Money Prayers That Work Instantly

When working with money prayers you can instantly manifest abundance beyond believe

Sure, when you’re in debt, late with paying the bills or you need your son’s vacation money to get paid to the school; Life can be hard.

But it hasn’t to be like that. What if you had money prayers that work instantly? That would solve a lot of problems right.

It’s about the same when I used the app Manifestation Magic. But more on that later.

Honestly, you don’t even need to be in debt to need money instantly. What if you just want a great car, a luxury house, or great health.

We all want to enjoy the abundance of life. There’s nothing wrong with that. No, it’s actually great!

That’s why we need great money prayers that work instantly, to manifest cash as soon as possible.

But before we’re going to the money prayers, it’s important to get rid of emotional money blocks and beliefs.

So, what are you going to learn in this article?

  • How to identify money blocks
  • How to remove money blocks
  • The best money prayers that work instantly.

How to identify money blocks

How to identify money blocks

One of the reasons you don’t have enough money is because a lot of people have money blocks. These blocks are often in our own emotions and beliefs.

These emotions will vibrate to the endless universe providing what you don’t want. That’s why we first have to identify the limiting beliefs you have about money.

Ask yourself these questions?

  • How do I feel about money?
  • What thoughts come up when I raise this question
  • Can I find limiting beliefs, images of money?

Probably you’ll find some limiting beliefs, images, or emotions about money.

A lot of the time people just don’t feel worthy to get enough money. The limiting belief would be then: I don’t feel worthy to get money.

You see, now you found a limiting belief about money. Go over this process until you think you found enough limiting beliefs that sabotage your manifestation process with money.

But now that we found them we need to get rid of them. Let’s continue with the article.

How to remove money blocks

How to remove money blocks

There’re two parts for removing money blocks. One is eliminating them by questioning, and the other one is by money prayers that work instantly.

With the last part, I mean creating new beliefs around money and yourself. Because the prayer doesn’t only align you with the prosperity and abundance that you want, but it also creates new beliefs about money.

And that’s important! Your beliefs need to be in alignment with the abundance of the universe or God if you wish.

So, let’s get to the questioning.

Begin to ask these questions:

Example limiting belief:

Money is evil

Question one is:

  1. Do you have proof of that?
  2. Are their benefits to this belief?
  3. What good could this belief do in your life?
  4. Turn this belief around and ask the same three questions

If this questioning worked, you can feel that the belief is less on the foreground in your awareness.

It means that it has less power over you, so you can manifest more money instantly. Moreover, you will install new beliefs about money through prayers.

Ok, so let’s get down to the money prayers…

19 of the best money prayers that work instantly.

19 of the best money prayers that work instantly.

Remember the words God and the Universe are interchangeable. It’s what works for you.

  1. Dear Universe, assist me in getting the abundance that I deserve
  2. Dear Universe. I’m worthy of receiving all of your abundances
  3. Dear Universe. I know that money will flow my way. And for that, I’m forever grateful.
  4. Dear God. I’m feeling forever grateful, now that I have the money that you gave to me.
  5. Dear God, I’m grateful to have enough money to support my family and enjoy life
  6. Dear Angels. Please guide me to the path of wealth and abundance so I and my loved ones don’t have to worry about money anymore. Thank you.
  7. Dear Angels. I’m forever thankful that I can experience prosperity with your loving guidance.
  8. Dear God, Thank you to guide me in overcoming my money obstacles.
  9. Dear Universe. Thank you to inspire me to be fully committed to the path of abundance and wealth.
  10. Dear Universe. Thank you for all the unexpected money in my life. It shows that I’m loved and cared for.
  11. Dear God. Thank you for your love, so I can feel worthy of receiving money
  12. Dear God. Thank you to guide me with the decisions that will make me money instantly.
  13. Dear Universe. Thank you to put people on my path that give me more chances to make money and develop myself.
  14. Dear Angels. Thank you for guiding me to new sources of income, so my whole family and loved ones can enjoy it.
  15. Dear God. Thank you for removing my limiting beliefs about money, so I can get the experience of wealth and abundance.
  16. Thank you dear universe, for making me wealthy and rich.
  17. Thank you God for making me a magnet to money, so My loved ones and I can live in prosperity
  18. Thank you, Universe for making me open and receptive to wealth and abundance
  19. Dear Universe, thank you for aligning me with the paths of abundance and prosperity.

As you can see, a lot of the prayers are written in the present tense. That’s because God or the universe always says yes to your prayer.

In this way, your money prayers will work instantly. Another thing you’ve might have noticed is that a lot of the times I say thank you in the prayer.

This is because gratitude is a very powerful force that will attract even more to be thankful of.

So, now you got enough money prayers/affirmations to get you out of debt and enjoy life with your loved ones.

But could there be a better way to manifest money instantly? Yes, there is. Let’s talk about that.

How to manifest money and wealth even faster

How to manifest money and wealth even faster

So, I spoke earlier about this manifestation method. It’s called manifestation magic and it installs new beliefs into your subconscious mind automatically.

It uses NLP and Orbital Tracks to do so. It’s a life-changing app that I tried out myself. If you want to read my review about this app and see what weird and amazing things I manifested, you won’t be disappointed. You can read it right here.

Thanks for reading this article and hopefully I helped you a bit with manifesting money through money prayers that work instantly.

With love Jewel.