Hoʻoponopono for healing

”If there’s a tool that will set us free from the emotional burden and at the same time, manifest the things we desire so much. I would finally be free.”

The word “Ho’o” means “to create,” and “pono” means “right.” The repeated word “pono” extends the phrase to:
“To make things right with oneself and others.”

Ho’oponopono has evolved into a new age, self-help type practice, and has influences from Indian and Chinese traditions.

This is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. But, also a way of manifesting your dreams.

Hoʻoponopono corrects, restores and maintains relations with family members and with their God or higher power by getting to the causes and sources of the difficulty.

Hoʻoponopono for healing

The Hoʻoponopono technique for healing

Hoʻoponopono liberates you from self-restraining thoughts, hurtful memories from the past, and renovate the way you see yourself.

It helps you change the outlook of your existence, develops a focal point on optimistic feelings and forgiving yourself and others.

Also, it helps in gaining control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Four phrases can be combined into a single mantra.

So, the first one is: I’m sorry
Not everyone likes to admit that they are wrong. But for a few, these two magical words can break this cycle of negative emotions. That has caused a clash in the manifesting process by saying I’m Sorry.

When you say I’m sorry, you take complete ownership of your mistakes. Accepting your responsibility for the actions, thoughts, and emotions that have caused pain in yourself and others.

The second phrase is: Please Forgive Me.

By saying this these three words, you are asking for forgiveness from your higher self and the universe. When you say these three words with utmost sincerity. They will transform your pain into a healing experience.

It tackles the source of your pain, mistakes, and helps you to accept the situation and forgive it. By this, you are requesting a healing intention from the universe.

The third phrase is: Thank you.

When you say thank you, you show gratitude to your higher self and to the universe. More importantly, you show appreciation for the forgiveness that is being granted to you.

Furthermore, this is valid only after you seek forgiveness sincerely, accepting your mistakes and request the universe to give you peace.

The fourth and last phrase is: I love you.

Hoʻoponopono for healing

This phrase can do wonders. You can use it on any living being including animals, birds, and plants.

The outcome of these three words are reflective and have shown to be very effective on a molecular level as tested in Dr. Etomo’s water experiment.

I love you can be said out loud to the universe and as can be repeated as a form of gratitude.

For instance if these blockages are removed, the way for manifesting your desires opens up. Therefore your wishes and desires can manifest in the now.

Hoʻoponopono for the inner child

Hoʻoponopono for the inner child

The inner child is our unconscious mind with memories and the old attached emotions to it.

Also, each individual has their own history. Therefore, most people had their share part with bad experiences in their childhood.

Of course, this had an influence on your life and have shaped into what you are today.

The inner child has saved all of these bad memories and the emotions attached to it.

If you don’t heal your inner child, it continues to suffer. Moreover, you will also suffer, because the inner child and you are the same.

You may be a grown-up by now, but your inner child may need care and attention. Sometimes you may not realize what you actually need in spite of having everything.

As adults, you indulge in self-harming ways to keep away from the genuine needs that you have.

These needs are those who haven’t been fulfilled when you were young. That’s why the inner child doesn’t allow you to be liberated and ultimately be yourself.

Hoʻoponopono technique

As you learn to practice Hoʻoponopono for the inner child, you are capable of realizing what part of you needs healing. Subsequently, you can be gentle and compassionate towards yourself while healing the child.

The inner child is a child, and it may need a lot of tender, love, and care.

That’s why you must do specific actions that make your inner child feel valued and appreciated. Also, when the child has finally decided to step out of its comfort zone. It willingly helps you in achieving your overall goals.

Exercise Hoʻoponopono for the inner child:

  • Now take an example of a childhood memory where you had a bad experience, and you tend to suffer from it now as an adult. Maybe your parents, teacher or someone particular said; That you ain’t worth anything.
  • Now, target the emotions and memory attached to it. You can do that be just remembering it, and the feelings and situation will come up from your subconscious.
  • So, now you can say the first phrase to the inner child and imagine the young child vividly and say ”I’m sorry to him or her.’
  • Feel the emotion release and practice the second phrase.
  • ”Please forgive me.”
  • Again you’re telling your inner child this. It can help to imagine you’re hugging the child. It feels more secure this way.
  • You can now practice the third sentence:” Thank you.”
  • Now, let the inner child now it’s appreciated for who he or she is. Therefore, anything you can imagine your inner child would make him/her feel appreciated, please do that.
  • And now the last phrase comes into action:” I love you.”
  • Try to imagine that you speak to the inner child and comfort him or her in a way that your inner child needs. This will speed up the healing of the inner child.

Releasing old Emotions with Hoʻoponopono

By now, you’re probably releasing a lot of emotional burdens. Do this practice a few times and feel when you need to stop.

Because doing Hoʻoponopono for the inner child too long, can have an opposite effect and you can dwell in those old emotions, and we don’t want that.

Hoʻoponopono for manifesting money

As you are aware, everything is energy. Even inanimate objects are nothing but energy.
Therefore, either they attract or give out energy.

Subsequently, this also is for money. You can use the four phrases to attract money into your life. Cleanse the blockages between money and you.

No matter what the reason is for not able to attract money, use the phrase effectively and sincerely.

Firstly, you need to find what kind of blockage you have towards money. Maybe you have the conviction of ”money” is the root of all evil.

Now, ask you subconscious where that conviction is rooted? Was it your grandmother that told you so. Or maybe your father that had a bad experience in his life and told you this.

So, now you can repeat the phrases again to remove the blockages.
You must target the person if that’s where you feel the blockage is, or the money itself.

It can feel funny apologizing to money, but you’re just using a tool to attract more money in your life. So keep that in mind.

Releasing old Emotions with Hoʻoponopono

Excercise Hoʻoponopono for Money

  1. I’m sorry: Tell the money that you are sorry. Apologize on behalf of you, your family members, and ancestors. Say that you aren’t aware of where things went wrong between you and the money. You didn’t understand, when and how you upset money and that it has walked out of your life.
  2. Please forgive me: Tell the money that you want to make amends with it and ask for forgiveness.
  3. Subsequently, ask money to forgive you while you took it for granted or haven’t taken care of it when you had it.
  4. Also, Say that you are 100% owning up to the mistakes you made and now are ready to make amends.
  5. Ensure you are very aware of what you are saying, and you believe in each and every word that you are saying.
  6. Thank you: Thank the money for allowing you to listen to you. Giving you a chance to make amends. Thank the money for all the times it has been there for you. Thank money for being what it is and appreciate its importance and worth.
  7. You sincerely say this with words that resonate with the universe. Therefore you can accept what’s coming for you.
  8. I love you: Like I said before this phrase can melt stone, because everyone likes to love and want to be loved. That’s why the universe always responds to love with abundance in love. Say to the money that you need it so much that you promise never to hurt it. Also not to take it for granted or misuse it for any reason. You will take care of its nurture and give it all the attention and love you have in you.

Hoʻoponopono for self-love

Hoʻoponopono for Self-love

Self-hatred is a creation of events and experiences that occur throughout your life and are often based on somebody else their opinions.

In this way, the inner critic builds up, and the events and emotions are stored in your subconscious and unconscious mind, and slowly tend to bog you down.

Also, you’re beginning to question yourself and your self-value. You speculate if you deserve love or being loved. Your self-assurance takes a low turn, and it can turn out to be demoralizing.

That’s when you need Hoʻoponopono for self-love so it can evaporate this self-hatred.

The four phases that are used to unleash the miracles from the universe are;

  1. I’m sorry: When you say you are sorry, you apologize to love. Also, say sorry for not loving yourself enough. Say sorry for feeding your thoughts with negative thoughts always. Subsequently, you can say sorry for every time you mistreated yourself.
  2. Please forgive me: Ask for forgiveness for not being there for yourself when your mind, soul, and heart needed you the most. Ask the universe to forgive you for depriving your soul of love. Own up to the fact that you have not paid attention to your needs. Very consciously you need to accept and apologize because when you do it consciously, you are clearing the old blockages.
  3. Also, ask forgiveness for being so harsh on yourself and not taking action when your heart wandered into negativity.
  4. Thank you: Thank the universe for showing you what you need to do and what have you missed out on. Show gratitude because it is giving you a chance to make amends with your relationship with yourself. Feel the burning heartache diminish.
  5. I love you: Saying this to yourself can unleash powers from within like never before.

You need to affirm that you are ready for yourself and are prepared to nourish your heart, mind, and soul with what is required and will never take it for granted.

Hoʻoponopono for healing

From now one, you will love yourself first, take care consciously of all the things you feed your mind and soul with.

A small prayer for cleansing your soul while doing Hoʻoponopono

  1. I cleanse myself of all selfishness, resentment and critical feelings for my fellow beings, self-condemnation and misinterpretation of my life experiences.
  2. I bathe myself with generosity, appreciation, praise, and gratitude for my fellow beings.
  3. I rely on my self-acceptance and my enlightened understanding of my life experiences.

While doing this Hoʻoponopono prayer while you’re doing the practice, you will feel completely different after a few rounds.

Good luck with healing the parts in you that needs healing…

I hope my article helps you in resolving your issues with regards to self-love, manifesting, and the inner child and any other problems you are facing.

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