how to ask the universe what you want

Though manifesting our wish is simple, it is not easy and many people do struggle to get it right. Ideally, all we have to do is ask what we want, and then what we do to make it happen is what will determine whether it comes true or not.

The energy we put into asking the universe something impacts what we manifest. 

If you ask the universe things in a doubtful way or desperate, needy way, you will simply attract doubt, despair, and neediness.

When you elevate your energy as well as the level of consciousness, your external environment echoes the same and your energy begins to invite a new set of experiences.

Since you are a co-creator of your own destiny, you have the power to create better events in your life. You can ask the universe for just about anything you wish, and IT will respond to your wishes.

If you are looking to create or manifest something in your life, be it to attract money, business, a new job, a new lover, or just a nonviolent resolution to a situation, we have shared how you can do it in this article.

Cultivate your relationship with the universe

Cultivate your relationship with the universe

If you have never used the Law of Attraction before, it may be wise to start developing a relationship with the inner workings of the Universe so you can understand how it works.

You have probably heard about like attracting like, but unless you see it in operation, you may not be able to understand this concept.

For you to cultivate a strong relationship with the universe, you have to believe first in its power and see huge things it can create in your life. You can start small, like asking the Universe to send you a sign.

Understand your energy

The most important thing you need to get right if you want to send a request to the Universe is your energy. This can be the hardest part of manifestation because once you ask something from a place of despair or fear, you are not sending out the right energy to the Universe.

Manifestation is also called the Law of Attraction because the same principle of like attracts like applies to it. So if you send fearful energy to the universe, that is exactly what the universe will send back.

You need to believe that you deserve all the good things in the world, and only that way, will you be able to attract back evidence of these beliefs.

Overcome the manifestation obstacles

Overcome the manifestation obstacles

There are obstacles that can hinder your manifestation. These obstacles are in forms of thoughts such as;

  • If a receive more, someone else will have less
  • The universe is hostile
  • I do not deserve good things in my life
  • This manifestation proces doesn’t work for me
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Having a low frequency

Many people think that way, which only makes it harder for them to attract good things in their lives. Some people also believe that there is only a limited amount of good things in the world and that if they have more, other people will miss out.

However, the Universe is without any limits. It is not like a pie that when you have more slices, other people will have less.

Also, when we try to manifest and fail, it is easy to think that the universe doesn’t “like” us. And when you see how bad things happen to people around the world, it is also easy to feel like the Universe is cold or hostile towards beings.

Get your intention right 

Without having a clear intention, you may not receive exactly what you ask the Universe for. This is particularly true if what you are wishing the Universe for is surrounded by resistance and blocks or you are asking it from a place of ego.

So before sending your request to the Universe, make sure you have a clear heart and in tune with what your heart wants.

It is only after you have a clear intention of what you want will you be able to attract them in your life.

Send your request to the Universe 

Send your request to the Universe

Once you have a clear image of what you want, don’t waste more time. Ask the Universe immediately what you want.

You can prepare yourself by taking deep breathing or a short meditation before starting since it is very imperative to feel relaxed and positive when sending your request to the Universe.

You can also create a ritual around this exercise, like going to a calm, beautiful place where you feel a real connection with nature and the energy of the Universe.

Visualize What you want to ask to the Universe

Once you have sent your request to the Universe, close your eyes and start to imagine you receiving your desires. Visualize what and how whatever you have asked for may look like, feel like, and any other necessary details.

Don’t be afraid to get swept away by all the feelings you are experiencing.

Let yourself drown in the feeling and emotions that come with possessing what you have asked the Universe.

The more feelings you can summon up the more strong your request will be.

Relax and open your Mind and Heart

Relax and open your Mind and Heart

After sending your request to the Universe, it is time now to release your intention. Relax and trust that the Universe will do its job. Staying anxious won’t help you.

Whenever you start worrying, just remember that this will only hinder the manifestation process.

The best thing to do is stay positive and be open to any new opportunity that comes your way and keep in mind that things sometimes manifest differently than you expected.

You need to trust that the Universe will respond to your request and in perfect timing. Keep holding the strong emotional feeling in your heart, while keeping in mind that what you want has less to do with the person or the object and more to do about the feeling that it brings to you.

Always Practice Gratitude in your Life

Always Practice Gratitude in your Life

The process of manifestation starts and ends with gratitude. For you to be in alignment with universal energy, is crucial to focus on the good things that you already have in your life. This way, your energy will lift and help you manifest even greater things.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces that acts as a medium between you and the Universe. It’s an indirect way to ask the universe what you want, but then on autopilot and not thinking about it.

Besides that gratitude will enrich your life in so many ways, it’s sometimes hard to believe that not a lot of people deliberately practice this discipline.

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Be well,

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