Law of Attraction; When You Think About Someone

Thinking a lot about a person could attract a specific person or somebody that is equally beautiful or even better

A lot of people think that if you think a lot about a specific person they usually attract that person into your life. Although visualization is a very important aspect of the law of attraction, this isn’t necessarily true.

So you might ask; what is true? Can I use the law of attraction to attract a specific person into my life while only thinking about it?

Let’s answer that question, shall we?

There are three important elements people should now when attracting a soulmate or someone that you desire much.

  1. The right person is already in line to come into your life. Even better, most of the time you attract a better person into your life or a person that you can learn a lot from.
  2. Only thinking about someone does help if you have the right feelings and emotions towards them and yourself. Even then, it doesn’t necessarily attract that specific person.
  3. You need to visualize the right pictures in your imagination to create loving and positive feelings. In this way, your frequency will rise and the attraction will go automatically.
  4. Make yourself desirable by healing your pains so that you attract a person that matches your higher frequency.
    Why the right person is already waiting to be attracted by you

Using the law of Attraction

A lot of people think by using the law of attraction they automatically can get everybody that they think about.

Although there’s a bit of truth in it since there’s a potential of all possibilities simultaneously existing in the Now. It’s more like people are already in line for you that you already know from previous lives.

Doesn’t this sound better than sweating and visualizing about a person, which you aren’t sure if you’ll attract them?

I think so…

So how does this work then? We’ll have previous relationships with a lot of persons from past lives. All these persons are in one soul group and some subgroups within this one soul group.

That’s why love at first sight exists. You know what I mean. When lightning strikes through your heart and within a beat of a second you know that’s the one.

That feeling of coming home and strong romantic feelings were already created over the past of so many lives. Therefore, how cool would it be if you would attract him or her again into your life?

Great, right?

there is so much love to gain from people that you supposed to meet anyway.

So you don’t need to sweat about a specific person, while there is so much love to gain from people that you supposed to meet anyway.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that the specific person you want a relationship with, isn’t someone from a previous life.

That’s why it doesn’t matter that much, of whom you thinking of because it’s the feelings and emotions that will attract the next best person in line for you.

Ultimately, it’s the frequency that automatically attracts your soulmate, your twin-flame are some other kind person from your previous life that you can connect with.

So in this way we’ve actually covered point 2 also; You attract what you are and you’ll attract how you feel.

Pretty simple right?..

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How to create images to create feelings to attract the right person

How to create images to create feelings to attract the right person

Sure, you can think about that person the whole time, but if she or he doesn’t come into your life you’re likely to get frustrated.

And when your frustrated, you might guess what you’ll attract instead. Right, a person that will leave you with pain and seeing from the most positive perspective, you gain an important life lesson.

Although that life lesson is valuable on its own, it’s not what you deeply desire. So let’s talk about some practical tips for visualization to attract the right person for you.

  1. Do a short exercise or walk in nature before visualizing. Why? Because it’s important for step 2
  2. Relax and do a 5 to 10 minutes breathing meditation, so you’re right into the zone for perfect visualization.
  3. Find a love frequency music on youtube. Here’s a good one:
  4. Put one of your hands upon your heart
  5. When you hear the music and more importantly when you touch your heart with your hand the heart chakra opens. And not only that, but the magnetic field of your heart will widen to the zero-point field. Why does that matter? Because in the zero-point field is the place where you can tap in the infinite possibilities which you can attract into your life. Isn’t that nice?
  6. Probably you feel now that you’re in your heart space. It’s a soft and compassionate feeling. Only doing this exercise on its own is a great start for your day where you can’t go wrong. Now begin to see the pictures in your imagination that you desire so much and feel the feelings that it generates. Feel how loving and happy you feel. Remember you attract what you are and vice versa.
  7. Do this 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before bedtime. It will benefit you along with the desire to attract your soulmate.

What can block, attracting that special person which you aren't aware of?

What can block, attracting that special person which you aren’t aware of?

So, now we’re at point 4. It can be hard to attract your desired soulmate when there’s a lot of healing necessary.

Simply because it’s to difficult to create those healthy, positive feelings and emotions.

My advice would be: Do the exercise as I mentioned above but practice it on the themes like unworthiness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence about your body, and so on.

You will see it will begin to change immediately and when you do it for a month or two you can shift and heal al lot of your so-called imperfections.

In this way, you can attract somebody whom you’re thinking about, or as you might know, a person that is a perfect fit for your desires!

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I hope I’ve helped you in any way and for questions, you can comment in the comment box.

With love Jewel.