If you have the right understanding of karma and the law of attraction, you can create the best version of yourself

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I’m glad you’re landing on my blog. You see, not a lot of bloggers or law of attraction enthusiasts, believe that karma is real and thus doesn’t has an effect on your manifestation.

This is just not true. At least not in my experience. Let me explain this a bit.

I’ve seen a lot of my past lives, what I did wrong, and what I did well. In my previous life, I made a terrible mistake regarding my partner in that life.

In a sense, I have to re-adjust the imbalance of harmony. It doesn’t mean you’re guilty or just a bad person. No, it means you did something to disrupt the harmony and you need to fix that. Is that simple.

But, when you live this life with a mission to heal or balance something in yourself, to restore the harmony. It also means you’ll get experiences in life that will leave wounds, that you can heal later on to restore the balance.

Therefore, with these wounds in you, it’s harder to manifest your desires, because you can’t get your frequency up.

But here comes the good part….

The law of attraction can heal you and rebalances the karma and karma can help you with developing a higher frequency.

Anyways, let me explain a bit more about karma

What is karma and what is its function?

What is karma and what is its function?

Before this life as we know it today, there was life on this earth with highly conscious human beings. There were at the peak of their evolution.

Furthermore, life/God/the Universe wants to experience itself and does this by creating duality. Growth and destructions are the two opposite sides, wherein conscious beings experiencing life, and life experiences life through conscious beings.

Also known as the holy cycle.

But what do you do when these highly conscious beings don’t have the potential for growth anymore?

You create an imbalance to reproduce the duality again, so the potential for growth would be there again. And, so, that’s what happened.

You might ask, so, what the definition of karma? It’s a natural law that makes sure the imbalance is restored over time and in this process your soul can grow to its maximum potential.

And therefore, to the best version of yourself.

But what does karma have to do with the law of attraction and manifesting your desires?

As I said before. The two go hand in hand. Imagine it like this: When you make better choices and practice the law of attraction techniques to heal yourself (karma). Don’t you think you’ll automatically manifest faster?

Why? because all the emotional debris that’s left in your system, disturbs the manifestation process.

And not only that, in the process, you will become a greater version of yourself and rebalancing the karmic debt.

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How to rebalance karmic debt the attract your desires faster

How to rebalance karmic debt the attract your desires faster

You never hear people about saboteurs. Yes, the kind of people that we know, but not the patterns that are in us that we need to correct.

A lot of the time we’re unconscious of these saboteurs. But let me give an example everybody can recognize.

Do you know the feeling when the next day you realize you drank too much, and the week after you’re doing exactly the same while promising to yourself, you wouldn’t do it anymore? right?

These are little patterns or saboteurs that are from past lives that you need to correct, to restore the balance of your soul’s mission, which can be different from person to person.

But, maybe this is a better example: We all sometimes lash out to people we love or hate. You don’t want to do it, but you still do it. Why is that?

Most of the time these are patterns in yourself that need to be re-adjusted and life will set you up with situations where these patterns will come up.

And therefore, you need to re-adjust them.

What happens when you rebalance the patterns

What happens when you rebalance the patterns

Of course, first, you need to be conscious of the patterns or saboteurs that are withholding the peace in your own life.

But when you do notice them, make different choices and actions. It’s a way of saying to the universe: I understand the pattern and I want to correct the imbalance.

And when you do and you did correct it over time. The universe will grand you some peace or another inner quality that will enrich your life.

Maybe, you might have guessed it. The more patterns or saboteurs you discover in yourself and correct, the higher frequency you’ll get.

Therefore, more desires will manifest in your life.

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How to use the law of attraction to wipe out karma

How to use the law of attraction to wipe out karma

Ok, so now we know about the saboteurs/ negative patterns in our mind and lives. We, also know we have to correct them in order to grow as a soul and restore the karmic debt.

What if I told you we can use the law of attraction techniques to conquer these saboteurs.

For example: When we lash out because of our patterns or we fall prey to addictions, again and again, we can use affirmations, visualizations, and ultimately these positive emotions to change these patterns.

The next time you want to lash out to certain people, take a pause and observe your need to lash out.

Embrace that feeling and say to yourself, you’re going to visualize and do affirmations about this situation the moment you come home.

And when you come home you immediately to the techniques to raise the frequency of your aura, mind, and body.

Most of the time the saboteur or pattern won’t disappear immediately, but some of the karmic energies will evaporate due to the rise of your frequency.

Therefore, this will make it easier when you’re confronted with the same karmic situation and reverse or correct the pattern.

That is to say; you need ACTION in REALITY to reverse the pattern. You can’t imagine or law-of-attract your way out of karmic debt. This is very important to understand.

Nevertheless, the law of attraction techniques can be of great help making yourself easier to get rid of the karmic energy coming from these saboteurs.

And on the other hand. You’ll train your subconscious to reverse the pattern and raise your frequency at the same time.

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You won’t be disappointed

Conclusion why the law of attraction and karma goes hand in hand

Conclusion why the law of attraction and karma goes hand in hand

As you might learn today, the two laws go hand in hand and enhance each other. Not only do you restore the balance of harmony, but in the process, you’ll create the greatest version of yourself and your soul.

And if that’s not enough, when you’re frequency will rise, you’ll be attracting your desires on auto-pilot.

Hopefully, I taught you well about the law of attraction and karma and if so, please give it a share on social media

Forever yours,