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“The art of house numerology, when practiced right, can be the most important factor for anyone enjoying their new house.”

Each house has its own particular surroundings and energy. Some houses where you lived before must have had a calm and cozy feeling.

Few were sparkling and attractive to guests, while others were not. Numerologists suppose that the numbers of the house directly affects the energy in it. So, in a sense, your home is a living bundle of energies.

Subsequently, these energies have a frequency that equals to the frequency of particular emotions, when living in that house.

how to calculate your housenumber

How to calculate your house number

To decide what the numerological number meaning of your house is. You can add the numbers up until you get a single digit. Imagine, that if your house number is 59, then the numerological number of your house will be equal to 5 (5 + 9 = 14; 1 + 4= 5).

House numerology can have a severe effect on your state of being. Also, the house numbers emit a frequency of vibrations.

Therefore, make sure that your house or apartment number is similar in temperament with you and the others living around you, like house pets.

Also, you want to create energy that is contributing to your standard of living and to who you are as a person.

Even though your lane, house, address, and zip code without a doubt have an impact, the most significant number for your well being is your house number.

The House number meanings are so wide-ranging and fascinating that having just a slight digging into them possibly will open you up to a whole new way of thinking.

housenumber numerology creates Happyness

Number 19, for example, is supposed to be first-class for new early development. While number one is known for its management qualities.

It’s fair to say to keep away from making meaning of your own opinion on what little understanding you have of your house number.

Therefore it’s better to consult the numerological calculation and the meaning behind it. In this way, you can always find the right home that fits your personality and of your partner.

In the meantime, other people with the sole purpose of selecting homes based on their intellect, are often misguided. That’s why it’s essential to use house numerology and your own intuition, to create the ideal living environment. In this way, you can enjoy your home, to the day you’re leaving it. Sounds good right?


All the goodness of the House numbers numerology meanings

numerology house number 1

Number 1:

This number generates a sense of freedom and can be great for you if you are looking for a new beginning. This number will help you encourage liberty, modernization, originality, aspiration, and management.

Also, this is a fantastic home to live in if you are a self-employed person and work from home. This house got an entrepreneur like vibe to it.

Mainly, this also is a grand home if people are living together who wish to keep up their independence and freedom.

Likewise, living here can make you stronger in your personality, strengthen your mind, and independence.

However, you will continuously be busy over and over again. The number 1 house is a house of getting things done. Remember though. Not everybody can deal with the fast speed of life.

Lucky color: Red and Gold (Sun energy)

numerology house number 2

Number 2:

This number encourages coziness, encouragement, and tolerance. If you are looking for peace and calmness, then this is an ideal house number.

The energy of the number 2 is sentimental and responsive. So, this is a beautiful place for who enjoys being with family and friends. Also, this is a lovely home for having people over for cherished gatherings.

Moreover, this number is one where feelings are expressed, and the warmth is shared with others.

Therefore this is a wonderful place for couples who love to do things together. It is, for the most part, well-suited for romantic partners, best friends, and young families.

Since the two energy fosters perception and a sense of balance, this home is also well-matched for writers and healers.

Lucky color: Orange and silver

numerology house number 3
Number 3:

The number 3 number is an ideal number for gatherings, parenting and, open contact between people. Also, the 3 is beyond doubt a lucky number.

It is an extremely original vibration, so if you want to begin a family or an artistic enterprise, this will serve you as a grand place.

You can express your Beliefs honestly here. It is here where you can have that one of its kind ground-breaking ideas.

Therefore, this is a magnificent home best suitable for artists, singles, couples, or families. When you love to be outgoing (or not) and express your idea’s and emotions, this house gives you the safety to express them to the fullest.

Lucky color – Yellow

numerology house number 4

Number 4:

You can sense safety and security with this number. It encourages dedication for finance and discipline.

Therefore, this would be an excellent place for your funds, whether it is linked to property, stocks, capital, or even your education.

Discipline, arrangement, and responsibility are well supported here.

Also, this is a significant number if you are on the rise of your business, want savings, or get together with family. If, so this is a wonderful home for you.

Likewise, this is a beautiful place if you don’t like change, or at least would like your home to be old-fashioned.

Even though the rest of your life is bold and Spicy, this number can make you feel numb sometimes and old-fashioned.

Lucky color Green and Pink

numerology house number 5

Number 5:

This is a wonderful home if you are a traveler or a free spirit. Therefore, musicians, artists, and creatives find this a suiting home to live in.

Also, this is an ideal number for a soul who is forever young at heart and wants to live in the utmost jolly surrounding. Because as a five you love to party.

There is never going to be a dull moment for you. You will be considered as the most outgoing of all as this is an excellent place for people who love to party and are great at amusing guests.

Also, number 5 is always great with surprises. Therefore, if you love the excitement and fun activities, you’ve found your sweet spot to live in.

As I stated, earlier, this is an ideal number for adventurous people that love to travel and also meet new people or try new adventures. Also, number 5 is about enjoying being free.

Also, If you want to break up your routine, get out of a rut, or have fun, you’ve found the right home. You’re going to have a blast here.

However, this number can be a little difficult for you in case you are an introvert and are not very mingling too much with others.

Houses with this numerological number are enhanced for extroverts.

Lucky color – Blue

numerology house number 6

Number 6: 

Your home is indeed your safe haven, and secure place and built it just the way you like it.

Also, People without delay feel welcome when they walk into your home because of the balanced and warm energy. It is most outstanding to have art and beauty around you in the house.

In this way, you compliment the home.

Also, you want to beautify your home with pretty colors and furniture that suits you.

Likewise, don’t forget Nature, like plants. You will feel the urge to nurture and take care of others, like plants, children, and animals. They will flourish in your number 6 house.

Almost every type of person can feel pleased in a six home. You are fortunate to live here. It’s an often good-looking number for those who are very family-oriented.

Also, this is an ideal place for pets and home businesses.

Lucky color – Indigo/ Dark Blue

numerology house number 7

Number 7:

This number is brilliant for nature-lovers and those who need private space.

Also, These houses are regularly located away from the road or have a lot of trees covering them. This house number is ideal for people who like to live alone in solitude.

Seven is the hermit energy, so don’t be in this world of 7 if you hate being on your own.

The number 7 is a vibration that is private and can be somewhat mysterious. It inspires profound thought, reflection, and powerful understanding.

If you love to come home and have some quiet time to read, make an inquiry and reinstate, you will prosper here.

Also, to encourage calmness, water is an element to add to the number 7 home. Therefore, if you don’t already live by a pool of O2, expect some shocking spiritual and intellectual insights here.

Also, This’s a beautiful home to promote dramatic shifts in your consciousness.

Lucky color – Purple

numerology house number 8

Number 8:

This number is the money number in China and is connected with good durable returns. Yes, this is the place you want to live in if making money is your thing.

This house is also the best place if you are an entrepreneur or are a career-oriented person. That’s why if you are running your business from home sweet home. This number 8 is the house to move in. You’ll be counting dollars here.

8 is a number of great wealth, and it flows in high quantity to your house and your pocket. That’s why any financial enterprise will be developed here.

Also, the number 8 is the number of enthusiasm, openness, and therefore you will be encouraged to engage with people.

You do this when you sense and share a strong bond with these people.

Physical activities that require strength will be optimized. If you want to expand your position in the world, your place in life, financial wealth, or the size of your family, this is a grand home for you.

Number eight is an infinity shape symbol showing what goes around comes around. Also, you must look after this house very dearly for good things to boomerang back to you.

If you are on the lookout for a lucky house number, number eight has your name all over it.

Lucky color – White or Pink

numerology house number 9

Number 9:

You can make everyone feel welcome here. House number 9 generates the belief of love and recognition. This number represents boundless love and compassion.

Your sixth sense will be at an all-time high. You might find yourself receiving calls from people on the lookout for your advice.

Also, People will be fascinated with your home because of the affectionate energy present.

Subsequently, nines are known to be an international number, so you possibly will feel the need to travel or welcome visitors from various parts of the world.

Likewise, these are great homes for international citizens or families with a very different culture.

This house will have a blending aura allowing you to mix up every house energy and you always feel comfortable in your own skin.

Having said that, you also tend to make the guests so cozy and let them feel your warmth, that this is why the guests maybe won’t leave your house until the sun rises op.

You need to think about that 🙂

Also, you will find yourself making delightful memories there. You feel deep emotions from the past that are capable of self-healing and forgiveness.

In this house, you are good at expressing feelings and originality.

Eventually, you will gain knowledge and find out a massive deal about yourself, your emotions, and your true self.

You will find many emotional rewards that will boost you to emit only positivity and radiant light.

Lucky color – Brown, Bronze or Gold

housenumber numerology meanings

In general conclusion, the right Numerology house number meanings can do wonders for you. Every type of house has a particular vibe to it. It’s on you to choose the right home that suits your personality.

Likewise, remember that you can also live there with a beloved partner or housepet. Therefore, talk with each other and make a list of what is important to you and choose the right number with the right house.

I hope my article serves your purpose and helps you to find the ideal home for you.

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A question to you: Did you ever had a house that was creepy as hell or had the great fortune, love, money, or something else? Please let me know and leave a reply in the comment section.

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