Healing With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is still considered as one of the best ways to eliminate subconscious beliefs, so that true healing can happen.

Hypnosis is still a mysterious practice and experts still don’t know how exactly it works despite lots of research done on it. It appears unclear what happens when a person is in a state of trance.

However, what is well-documented and understood are the results. For centuries now, hypnosis has been a very effective technique to help heal the soul, body, and mind. 

However, while many people have been made to believe that you need a hypnotherapist to heal using this technique, the fat is that you are the only one who can actually heal yourself. 

The hypnotic trance has a number of great properties that can contribute to your healing; including experiencing some sort of “numbness” in specific parts or the whole body. This allows you (if you are working on yourself) or a therapist to produce the absence of feeling in your inner self. 

How the Body Can Heal Itself 

How the Body Can Heal Itself

According to an old study, it was found that hypnosis can speed up recovery from many types of traumas. The research in question was done on 18 women who had just undergone breast surgery.

The patients were then allocated randomly to three groups for 2 months. All three groups received the traditional follow-up care, but the second group met with a therapist weekly for emotional support, while the third group met with a hypnotherapist for a 30-minute session per week to alleviate inflammation and pain as well as speed up the repair of the soft-tissue.

An audiotape was created for each lady in the hypnosis group to help them practice self-hypnosis at home daily.

A week after the surgery and another 7 more weeks, a team of surgeons, which was not aware of the therapy sessions the other group was taking, examined the incision sites. They found that that the patients who practiced hypnosis healed pretty much quickly compared to others. 

While this shows how hypnosis can heal a physical body, there is also plenty of evidence that shows the technique can also heal the soul. 

To use hypnosis to heal yourself spiritually, you will need to access your subconscious mind. It is said that your conscious mind or intentional mind, is the key to healing yourself with hypnosis. The conscious mind, though separate from the subconscious mind, the two are connected. 

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How to heal using hypnosis 

How to heal using hypnosis

The process of healing self with hypnosis is simple and straightforward. 

The first step is to understand the process with the part of your brain that is responsible for critical thinking. 

The next step is freeing yourself from any distraction and concentrating on who you are, as well as your purpose, goals, true values, and vision. This essentially allows your body system to become aware of its personality as a system. 

Finally, you need to learn how to read the signals and messages that come from your inner self and how to steady your system, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Healing with hypnosis can be done is a short period of time if you can access the right tools. Some of these tools can be freely obtained from the web and can help you reach a state of deep relaxation and meditation and bring you into the pleasant state of the present moment.

Also, it’s clearing your mind of anxieties and your body of any toxins and prepare your system to receive the healing instructions. 

One of the most effective tools for healing with hypnosis is the guided imagery, in which you hold a specific healing image in your mind when in the approachable “Healing State.” As a result, you empty your body of stress and activate your subconscious healing and mobilize your corrective processes. This process allows your brain to “reboot” and rewire. The goal of hypnotizing using imagery is so that you can restore your inner soundness and balance in order to properly heal your body, soul, emotions, and behavior. 

Every time you exercise this form of self-healing with guided imagery, you are re-writing your body as well as your emotional state and how you will react to situations in the future. 

It is, however, important to mention that if you are not clear on what is causing the pain in your body; hypnosis may remove the pain but hide something serious that may need professional attention.  But since most pains originate from the head, it is quite possible to switch off the pain triggers in your mind and reduce the feeling of pain. 

Ideally, the body can heal itself, but this automatic process can be fast-tracked and enhanced by the use of various hypnotic techniques.

Steps to Healing With Hypnosis 

Steps to Healing With Hypnosis 

Step #1: Learn 

The first step is learning as much as you can about healing and health. Find out what is causing you the pain, the symptoms, as well as the role of such things as diet, stress, and emotions in your pain. S

Step #2: Find a quiet place and relax 

Deep relaxation is very important in hypnosis since it is a direct remedy to stress. Also, by relaxing, you will be emptying your body of toxins and your mind of any distractions, allowing you to re-script new, and effective self-healing actions. 

Step #3: Enter the “Healing State” 

This state allows your mind to be receptive to the new healing behaviors you have self-programed. Your mind now accepts new emotions and images. 

Step #4: Create healing images 

Using intentional mental imagery, you can create powerful healing images that can help you initiate and accelerate your healing process by influencing the actions of your body’s cells, initiating and maintaining healthy actions such as dieting, exercising, and quitting smoking or drugs. 

Step #5: Relive these images daily 

Rehearse these newly formed images on a day-to-day basis in order to restore your inner coherence and balance, which will, in turn, facilitates the healing of your body, emotions, behavior, and mind. 


Healing your body, mind, and emotions with hypnosis is a personal journey. While you can seek the help of a professional, you are the only one who can heal yourself. When using hypnosis to heal yourself, things might not work chronologically, because some of the issues that are causing you pain might be more convoluted than hypnosis may not be able to uncover. 

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