Keeping a law of attraction journal with exquisite ideas is the best gift you can give yourself.

Dear friend,

Good thing you’ve come to this post. No let me rephrase that; It’s awesome that you arrived here to my blog post!

So I welcome you, dear reader. Today I’m going to talk about the best ideas for a law of attraction journal.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the following ideas:

  • Goal setting for attracting your desires
  • Gratitude Journal
  • How to write your affirmations for your journal
  • Self-healing journal to attract the best version of yourself

Goal setting is often the most important aspect of your law of attraction journal. Ultimately, the goal is to attract what you desire.

But before you can do that, you should inventory what desires you actually have. It sounds simple, but a lot of your desires are buried into the subconscious.

Let me help you with that. The funny thing about the subconscious is that it always works for you as an employee. It does this unasked or when you ask deliberately.

Therefore, when you write all your conscious desires -which can be a lot- you should ask the unconscious what your real desires are.

For example, If you ask, do I want more money? It can easily be that your subconscious replies with images or thoughts of more self-care or better friends.

In this way it becomes easier to know what your desires are an act upon it.

How to structure your journal for goal setting

How to structure your journal for goal setting

So, when you inventory your desires. The next thing is to categories them into 3 different sections as following:

  1. Short term goals
  2. Long term goals
  3. Routines

I added routines because it’s so important to have your daily routines with the law of attraction journaling.

Why? Because to attract specific things into your life you have to make it a daily routine. Preferably into morning and the evening before bedtime.

Let me give you an example. If you want to attract your soulmate and practice the law of attraction techniques whenever you like, do you think your frequency will rise much? Of course not.

That’s why you need to repeat it every time so it will get momentum and the frequency of your electromagnetic field goes up.

And the best way to practice it, is just before you start your day and right before you go to sleep.

Some people say: ”When you win the morning, you’ll win your day”

It’s a way of saying that when you start your day positive it’s hard to get you out of that state of mind.

The same goes for practicing before bed. You’ll be able to merge your wanted desires with your subconscious. Furthermore -and you might have guessed it already- You’ll wake up more in alignment with yourself and your desires.

In this way you keep yourself aligned in a higher frequency, so you’ll tap into your infinite possibilities.

Why Short term goals matter to attract the larger goals

Why Short term goals matter to attract the larger goals

Short term goals are just awesome. They are particularly great because you get a positive boost every time you hit your goal.

Likewise, you can feel good all day long or are better equipped against stress when something is going wrong.

That’s why the short term goals are so important. They give you a sense of satisfaction, inner peace, self-confidence, and a positive future perspective.

But, the major benefit of short-term goals are they are a stepping stone for achieving major goals and desires.

See it, like this. You need to have a high frequency before you can get the long term goals. In order to get that frequency, you’ll have to hit the short term goals.

So, short-term goals have multiple functions and you shouldn’t forget them, ok?

By the way, don’t forget to celebrate when you’ve accomplished a short-term goal. That’s the fun of it!

Long term goals benefits

Long term goals benefits

The long-term goals give you a purpose and will propel you to your own bright future.

Please, don’t underestimate this power. Because knowing for what you work for can be the most powerful catalyst for fulfilling your goals.

It has something magnetic to it. You constantly feel a magnetic force pulling you out of bed back to work or doing the law of attraction exercises.

Also, it will help you see your future desires even better and it will create more of them. 

But, don’t forget. Celebrate hard when you’ve hit a long-term goal. Go crazy and celebrate!

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How to keep a gratitude journal

How to keep a gratitude journal

  1. Things, situations or people you’re already grateful for
  2. Be already grateful for the things, situations or people that you desire in your life
  3. Go Once a week on a gratitude party and go crazy!

If you’re not always feeling grateful for the things you’ve already have in your life, it’s hard to attract your desires.

Being grateful is something like saying to the universe. Thank you for all that I have in my life and I would love some more things to be grateful for.

And the universe always responds with yes if your feeling grateful.

Nevertheless, it’s not always easy when you’re just starting out with this journaling and the law of attraction.

So, even when you can’t find anything to be grateful for, then make it small. For example:

1. Say, that your grateful for the cushion you sleep on, for its softness, and that you comfortably can fall asleep at night.

2. Say thanks to the sun, that it warms up the earth, provides for the flowers and our crops that we can eat.

3. Say thanks for the clothes that you wear, that it keeps you warm and that it makes you feel loveable to others.

As you can see. There’s a lot to be grateful for and more importantly, you’ll get more to be thankful for. So, keep that in mind.

Be thankful for the things you want to attract in your life

Be thankful for the things you want to attract in your life

You’ve probably heard to feel as if your wish is already granted? That’s the power of the law of attraction. 

That’s why a lot of people that don’t succeed with the law of attraction don’t succeed. Because they’re wishing from their needs, which have lacking and limiting beliefs behind it.

That doesn’t say they can’t attract positive things in life, but the clearer you get, how faster it will manifest.

Needless to say, when you’re already thankful what didn’t yet manifest into your life, is the clearest and most powerful signal to the universe too attract that possibility as soon as possible.

Another thing to say about this is, that you feel wonderful throughout the day and you’re bound to experience a lot of positive synchronicities on that day.

That’s the power of already being grateful for what you desire!

Go Crazy and do a gratitude party

Go Crazy and do a gratitude party

So, what’s this, Jewel, you might ask? Just write everything you’re grateful for or want to be.

To make it crazier, be even thankful for the people you hate or despite. Be thankful for your annoying boss or that creep of an ex-boyfriend.

If you do this, you will be crying with laughter and end up the most grateful person you can imagine. So, don’t forget to give yourself this.

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How to write your affirmations for your journal

How to write your affirmations for your journal

You see, affirmations are a really important part of your law of attraction journal. It’s the beginning of the process of attraction.

That’s why you need to do it correctly. Here are some ideas to go by:

  1. Always use your affirmations in the present tense
  2. Use the words ”I am” before the affirmations, where ever possible
  3. Don’t use words like ”not” or similar words in the affirmation. 

You should always use affirmations in the present tense. Because the universe wants to know if you’ve already had it. And if in your mind and emotion you manifested it already. The universe matches your reality with one of the infinite possibilities.

In this way, your desires will be matched.

And what about the words ”I am”? It’s in a way the key to the manifestation process. The words ”I am” have a certain frequency to it which matches the frequency of your true being.

That’s why you will manifest a lot faster when you use these words from your Crist frequency

Now that we have that covered. What about sentences with denials in it? like no, not, won’t, etc.

Since the universe of God is love and always supports you. It always says yes to your request. But here you can fall into a trap also.

For example when you say: ” I don’t want to meet a narcissist” The universe doesn’t recognize the don’t, because it always thinks in terms of allowing.

So please don’t do that. Because you can attract the things you don’t want into your life.

Use your journal to heal yourself so you can attract that, that matches your new frequency

Use your journal to heal yourself so you can attract that, that matches your new frequency

A lot of people ask me what is the fastest way to attract what you desire. I always give them the same answer: Heal yourself, so your frequency will rise, and then you will attract anything that is destined to come into your life.

But how do you do that with a law of attraction journal?

It’s always the same approach, but this time the focus is more on yourself and what you want and need to heal.

So the process starts with identifying what you want to heal and write that up.

Secondly, see if you can find limiting beliefs about yourself and write the opposite statements.

These opposite statements or new beliefs will act as your new affirmations that will be installed in your conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

After that you may start the process of visualization the create strong positive feelings and emotions. As you know now the feeling will be the key to attract and match the new possibility of your frequency.

As you feel that newly created feeling, try to focus on it so it can grow bigger. In this way, it gets more clearer for you and the universe what it is, that you want.

After that, let it go and see what gifts of self-healing the universe will bring to you.

So now you got great ideas for a law of attraction journal that has the potential the create a whole new life.

Nevertheless, if you want to attract your desires overnight check my manifestation magic review here and be surprised how easy and fast attraction can go.

I truly hope that I helped you with ideas about your law of attraction journal and I’m certain you will reap many benefits from it.

Be well.

Be blessed,