Law of Attraction for Healing Relationships

Healing your relationship is always about yourself. In this way you always have the control and the best possible outcome

Hello there law of attraction lovers. Jewel, signing in here and today I want to talk to you about how you heal your relationship with the law of attraction.

You have to be aware, this is somewhat a different approach to what most people say, but this path will be more fruitful and you will reap the benefits on other aspects of your life as well. Sounds good? Ok, let’s get into it!

Why healing your relationship is always about yourself

Why healing your relationship is always about yourself

Maybe some people come here to heal their relationship or they just lost that special one that you so eagerly wanted to work.

Either way, if you want to heal your relationships it starts with healing yourself first, to heal your current relationship, or to attract your lost lover or even find a better one.

What to do first when you want to heal your relationship

First, is to acknowledge that you’re hurting, and maybe you don’t even have to heal much about yourself, you’re simply hurting.

Having said that, you would be one of the lesser people that doesn’t need healing. But is possible of course.

Anyway, the first aid is to soften that hurting, so later in the process, you can practice some law of attraction techniques to heal and attract healing in your relationship.

You might be thinking? Ok, what is that first aid for softening the hurt? Let me ask you a question in return. What would you do if you saw your child in pain or a kid you deeply love. What would you do?

You would give it attention, comfort, compassion, and love. Right?

So, what got this anything to do with the hurt I’m feeling right now?

You see, the thing is you have to give all those forms of love to yourself first.

Carl Gustav Jung, already said that living psychological little you’s exist in the subconscious part of the brain.

Often, for the most part, it is these entities are in pain and need love from your part.

There’s also a part that experiencing pain from the broken or lost relationship.

Nevertheless, both pains need the same attention, so you can clear your emotions and start attracting the things, situations, or people that you desire.

How do you comfort the pain to clear your emotions

How do you comfort the pain to clear your emotions

Actually, it’s pretty simple. I just shared with you what my guess is, to how you would respond to a loved child in pain.

So, you would have to do that with yourself. Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy, but realize that the most suffering comes from the unconscious psychological parts of yourself.

Which eventually is you. Most often the times where you’d experienced trauma’s as a child.

That’s why you have to treat it like a child in pain. Embrace yourself as no one else has. You deserve it.

This is the lost wisdom, that everybody knows, but is forgotten in this sometimes cold world.

But how exactly can you embrace these parts of you?

  • There’s a bodily part
  • And a visualization part

The bodily part works like this. Examen where you feel the most pain, often it is the part around the area of your stomach or a little higher. But it could be anywhere in your body.

When you located the energy of the pain you, then you grab the pain with the attention of your mind.

For example, when you feel your feet or hand intentionally, you can direct that focus on all the parts of your body. Now, direct this focus to the pain area.

Also, when you’re there imagine and feel that you grab it with your hands and comforting it as you’d do with a child.

Immediately, you feel a sense of relief and you could be crying or feel other emotions releasing.

Your releasing pain from the event in the Now as from the past. Feels pretty great, right?

Most of the time this is enough to comfort the most pain, but to do it really well you can imagine/visualizing that you’re holding the child and saying kind words to it.

You can talk to it also. Like Jung said. These are psychological entities, which means you can talk to them and reassure them.

In about 10 minutes the most of your emotions are calmed down and released.

After this part, we’ll go on to the next exercise to heal yourself and therefore your relationships.

Visualization for healing your subconscious beliefs and images

Visualization for healing your subconscious beliefs and images

Like I said. To heal your relationship you must begin with yourself. Also, because that’s the only real aspect that you can change. In this way, you can take full control of the situation.

Another thing to remember, that every healing that will occur is always self-healing. Likewise, if you heal yourself, automatically the odds of a fruitful relationship with another person will greatly be enlarged.

But how do you do that with the law of attraction techniques?

You see, it’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is these three things.

  • Affirm your new beliefs about yourself
  • Visualize the new situation
  • And feel the feeling that’s created from the affirmation and visualization.

Now, categories that you think should be different to make you a suitable partner for almost anyone.

Do you have a bad temper? Are you not assertive enough? Or maybe you find yourself not loving enough.

Whether it is, make sentences on paper that states the opposite.
Also, remember these sentences, so that they will be engraved in your conscious en subconscious.

We’re making new beliefs now and as you probably know. Beliefs attract your personal reality to you.

So, now you got a 20’ish sentences for making new beliefs to install into your mind.

Now let’s go to the visualization part..

How to visualize to create new positive feelings

How to visualize to create new positive feelings

You see, visualizing is the most important part of creating feelings, so you can heal yourself and attracting that dream relationship.

Did you write 10 to 20 sentences? Good, now you can visualize images with it. For example, if you’re going the type of person that’s being mad fast against your partner, you can visualize talking relaxed and slow with them.

Say certain words that mirror your sense of inner calmness, peacefulness, inner growth, and so forth.

You will see, that this will trigger calm states of mind and these states will attract the ”perfect” you that’s already waiting for you in the realm of infinite possibilities but you’re also creating this person in your subconsciousness.

Try to do this as much as you can. At least 2 times a day. Preferably in the morning and before you go to bed.

Feel the feeling to attract and create the new you

Although the visualization part is important, the feeling part is the most important. This will determine what you’ll attract from the field of infinite possibilities.

So when you do the affirmations and the visualizations. You’ll create a certain feeling.

What’s important here is, that you’ll have to focus on that feeling, so it will grow bigger.

Not only, will you attract your desired outcome, but you’ll feel a bunch better throughout the day. Besides that, when you feel better, you’ll attract better things into your life.

Conclusion for using the law of attraction for healing relationships

Conclusion for using the law of attraction for healing relationships

I understand. Maybe your initial idea was to heal the relationship between two persons and use the law of attraction techniques.

Only, the misconception there is that you need two persons for that and maybe your partner doesn’t want to heal the relationship. So, where do you go from there?

It’s simple actually. You begin with yourself to create a better version of yourself so your dream partner can see the improvements that you make and there’s a good chance the relationship will be healed.

If that’s not the case you can attract another partner in your life, which could be even better.

So in this way, you don’t take any chances and you’re betting on both horses, while the worst outcome will be one where you healed yourself.

pretty great, right?

I think so…

I hope I helped you with this article and please share it if it did.

With love,