of heightened perception. This perception can be the link between opposites, between the mortal and the immortal, between the spiritual and the physical, between the dark and the light.

The Master Number 11 is representative of this first step in the spiritual journey. It represents the ability to push past the limitations of what we see and to see a greater connection in the universe, even a great purpose. It is a higher state of awareness.

However, you do not have to have this number in your chart to reach this awareness. Those with Master Number 11 are more ready and open to this enlightenment, but anybody can reach this heightened awareness of the universe.

How 11 relates to the other Master Numbers

How 11 relates to the other Master Numbers

As we said, 11 symbolizes the first step in the spiritual journey. The other Master Numbers, 22 and 33, are the final steps in this journey.

Master Number 22 represents the ability to take the revelations from 11, and apply them to the material world. It shows using spiritual enlightenment to make dreams a reality.

33 is the final step in this spiritual journey. It combines the previous two numbers to create the best powers of expression, caregiving, and teaching.

Additionally, 11 is the distance between all three of these numbers. It is not only the first step on this path but the connection between all of these stages.

Conclusion About The Master Number 11

Conclusion About The Master Number 11

Master Number 11 represents power, compassion, empathy, deep relationships, spiritual enlightenment, and more. It is part of a journey to bring you to a higher quality of living.

If you have 11 in your chart, you have a lot of strong energy surrounding you.

Whether or not you have this number in your chart, you can still notice it in your life and use it to help you gain higher intuition and enlightenment.

Besides that, all of the other numbers in your chart can give you even more insight. Do you want to know more about yourself? We can give you a free numerology reading to help you do that.

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