Law of Attraction for Back Pain

While visualizing and feeling pain relief, you can relieve symptoms for your back pain, using the law of attraction

While this sounds too good to be true, there’s actually scientific proof you can use the techniques from the law of attraction to relieve your back pain. How great is that?

Another thing that is interesting when you listen to Doctor Joe Dispenza, is that he was able by pure visualization and creating positive feelings, to regenerate his spinal cord.

His spinal cord was shattered after a bicycle accident and after doing these techniques he was able to replicate his spinal cord with this law of attraction techniques.

In the video below he explains it himself:

Pretty impressive right? I think so..

But what about you? Can we use the law of attraction for back pain? Well, the answer is of course! If you can imagine your spinal cord can grow on again, certainly we can use it for back pain relief.

So, let us go through the law of attraction techniques for pain relief.

Law of attraction Technique for back pain.

  1. First, sit down or lie down in a comfortable position
  2. Put your hand upon your heart area
  3. Reside affirmations
  4. Visualization
  5. Focus on the feelings 

Law of Attraction Affirmations for Back Pain

Law of Attraction Affirmations for Back Pain

  1. I am pain-free and I love that feeling
  2. I am healthy. Nobody is more healthy than me and I love that feeling.
  3. My body and brain produce natural pain killers and I feel this immediately
  4. I have great stamina and hiking and walking is easy for me and I love this feeling. ( you can fill in any sport you like)
  5. I love my back and send love and affection to it and I love that feeling.
  6. My back responds to me with love, and by doing so with pain relief and I love that feeling.
  7. Without my back pain, I can see what freedom I get back. Finally, I can enjoy again what I most love and I love that feeling.
  8. I love exercising and my back always supports me. That’s why I’m grateful for my back. I love that feeling of gratitude.
  9. I feel so grateful now that my back is pain-free and I can enjoy myself. I love that feeling.

Maybe you did notice this already. But I try to focus on the feeling the affirmation gives you. Because that’s the healing part.

The other part of healing is visualization. Let’s talk about that in the next heading.

How does visualization help with relieving back pain?

How does visualization help with relieving back pain?

Did you ever hear of Morphogenetic fields? It’s a theory of Rupert Sheldrake that suggests there’s an invisible field where all the blueprints of anything related to one species are stored an can be accessed like techniques like visualization.

That’s why doctor Joe Dispenza reconstruct his spinal cord after two months because the blueprint was already there in the morphogenetic field.

Now we know that we can access these morphogenetic fields by visualizing and feeling the outcome that is already happened.

Why? Because everything is in the Now. So are the probabilities for the relief of your back pain.

But it won’t do any good if you don’t focus on the feeling, created from the images and affirmations.

Also, the feelings that you create with this exercise will bring healing biological chemicals into your body. This will do some healing on an emotional level, but also the level of the body.

So, you can literally produce natural pain killers while doing this exercise. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, you now know how the law of attraction techniques for back pain can help you a lot in combating your pain.

But it’s not only doing that. It heals you also on a spiritual, mental, and physical aspect of your life.

It doesn’t get any better than that, right?

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Anyways, this was it for now. I hope I could alleviate you from some pain and hopefully, you learned something today.

With love Jewel