Numerology 10

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence”. ~Nikola Tesla

Numerology number 10

Numerology is the study of the numbers which influences and affects everything in the universe from people to things.

It is a spiritual and mysterious science that seeks to open up the real power of the numbers. When you use numerology, it shows your unseen talents and creates self-knowledge and thoughtfulness that will develop you personally and help you grow.

It helps you to find your purpose in life and set you in the right direction.

It is believed that numbers have a main role in your life. It is thought in numerology that every number has its own qualities and traits. The numbers affect your life depending upon the energies around you. The numbers are a powerful energy which can influence your life in many ways.

numerology 10

The Origin of Numerology

Pythagoras is well known as the father of numerology as he was the first person to master the practice of numerology.

As a well-known mathematician, he led the way for this very old theory to succeed. He realized that just as a triangle can be measured, the universe can also be measured through the work of numbers.

If you are an individual with the number 10, you are in the most important spot of your numerology graph. This number will describe you as an independent person with a lot of possibilities of getting your things done.

This number helps in achieving goals.

numerology 10

In general, numerology number 10 represents the quality and the traits of:

  • Leadership
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Creative powers
  • Success
  • Energy
  • Originality
  • Adaptability
  • Determination
  • Individuality
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Energy
  • Independence
  • Creative power
  • Success
  • Originality
  • Adaptable
  • Individualization
  • Willpower

Also, the never-ending potential to so what is best and expected out of you…

Also, think about yourself as lucky because you are an independent clear thinking and compassionate person. You like an independent life that doesn’t want to be lived by dependent on others.

You won’t rest until you finish your work that needs to be done. Along with self-dependency, you are compassionate.

However, by thinking alone, you can plan your work or projects very well prior and with fewer amounts of mistakes.

With the quality of compassion, you can without difficulty get the trust and confidence of people who you work with.

You are so gifted and sharp-minded, that you can imagine any situation ahead of time. With the help of imagination, you can create a lot of things which are seen as impossible by others. You develop the imaginative power inside your mind and soul to be only one of its kinds in this world.

numerology 10

In a way, you’re kinda bad-ass

That’s why a number 10 in this world where you live, it is common to have the power of creativity to stay alive and prosper. If you have life path number 10 you will have this as an advantage which helps you to get success.

Having said that, you are seen as bold and that you love to discover new things and places. If there is no excitement in your life, you feel dull and inactive, and number 10 cannot handle a life like that.

This life path number is a sign that you have enough qualities and talents in your life which will always help you.

They are like angel numbers which give you an idea about you the way and the path where your heart’s true wishes lie.

If you Imagine or order anything with a strong will power it will happen. The power of imagining and what you desire is basic for you. Having said that this power needs to be used with understanding and with a positive mindset.

People with number ten are very brave and hardworking by nature. You would not like defeat and also you never leave work incomplete.

numerology number 10

Usually, number 10 means being a natural-born-leader, you would want a person in your life that is as dedicated as you are. But you don’t always get that right back from people where you invest in.

You are very sensitively close to near and dear ones and will always take lead in doing everything for them.

You are considered as kind towards others and help others without any expectation in your mind. You look forward to others and only want them to treat you with kindness.

However, you will by no way get in the way in other’s life and not like any interfering in your life. You are considered as smart, energetic, and intelligent. You are good working at any organization and spend equal time with relationships and your work.

People are fond of you and they want to be with you and follow you. You are very positive with an optimistic viewpoint and living a happy life. Which is why you are successful in your life with the above qualities and hard work.

neagtive traits numerology 10

Negative traits of a numerology number 10

Although you may have many advantages, there are some weaknesses and disadvantages too.

You may want to get successful fast and maybe to fast for yourself.

Consequently, you work so hard and are so impatient that you now and then end up doing damage to your health.
You can’t put up with carelessness and lazy people. You are very emotional, ambitious but can be very aggressive in nature if you’re out of balance.

Subsequently, you should sometimes just relax and let go of all the tension and control.

You should believe you’re doing the best you can and leaving the rest up to the universe. Because she knows what to do next. That’s why you should realize that you can’t control everything.

Therefore the only thing you need to take care of is that you shouldn’t be impatient and violent when you’re out of balance. Overworking will cause weakness and will slow you down. Your overall work routine causing a lot of disturbances for your co-workers, family, and friends.

You should use your skills to gain tolerance and patience.

numerology 10

In general conclusion, people of life path number 10 are very hard working, independent, adventurous, creative, and intelligent.

They are people who want to set ideas and become a role model for everyone else. And anybody that has a Number 10 around in their lives should consider themselves lucky.

Tips for Number 10 people

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Best Lucky Days – Sunday, Monday
Beautiful Lucky Colours – Gold, Light Yellow
Healing Lucky Stones – Yellow Diamond or Topaz

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