How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air

Now, this is a promising title, right? It can be done, but as with everything in life, you do have to do some work.

Having said that, it’s not that difficult as some people would imagine. For example, I manifested a 2900 dollar within one day with manifestation magic. I more than doubled my blog income overnight.

I finally can support my family now, which was a dream for me for a long time.

But what are the steps for you how to manifest money out of thin air? Let’s go over the points.

  • Have unshakable belief in the universe and yourself
  • Ask the universe and you shall receive.
  • Visualize to create feelings of abundance
  • affirm the right thoughts
  • Take action on new idea’s and opportunities
  • How to have unshakeable trust and belief in the universe and yourself

Well, first things first. It even can be hard to truly believe in yourself. Maybe that’s one of the biggest challenges in life; how to love yourself, right?

But why is it so important to have an unshakable belief in the universe and yourself?

Let me put it this way; It’s all about connecting. Even better said it’s about forming a relationship with the universe and yourself.

You can look at it this way. Would a stranger give you a present if the connection wasn’t well established? probably not. Why would he?

Also, it’s not about deserving a present, but the universe wants to provide everything you will need and will do so.

But you can speed up the process by investing in your relationship with the universe and when the connection is established; the higher your frequency is and the more that is allowed into your reality.

At that moment, when the connection is established you can ask for everything. Even things or especially things that will heal you, like healing energies, inspiration, and guidance.

So how do you establish this connection with the universe to attract money out of thin air?

It’s really simple. Practice, practice, and practice. As some wise man and women already said: Repetition is the mother of all skills.

As with people establishing a connection takes time, but with a lot of gentle effort, it will get better over time.

Also, the connection can be so deep and fulfilling that the question about how to attract money out of thin air will be obsolete.


Because you would attract it anyway…

But, I hear you say:” Jewel describe the process to connect with the universe”

Sure, I got you covered. Let’s go over the most important steps:

  • Lie down with your hand facing the seeling up or sit down on a chair with both hands in a prayer position around the area of your heart.
  • Depending on the person a light esoterical music can help to get into the flow. Although, for the other person a quiet place is a better way to start. Find out for yourself what works best.
  • Now ground yourself into the earth and imagine hollow ropes or something similar to go down to the center of the earth. When you reach the center, make a big knot into the core of the earth, which most people imagine being a big red crystal.
  • When you’ve done that, let the earth energy flow into the ropes or tubes with every breath out and every breath in. Do this for around two to three minutes.
  • Then the most important part of this exercise. Imagine a tube or rope coming out of the top of your head which is also connected to your heart. Find the middle of the universe intuitively and connect the tube on a white crystal
    Now, do the same as you did with the grounding exercise and breath in white light and breath out with light to the crystal. Do this for about two to three minutes also and feel your connection deepening.

Ones the connection is established you can talk with the universe and listen carefully to what it says to you. It can talk with feelings, emotions, thoughts, and images.

Sometimes there’s instant healing taking place and you’ll get insights. For example how to attract money out of thin air. Don’t worry if it takes longer then you expect. The practice is key here.

I did it more simply and used manifestation magic to manifest anything I want. You can read the results here in my review.

Let’s go-to point 2..

Ask the universe and you shall receive

Ask the universe and you shall receive

You might have guessed it. When you established the connection with the universe and your own heart it’s no time for the most important and simple task.

Which is ASK…

Now, remember. The universe gives you what you need and not always what you want. But this is beside the point of making money.

Why? Because sometimes we think we know what we want, while in most cases there’s something better ahead that we need.

And the universe knows that. So maybe your question about how to attract money will be obsolete and is getting replaced by something far better? This part always excites me. You too?

Most of the time the universe will grand your money anyways. Because that’s what everybody needs here on earth. Only, often it comes in a different order.

So now let us talk about the second part of the question. Which is receiving.

You might ask; why is receiving so important? Well, simply because not everybody is aligned to receive everything that manifests in their lives.

The big word here is ALLOWING. The things that can obstruct allowing your desires to manifest are limiting beliefs.

For example: When an opportunity comes along to enrich your life, like a new job opportunity. You might not recognize it as such.

Maybe in your head, you see it like some sort of scam, because you’ve been scammed a lot. In this way, you’ll thank the kind man for its proposition and you move along.

But if you affirm something like: I know and feel when the universe is allowing me to make more money. Then you would perceive this as a gift from the universe.

So stay sharp and notice for yourself when you’re blocking your desires or allowing them.

Affirming the right thoughts

Affirming the right thoughts

Before you’re going to visualize you need the right thoughts and beliefs to be affirmed. In this way, you can create the ultimate feeling of abundance and attract money out of thin air.

Because, remember, thoughts go before feeling. It’s always the feeling that follows the thought.

So what do we need then? Right! Thoughts that are in alignment with our desires and needs.

So make a list of the new thoughts that you want to think and will crystalize into new beliefs

Also, the newly installed beliefs will create feelings of abundance which will manifest into your reality

Make about 20 to 30 new thoughts and beliefs about abundance. You will see when you go into the visualization the pictures will emerge out of the blue when thinking these new thoughts and thus you’ll attract the money.
Enjoy the ride!

Visualize to create feelings of abundance

Visualize to create feelings of abundance

Of course, this makes sense. You probably know like attracts like or the same frequency attracts the same frequency. So visualizations should be always be focussed on wealth and more importantly on abundance.

Because abundance is wealth in all its forms. So, let us get them all right?

So how do you create feelings of abundance? Also, pretty simple again. Here’re the steps to follow:

  • Lie down and put one of your hands upon your heart
  • Feel the comforting feeling while your brain and heart go into coherence
  • Now imagine al the picture that you want in your life. If one of it is attracting money out of thin air, then do that!
  • Now feel the feeling of abundance so it can grow even bigger and meditate on it. In this way, you’ll be accessing the zero-point field and the infinite possibilities that are there waiting for you.
  • Do this for approximately 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and before bedtime.
    Take action on new idea’s and opportunities

So, this is almost the same as allowing what comes into your life. Be ready and grateful. But with an important distinction.

Namely, Take massive action! For example, if you own a blog just like me don’t think the words automatically write itself.

Maybe you think: Yes logically, but you would be surprised how many people think like that.

And still, there’s truth in that too. The more you visualize and do the exercises wealth, health, and happiness will manifest into your life.

Only at a slow rate. Maybe then you manifest money out of thin air when your 80 years of age. My guess is that it isn’t what you want.

So my advice would be: Be on the part of the receiving end and take action wherever you can.

In this way. It will take some time, but you can manifest money out of thin air and everything else that you need and desire.

It’s already waiting for you.

If you want a more simple way to attract money out of thin air, read my review here about manifestation magic and how I doubled my income overnight.

I hope it was of any service to you. If so, give it a social share!

With love,