How to communicate with Angels

Angels are beings of pure light whose total presence can be called upon at any time. It’s also depending on our readiness to invite this high vibration into our magnificent lives.

Angels are creative; they use their methods the most unexpected ways to gain your attention.

Getting your attention is always the first step. Your Angels do understand you and know precisely what is the best way to catch your notice.

Having said that, if you don’t tend to feel something and if you are a visual-minded person, then they’ll place visual clues for you to notice.

If you Are auditory-minded person, then they may play music to your ears or whisper in your ear. They’ll use your senses and thoughts to share information in a comfortable way.

Likewise, everything is energy, and energy is vibration. Your body is explicitly designed to understand different vibrations.

So you may suddenly hear your favorite tune out of the blue, if you notice something this odd, then you can’t ignore it.

Signs of Angels
However, when you feel a sensation like a warm tingling sensation or a gentle cold breeze be aware; it is the presence of your angels, and they would like you to know if, that they are with you and they’re open to providing you help and comfort.

Therefore, the Angels use energy to communicate this message to you.

They are beings of pure energy, and they use that energy to communicate with you through your energy-body. Your body can sense subtle energies every time.

However when you feel tension or rumbling in your gut that is a warning that something is not right at that moment for you; It’s like an angel saying; ”Watch out my dear friend.”

But remember these warnings are always subtle. They don’t create a lot of thoughts and stories about this intuitive feeling. It’s understandable, simple, and quite.

When you hear a sound or may listen to a song, you heard somewhere. This may be an angel trying to talk with you, mostly if the songs have a similar subject of a particular matter in your life.

Also, lyrics might repeat with a particular sentence in it, to give you advice.

Your sensitive feelings or a song may lift your emotions and restore confidence in you that everything will be alright. You must pay attention to this guidance through music.

Healing power of angels

Therefore, when reaching out in the direction of calling angels, there is no difficulty because angels answer your calling immediately. Their healing powers can be simply felt.

Having said that every human being has one or three guardian angels. At times you don’t know about their guidance and protection around you. But you can always remember them in your prayer, meditation, or any kind of practice that calms your thoughts and helps you actively be conscious.

Incidentally, Human-angel communication goes in both ways. There are methods that angels use to get in contact with us, and there are also ways for us to ask angels for their loving guidance.

You can call the angels any time for help with anything; nothing is too large or too little.

The only thing required is your sincere desire for guidance and help.

Once you recognize what you truly want, the Angels will work towards it on your behalf.
No training is necessary to work or communicate with your guardian angels. Only an honest wish for help and trust is needed.

how to communicate with angels

How to communicate with Angels

1. Prayers
Angels love happiness and gratitude. When you pray, you tend to open the means of communication between you and the beings of light.

Prayer is not just asking for things, or help. Through prayer, you can show your gratitude, thankfulness to someone a situation or yourself. Praying for someone is the highest form of love.

2. Meditation
Meditation opens the mind, soul, body, and heart. Also, it allows the mind to relax. During meditation, your connection with the angels improves, as the negative, sad, depressed feelings in your mind evaporate.

When you suffer, when you are confused and lost in endless darkness, you can always call for the presence of angels.

The fact is that they are already with you, ready to answer your needs and fulfill the need for guidance.

However, when you meditate, your inner voices are quiet, and you can communicate honestly with your angels.
Sometimes if you have a problem with calming your mind, try to sit or lie down, close your eyes and repeat these sentences in your mind, keep repeating these until it is the only thing on your mind.

  1.  Angels, I invite you into my life. Please come and guide me through my problems and help me overcome it. I feel incomplete without your presence.
  2. I ask you for your guidance throughout my exam preparation (or anything else), help me, guide me, and encourage me. Thank you for guiding me.

How to communicate with angels

3. Candles or scented essence lamp

Candles are known to be very sacred and are used in most of the holy places because the fire is said to bring light into the darkness. It’s considered a sign of life and creation.

It’s one amongst the most primary types of equipment that are used in ceremonies, ritual, and magic.

However, to communicate with your Angel on a particular problem or issue you have, use a candle of a specific color:

  1. The white candle: it is said that white candles can be used to seek protection, enlightenment, and help you in decision-making with your Angel.
  2. Red candle: It is usually used to represent love, and so it is used to seek love, passion, sexuality, courage, and energy from your Angel.
  3. Green candle: Looking at green gives us peace, it’s generally used to seek prosperity, financial success, health, healing, relieving from pain.
  4. Blue candle: it represents calm and quietness. You can seek harmony and also ask your Angel to help you to reduce overthinking and gain better concentration power.
  5. Yellow candle: you can request your Angel to help you gain your self-confidence back and further strengthen your willpower.

4. Feathers

Angels communicate with feathers
Look out for white feathers. You may notice them at the most random places and are often unexpected while you find them. Also, do you sometimes have a subtle chill down your spine that you can’t explain?

This is a clear message that your Angels are trying to gain your attention with the help of energy present around you.

5. Seeing the word Angel

You may frequently see the word Angel or related names you may come across all of a sudden.

For instance, you may see an advertisement for a product that has the name Angel; you may hear lyrics with the word angel and catch your eye.

You’ll see someone wearing an Angel T-shirt or an Angel piece of jewelry. Whatever the case is, you are surrounded by Angels. This is a sign that they are or want to recommunicate with you.

6. Goosebumps.
When you, or someone else, say something that strikes Truth, you’ll feel Angel’s wings near you causing cold breeze on your skin, or “truth bumps” or Goosebump.

7. Repeated numbers.
You may have seen a particular or a series of numbers without giving it a thought. If you’ve seen a few numbers frequently, you need to know that they hold some significance in your life.

For instance, 4:44, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55, 12:34, 3:45, or 4:56 are seen on the clock. Then this is a way of knowing that the Angels are with you.

Therefore, Numbers and symbols are other signs of angelic guidance. Repetition, sequence, 999 or consecutive number 123 indicate the angels are floating near you. That’s why you may consider yourself lucky.

Many angels around you are waiting to help and guide you. You must know the signs of their presence if you want to be able to hear them speaking to you. Once you begin to adjust to the signs from angels and practice to feel the signs with your senses, you will become more conscious of your angels and the guidance and assistance they have for you.

If you notice any of these angel signs, be aware of the message they may be trying to send you.

Angels of white light

8. Color and Light.

Different colors or flashes of color lights have the energy of pure angel beings trying to reach you through your attention. Seeing rainbows colors, in unexpected places, like on your, bathroom mirror, shining from particular photographs is also meant to mean you are in the company of Angels.

Also, the Angels are always close to you and are doing whatever they can with energy for you to notice and help you. If you wish for them to help you, all you have to do is ask, because humans have free will, the Angels wait for your invite.

Hope my article how to communicate with angels helps you reach out to your Angels and you will get the protection, comfort, and support you need.

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