law of attraction stretch marks

If you keep your vibration high and visualize a clean skin your stretch marks will be history in the shortest time possible

Dear friend,

It’s Jewel here and today I want to talk about how to eliminate stretch marks with the law of attraction.

It’s almost in the same way we approach the body transformation with the law of attraction.

But here’s an important distinction with the last article. So, what is that distinction you might ask?

It’s to love your body unconditionally. If you can do that over time you create the basics where your body can erase the stretch marks over time.

It’s like fertile soil versus bad soil. On the fertile soil crops and plants have the potential to develop under perfect conditions.

Likewise, your body needs to feel loved before it can erase the stretchmarks. Sounds logical, right?

So what are we going to learn in this article to erase your stretchmark by using the law of attraction?

  • How to love your body
  • The right affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Feel the feeling

Maybe, you’re thinking. Ok, Jewel. How do I love my body? Well, it’s a process but it begins by accepting how your body looks at this moment.

That’s not always a simple thing to do, but it’s necessary before you even get to love your body. For the body, this is the love letter it always wanted no matter how it looks or performs.

In this way, you give your body love so it can heal itself from the stretch marks.

Another way to love your body is to make healthy and loving choices for your body so it feels appreciated. Don’t fool yourself that a body or other parts of the body don’t have intelligence. Because it has!

What kind of choices do you have to love your body more?


What kind of choices do you have to love your body more?

  • Healthy foods
  • exercises (yoga is perfect)
  • massages
  • soap your body with a hand towel and when you do talk loving words to your body
  • Talk loving words to the different parts of your body

Probably, you can find many more, but personally, I found these one effective and you feel it right away.

Now, let’s go to the affirmations for stretch marks with the law of attraction techniques.

Affirmations for stretch marks

Affirmations for stretch marks

  1. My skin is clean and flat. Looking at my skin I see how beautiful it is and I love this feeling.
  2. I love my skin since it does so many good different things for me and my body. I love that feeling.
  3. I love my whole body, anything that I see as imperfect is actually perfect now through my own eyes. This is a new level of self-love for the body and I love that feeling.
  4. I don’t see and feel any stretch marks anymore. Although I love the imperfections of my body I’m pleased that they’re gone and I love this feeling.
  5. I’m grateful for the body that was given to me. I feel so much gratitude when I look and feel my body and I love that feeling.
  6. Clear and beautiful skin comes naturally to me. I’m always proud of how perfect my skin looks and feels and I love that feeling.
  7. I’m proud of my body and skin how it removes toxins and stretch marks every day. The intelligence of my body is beyond extraordinary and I feel protected by it and I love that feeling.
  8. Making the best loving choices for my body and skin is natural for me. It will repay me back in clearer skin and overall body health. I’m very thankful for this and I love that feeling.
  9. Doing daily affirmations and visualizing for loving my body and get on optimal skin is very inspirational for me and I love this feeling.
  10. My body and skin are in perfect condition it knows how it heals itself and removes the stretch marks. I’m so thankful for this and I love this feeling.

So, now we got the affirmations for more body-love and for removing stretch marks. This is great!

For now, we move to the visualization part so you can generate the feelings that are necessary for tapping into the field of infinite possibilities.

Of course, one of them is you loving your body unconditionally and also a possibility where they’re no stretch marks anymore.

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Please, come along with me in the next chapter…

Why you need to do visualizations to create the right feelings

Why you need to do visualizations to create the right feelings

You’re still with me? Alright! So now you have the affirmations that you can install into your subconscious. This will generate positive feelings and emotions.

But when you really want to expand those emotions and feelings, you need to visualize what’s happening according to the affirmations.

For example, when you say:” I’m proud of my body and skin how it removes toxins and stretch marks every day. The intelligence of my body is beyond extraordinary and I feel protected by it and I love that feeling”

Try to visualize the processes that take place into your body. You can try for example seeing good soldiers removing the bad soldiers. Also, see that your body is smiling and repays that by healing your skin and stretch marks.

After that see yourself walking in a bikini or swim trousers without stretch marks and feel how you feel about it.

So, now you’re installing new pictures into your subconscious, so it knows better what to do with the stretch marks. Mind-blowing, right?

Eventually, it’s about creating a feeling from the affirmations and visualizations.

These emotions and feelings have a certain frequency which will attract a possibility where you are without stretch marks. How great is that?

So here’s the next chapter…

Why feeling the feeling is so important.

Why feeling the feeling is so important.

I already mentioned it above, that it is the feeling that will attract your new future.

You probably heard something like; You attract what you are. And really this is the definition of how the law of attraction works.

But how does this actually work?

Simple. The heart has an electromagnetic field surrounding the heart area. They’ve measured this with scientific instruments and they measured that this field was 5000x times more powerful, then the electromagnetic field that radiates from the brain.

Who would have thought this, right?

You see, the thing is that this field around the heart is the key and the doorway to the zero-point field. Also, known for the space of infinite possibilities where everything exists at the same time.

Or better said, the Now or Present!..

The feelings and emotions that you create have a certain frequency with information in it. It is this information and frequency that will merge into the electromagnetic field surrounding the heart.

And, when the heart has all this information it will be automatically being transferred to the field and it will attract the possibilities with the same frequency and information. Now, that’s astonishing!

So, now you know why creating these emotions and feelings are so important. And not only that, but it’s actually the thing that attracts a possibility where you have no stretch marks anymore.

Also, all the before-work like affirmations and visualizing is more to prepare you and create the feelings. Ultimately, it’s about the feeling.

So now you know…

Therefore, my advice would be, when you create these feelings with affirmations and visualizations, you focus even more on the feeling.

It will expand due to focussing on it. In this way, your new future is more clear for the field and you’ll attract it much sooner.

Besides that. It’s healing and joyfully at the same time. Who doesn’t want to feel more loving about their body? Who doesn’t want to be more thankful? Who doesn’t want to be more joyful?

It’s always a good exercise to practice, whatever you do or where you are in your life.

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It will not only remove your stretch marks if you’re serious, but it also manifests your desires, like wealth, love, and happiness.

I hope after a few months you never see your stretch marks anymore and hopefully this article has accomplished that.

Thanks for listening.

With love,