the law of attraction for weight loss

When using the right law of attraction technique and mindset for weight loss, you can accomplish any weight loss goal you have

Dear friend,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. A lot of people just don’t understand what a problem being overweight can be.

And I’m not talking about the usual but serious physical problems, which can be dangerous at times.

No, today I want to bring special attention to the social aspect of being overweight and what kind of problems it brings along.

Are people making fun of you? Do they keep starring as if there’s something wrong with you? Don’t you get socially accepted in your friend group, just because you’re overweight, and you want to change this?

Ok, then look no further…

Let me get this clear from the beginning: There’s nothing wrong with being overweight! It doesn’t make you more or less than anybody else.

The real key is to totally accept yourself as you are. Having said that, sometimes you need to lose some weight and feel better about ourself.

This will get the ball rolling for better self-acceptance. Also, sometimes losing weight is about your physical health or mental health.

Either way, losing weight can be very beneficial for all of those aspects of your health.

Therefore, let’s get on with it and learn how you can use the law of attraction for weight loss.

law of attraction for weight loss

What will you learn in this article?

  • Set a weight-loss intention
  • Setting weight loss goals
  • Learn radical self-acceptance
  • How to love your body unconditionally
  • How to have a proper relationship with food
  • How to stick to your promise
  • Celebrate your victory

Don’t forget that all of the different aspects you will learn here, will be accompanied by law of attraction techniques.

Shall we dig into the article? Ok, let’s go!

How to set a weight-loss intention

What is life without a purpose? The same goes for setting goals without the right intention.

Why? Because in the beginning you still might be motivated, but you’ll drain your willpower over time.

That’s why we need something more than willpower to keep you motivated. Therefore, a heartfelt intention is what you need at this time.

But what if you have counter-beliefs and don’t think you’re worth losing weight? Or you have problems loving your body as the way it is now?

Don’t worry, it’s quite simple, but it will take some effort on your side. Have said that, the law of attraction techniques will help you make it feel easy. That’s what you want right?

How to tackle your limiting beliefs for setting an intention

How to tackle your limiting beliefs for setting an intention

Ok, begin by writing down your counter beliefs or limiting beliefs about yourself and your body in terms of losing weight?

So, if you did that, you’ve probably surprised which they are and how many they are.

After that, write all the opposite thoughts and beliefs to counter the limiting beliefs.

For example, I’m not worth losing weight, because I feel ugly. Should be: I’m worth losing weight because I’m beautiful.

The last sentence has a certain ring to it, right?

That’s what we want. Creating a heartfelt intention. But this is not all. Let’s continue.

Pick a few positive beliefs that you wrote that really resonate with you. For example, I like the last one I mentioned above.

If you have a few that really resonate with you, pick them as your intention and now we’re going to install that into your subconscious and in the field of infinite possibilities.

How to install the new intentions

How to install the new intentions

So, here we go. It goes as follows:

  1. Put one or two hands around your heart area and feel the soft compassionate energy.
  2. say the affirmation in your head.
  3. Now imagine pictures with it. See yourself walking on the beach with your perfect waistline and bikini. Also, feel how proud you are with yourself and how beautiful it feel at this moment. Any positive picture/situation that reflects the affirmation/belief is productive.
  4. As you might notice this will give you certain positive emotions and feelings. Now, focus on that feeling so it will expand.

As you might already know, this heartfelt feeling and the pictures will go into the field and you’ll attract a matching future with it.

When you feel this feeling, a heart burning desire that you want to be thin or the heartfelt feeling that you’re beautiful, then you’re setting your intention.

The feeling of being beautiful or any other affirmations that you picked is the anchor and the intention.

Also, do this practice every morning and when you have time, even before going to bed.

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Ok, let’s continue..

How to set weight loss goals using the law of attraction

How to set weight loss goals using the law of attraction

So, you set your intention and therefore now it’s time to set some weight loss goals

But for the most part, the difficulty of setting goals of any kind are limiting beliefs.

Somewhere in your memory, you had experiences where you didn’t accomplish similar goals. Within those memories, there’s a negative emotion attached, which you feel when you try to set new goals.

So, what do we need to do? Simple. As you might imagine we need to identify these memories and neutralize the emotions attached to it.

But, how do we do that Jewel? Well, start by writing your weight loss goals week by week and see what limiting beliefs and attached emotions come up.

Because that’s when the limiting beliefs start popping up. ”I don’t have enough willpower” or ”This is way to hard for me”

You recognize this, right? Alright, write those beliefs down and after you did that, write counter beliefs that say otherwise.

When you have time, preferably in the morning and before bed, repeat the affirmations that you wrote.

Try to visualize images and situations that reflect those affirmations. You see, It’s like dreaming at waketime, but only with pleasant dreams.

Furthermore, when you dreaming about these situations and the positive emotions and feelings come up. Just focus extra on the feeling, so the feeling can enter the field of infinite possibilities.

Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll see, you really are feeling different about the goals you have set.

All of a sudden, you feel motivated and inspired. That’s what you wanted, right?

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Now, that we got the goals setting covered, Let’s go on to the next chapter.

How to learn radical self-acceptance

How to learn radical self-acceptance

When you want to lose weight is from uttermost importance that you accept your body as it is right now.

Why? let me explain this to you. Can crops and flowers grow on bad and toxic soil? No, of course not.

Likewise, your frequency will go up when you accept your body as it now is. And of course, this higher frequency allows better future possibilities to come into your life.

Besides that. Loving yourself and your body is maybe the most important thing you can do. Even if the world continues to manifest a lot of negative things, you always have yourself and you 100% love yourself.

That’s why, in this matter, nothing is lost….

Ok, but how do we do this? ”The same as we do with everything Pinky, we use the law of attraction techniques” ~ The Brain

Just kidding, but for example, when you’re in a situation that you feel hurt by and you feel awful about yourself. Then this is the moment to embrace and love your feeling of awfulness to the extreme. Or in other words; do it radically!

This love for your awfulness or whatever feeling gives it the comfort that it needs. Slowly you’ll notice that this feeling will diminish.

So, when you’re at that point, start thinking to yourself what limiting belief made this so hurtful for me?

Examine it, write it down and counter it with a belief that’s the opposite of the limiting belief?

Then, you’ll start the process again with visualizing and feeling the feeling that you create, so the gateways of infinite possibilities open.

Not only that but when you stay with your feelings, that almost feel unbearable to feel and still give it love, is the ultimate love-letter to yourself.

And of course, by the time these awful feelings will be healed and you finally one of those people that can truly say: I love myself.

How to love your body unconditionally

How to love your body unconditionally

It’s pretty simple to love your body. Anyway, in theory. What do you have to do? Give your body what it wants!

But what does your body needs?

  • Rest, so it can rejuvenate
  • Healthy foods.
  • Exercise
  • healthy and positive beliefs and thoughts about the body

The first three points are kind of logical. But at the same time, it can be incredibly challenging.

Also, here we apply the same law of attraction techniques for weight loss that I already mentioned above.

But with the 4th point, it’s crucial to make as many new beliefs as you can and go over the process of affirming, visualizing and feeling the feeling.

The more positive beliefs you have about your body or particular parts of your body, the faster it can lose weight.

Why? Because you don’t have to go through all the emotional blockages/beliefs, that are withholding you losing weight.

You can only love your body as to how many positive beliefs you have about it. Therefore, limiting beliefs withholds you from motivation, inspiration, and willpower.

So, if you got those limiting beliefs out of your way and you installed the positive and loving beliefs, you’re good to go and we can continue to the next part of the article.

How to have a proper relationship with food

How to have a proper relationship with food

Maybe this section is obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, right?

Therefore, how do you get a proper relation to healthy foods? The thing here is, the law of attraction can only make it easier, but you have to make choices also.

You see, the good thing about making choices often, they will become a habit, which doesn’t cost much effort anymore.

This is the thing. But before making healthy choices a habit, we need to practice the law of attraction techniques to make it easier for you.

Let me give you an example: The thing I struggled with was eating late at night. When I became hungry I pictured a piece of apple pie or a large piece of chocolate.

It would almost drawl myself out of bed and stuffed myself full with unhealthy foods. The next morning it almost felt like a hangover and I wouldn’t dare to stand on the weight measurer.

Needless to say, I gained a few pounds. But how can we reverse the effect of getting an incredible hunger, so that we must devour everything in our path?

How? We change the pictures and therefore the feelings. Instead of seeing that apple pie or chocolate. We can begin to imagine our self jogging in the morning with a fit and lean body.

Or we can see ourselves practicing Yoga and how good that makes us feel. Also, this is a very good time to remember, visualize, and feel your intentions again.

If the feeling is strong enough, if the intention is strong enough, your hunger will diminish and after a glass of water, you can go to bed.

Furthermore, when you repeat this process, you’re creating a healthy habit and at the same time, you gain a lot of self-respect and self-love, because you’re making healthy choices.

And in the process of this all, you will see, that with all the other aspects of the process mentioned above, it will be much easier to do.

Likewise, if you get stronger in one aspect of the process, you’ll get stronger in the other parts of the process. Find it out for yourself!

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let’s continue to the next step, shall we?

How to stick to your promise of losing weight

How to stick to your promise of losing weight

Often the hard part comes when you’re in the process in about 6 weeks. At least for most people.

Furthermore, they lose motivation, inspiration, and willpower instead of losing pounds.

But, when you follow this process like I described this will be so much easier for you now.

As you know, we’ve practiced the law of attraction techniques for weight loss and we installed this into our subconscious.

Also, at the same time, we’ve put the feelings, images, and other data into the field of infinite possibilities.

Likewise, this will return as motivation, inspiration, willpower, and more.

Nevertheless, we are still human beings and sometimes it’s hard to ignore the inner critic and the negative aspects of the ego.

You can probably remember the thoughts in your head while exercising;” no I’m too tired” or ”there’s really nothing in it for me, I think I’ll quit”

Surely, you can relate to these thoughts in your head, these are the negative thoughts from the ego, that’s trying to sabotage your progress.

So what can you do about it, you might say? When these thoughts come up, you can speak back to the ego. The ego is a collection of identity residue from the past you.

That’s why in some way you have to parent the ego or the little you’s inside your subconscious.

How would you talk to yourself when a thought comes up and said: ”I’m too tired”?

Well, let me introduce you to the top coach, which is the new you in progress.

Ask yourself, what would my top coach say to me, when I think of this thought? It probably would say something like: Come on, Jewel. You’re almost there, don’t forget what you’re doing this for and you’ll feel excellent when it’s done.

Often the ego doesn’t give himself over easily and still tries to manipulate you. Again use the top coach to talk with that part in you.

And by the time you’ll see it will get better and better and you’ll even become the top coach because you repeated it so much and installed it into your subconscious.

introduce the top coach

At other times you will notice the voice in your head, the thought takes shape of a little child. They’re nagging, bullying, and screaming for attention to do it otherwise.

These thoughts are also part of the ego and are unresolved emotional patterns from your childhood. You get a little peek in the kitchen how you were like as a child.

Likewise, you can parent this child in the way you did with the top coach. Speak with it as if you were parenting this voice (you are actually)

See, how you can calm him down, or motivate him or her.

If you’re really getting the hang of this, you can use this in all situations of your life and you’ll be thankful to learn it here.

So, this is what you can do to stick with your weight loss goals. Remember you’ve already done half of the work in the previous parts of the article.

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Celebrate your victory when accomplishing your weight loss goals

Celebrate your victory when accomplishing your weight loss goals

Oh, yes. This is so important and fun to do! But why do you actually need to do it? Well, it’s up to you, but there are two important reasons for this.

  1. When you celebrate your goals, the affirmations, visualizations, and the new feelings will be integrated into your being and soul.
  2. It’s fun to do AND you will be more motivated and inspired to accomplish even more goals.
    That’s why celebrating is so important, but how does it actually work?

Well, let me explain. Can you remember the time you had an awesome celebration or party with dear friends and family members?

I bet you do. Wasn’t it so, that you remember the feelings weeks after the party or even longer?

Those feelings which you felt were so profound and healing, that your soul is more complete from that time on.

And for that reason, you’ll be extra inspired and motivated to accomplish new goals and in this case, weight loss goals.

But, if you need extra help with manifesting your weight loss goals, then read my review about manifestation magic right here and see how you can manifest your desires easily.

That’s it for now dear friend. I hope you can use the information in this article to reach your weight loss goals with the law of attraction.

And if I did help you, Then please give it a share on social media.

Forever yours,