Law of attraction Body Transformation

By applying the techniques of the Law of Attraction you can have a body transformation beyond your dreams

But is this true? Well, actually I experienced it myself. It did take me 6 months to do it, but nevertheless, I did transform my body.

From this day on I feel really proud about myself and not only that I find my body more beautiful and guys come up to me like bees to their honey.

Also, it gave me a lot of confidence, self-worth, and self-love. Ok Jewel, but how do you actually do it?

For a body transformation, you need to apply the techniques from the law of attraction.

But most of the time a lot of people keep out the most important part. So, how do these LOA techniques works? Let’s find out, shall we?

Affirmations that transform into beliefs

Affirmations that transform into beliefs

  • Visualizations
  • feeling the feeling
  • Taking action (in an easy way)
  • How to turn a thought into a belief

So, what’s the difference you might ask? Well, a thought is an energy form that pops up from time to time. Not all thoughts are repeated often and If they do, they don’t have an emotional trigger attached to it.

On the other hand, a belief is a thought that is repeated a lot and has some emotional value to your self. This can be negative or positive.

And these beliefs are hidden in your subconscious where they operate en create your personal reality.

So, the only thing we need to do is repeat and affirm the thought enough, so it’s getting integrated into our subconscious.

Affirmations for transforming the body

Affirmations for transforming the body:

  1. I’m slim and I love that everybody gives me positive attention and I love that feeling
  2. My belly is flat and muscled I love looking in the mirror every day and I love that feeling
  3. My Hips are always slim and I look great in that dress/pants and I love that feeling
  4. My booty is perfectly round, just the way I like it and I love that feeling
  5. My legs are slim and perfectly shaped, Myself and others stare out my legs and I love that feeling
  6. I love the new, slim shapes and curviness of my whole body and when I look at my new body I get excited and I’m proud. I love this feeling.
  7. I love the shape of my arms. When I order a drink. People can’t take their eyes off my arms. I love this feeling
  8. I’m so happy with my new body and love myself even more and I love this feeling
  9. I’m grateful for my new slim body and I love this feeling
  10. Since I work out people smile at me all the time and I love this feeling

Just try to make these affirmations into beliefs by repeating them after morning and before bedtime. You can change them to something that’s more fitted to your situation.

Anyway, did you noticed that I use the sentence ”and I love this feeling

That’s because I want you to focus on that great feeling so it can grow bigger. Not only does this feel awesome. It’s also the feeling that’s communicating with the zero-point field.

That’s the field of infinite possibilities which includes your rapped body transformation.

Also, at the same time, the emotion that it triggers makes thought into a belief. Just like I mentioned above.

Awesome, right?

let’s go to the next part…

How to visualize for a perfect body transformation

How to visualize for a perfect body transformation

Visualization is an important part of body transformation with the law of attraction.

Likewise, use the affirmations to visualize the right images for how you want to look. For example, you can imagine how beautiful you look, when you walk on the beach.

Or see yourself jogging in your perfect body in nature where everybody looks at you and smiling.

These visualizations trigger positive emotions and feelings. Ultimately these feelings connect with the field, so you can attract that possibility where you have that perfect body transformation.

Why feel the feeling is so important for attracting anything you desire.

It’s because of this; To make it clear for the universe what you want and the feeling is the medium where you transfer your desires to the field. The feeling needs to grow.

In this way, it becomes more clear to the field and you would attract your body transformation a lot quicker.

Another benefit of feeling the feeling is that you just feel awesome and when you feel awesome, your frequency goes up, and automatically you’ll attract your desires.

Don’t say this isn’t fun? haha

Now the last part in taking action, but, in an easy way.

taking action will transform the speed of your body transformation.

Why taking action will transform the speed of your body transformation.

I think it is possible to get results if you did nothing at all. But you’ll have to be very experienced and know what you’re doing.

Even if this was so. You will speed up the process significantly.

But I promised the easy way, right? Well, one part of making it easy is in the affirmations itself. The reason why people have a hard time going to a gym or job for a few miles is their state of mind and their beliefs.

When you feel like a bag of potatoes and have limiting beliefs about yourself and doing sports, it’s likely you won’t go often, right?

Also, this is where the part of feeling the feeling comes into play.

Likewise, the affirmations, visualizations, and feeling the feeling are there for you to get in an altered state of mind. A positive one that is to say!

When you come to this state of mind, you don’t have to talk yourself to go to the gym or have sweat with jogging.

You, automatically do it, because you feel so great. Isn’t that what you want? I think so. So try it out, friend!

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But to help you a bit more, let’s do some affirmations to generate some quality feelings so you can take massive action. Of course, you need to do the visualization yourself.

Affirmations to get you into an empowered state

Affirmations to get you into an empowered state

  1. I’m Loyal to myself and always go jogging. I always feel proud of myself when I do and I love that feeling
  2. I love myself. That’s why I always go to the gym. My feeling of self-love grows with every visit to the gym. And I love that feeling.
  3. I have great stamina and I won’t push myself around. Having this attitude feels empowering and I love that feeling.
  4. I always feel proud. Especially when I went to do some jogging. Feelings of being proud of myself are the reward I get every time I finish my routine and I love that feeling.
  5. I feel immense gratitude that I’m privileged to workout and work on the feelings of self-worth, self-love, gratitude, and self-confidence. In this way, I always grow and it gets easy to work out and I love that feeling.
  6. I feel extreme will power to go to the gym. I always feel immensely proud and good when I finished the workout and I love that feeling.
  7. I am energetic, so doing a workout is easy for me. In this way, I don’t have to procrastinate and go to the gym with no stress at all. I really love this feeling.
  8. I’m always joyful when I’m working out. Not only when I train, but also after I did my workout. I really love to feel joyful
  9. I’m excited to go to the gym. Nothing get’s me into a better mood than go to the gym. I love feeling like this.
  10. I’m constantly growing in a mental, spiritual, and physical way when going to the gym. Because of that, I feel complete as a man/women and I love that feeling.

So, these are the affirmations to put in your subconscious and visualize images with. And when you create all these feelings that I mention in the affirmations, you watch how pleasant and easy it is to take action with your workouts.

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For now, you know how to transform your body with the law of attraction, and when you find this a helpful article, please share it on social media.

With love,