intention setting exercise

Setting an intention is one of the most important things to do when you trying to manifest your desires.

Hello dear friends,

Imagine this; wouldn’t be nice if the law of attraction and the infinite field with infinite possibilities around it would come to us?

And it’s not only possible. It’s also the best way to attract your desires by focusing on the different faces or aspects of intention.

But, what are the different faces of intention and how can you make it practical and set an intention? After that, I will give you instructions for the best intention setting exercise. Sounds good?

Alright, let’s go.

The different faces of intention which you can attract into your life

The different faces of intention which you can attract into your life

1.Creativity: This is by all means the most dominant of the different faces of intention. The law of attraction is a creative process on its own. When you connect to the force of creativity, you also will feel connected to the process of the law of attraction, God, and your higher self.

2.Kindness: If you set an intention and you want your intention to manifest it must be a kind force together with creativity to manifest what you desire. Because by definition love will expand and fear will contract.

Connecting with the field of kindness will set a very powerful connection towards yourself and others. It can manifest moments of bliss and happiness.

3.Love: Setting an intention to connect with the field of love will attract more loving situations towards you. And not only that, you will become love, radiate love and see love throughout your life situations.

Also, your vibration will go up fast leaving nothing untouched by the radiant frequency you emanate.

4.Receptivity: How can you receive if you’re not open to it? It’s impossible, right? Setting an intention to receptivity allows you to attract the gifts you want.

Think about it like this: Say YES to life and each every moment. If it is adversity or pure bliss, say yes! Adversity will be transformed into something positive because it can’t compete with this higher vibration.

Also, this will make a pathway for all the situations you want in your life. Then watch how your life will unfold and the most miraculous ways.

5.Beauty: When you set an intention to experience more beauty in your life, that’s exactly what you’re going to experience over time.

For example, I went to a Forrest this afternoon and the beauty of the autumn leaves and the wind blowing to the trees was incredible. Often, as with all the setting intention exercises, you will feel it immediately.

It’s like attracting it instantly. Very powerful!

6.Be expansive: Like with creation, is this inherent to the law of attraction process. Love always expands to new heights and new depths.

However, to put it in a more practical way. Allow the expansiveness in your life. If it feels calm, gentle, and joyful, then go along with the flow and let it expand to a place of your desires.

7.Be Abundant: The Universe or God is Abundance. Set an intention to be abundant and to feel abundant. God never leaves anyone out. But it’s up to you to align with the abundance of the Universe.

And when you do, you will see much abundance and prosperity flowing into your life.

Ok, so these are the 7 faces of intention. But of course, you came here for the best intention setting exercise. So let’s get to it.

most powerful intention setting exercise/ritual

The best and most powerful intention setting exercise/ritual

The most important part of the exercise is to put your hand on the area of your heart. So, please don’t forget this. Because the feeling and electro-magnetic vibrations go directly into the field of infinite possibilities.

So here’s the intention setting exercise:

1.Put your hand on to your heart and breath slowly. You will feel a subtle and gentle energy coming into your being. This is when the heart and brain are synchronizing and the field of intention opens.

Do this for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

2.After that put your hand in the prayer position also in the heart area. This prayer position remains through the intention exercise. So, don’t let go.

3.Now affirm where you set your intention too. For example, my intention is to see more abundance in my life.

4.The fourth part is to visualize what you like to be more abundant with. See, beautiful friends on an outside table drinking some wine and laughing abundantly and enjoying yourself. Of course, this is when you’re lonely.

Or you can imagine driving your sportscar, switching gears, and hearing the sounds of that roaring engine. You can also do that with a beautiful house, a soulmate, or anything that you desire.

Watch, how quickly you feel the feeling of what you’re going to attract. It’s amazing and it will give you the confidence to continue this ritual.

5.Stay in your intention: Now this is different than asking the universe where you should let it go. With setting an intention you need to feel your intention time overtime again.

Especially when you’re in difficult situations. Because this is the time to change your subconscious feeding it new beliefs and pictures. This ultimately will result in connecting with your intention even better and attracting your desires.

6.Repeat the process whenever you need to. To set an intention is great, but to stay connected with the field of intention (infinite possibilities) you need to repeat the process as often as you can and feel comfortable with.

Is there a better way to set an intention and manifest faster?

Is there a better way to set an intention and manifest faster?

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Hopefully, I was of any help, and good luck with this best intention setting exercise.

Warm greetings,