Dear Universe Please help Me

When you ask the universe for help, not only do you get it, you were already supported and comforted

Dear friend,

A warm welcome to my blog and if you asked; dear universe please help me, you’ve come to the right place.

Please remember that not only the universe got your back, but I, Jewel, is here for help also.

Therefore, grab a cup of thee. Make yourself comfortable and let’s get you out of this numbing state of mind, ok?

Ok! So what will you learn here now in this blogpost?

  • You will learn that the universe always got your back
  • Why understanding karma is important to feel relief
  • How to comfort ourselves and our emotions.
  • You can ask the universe for help
  • And some true loving and understanding from me

Why the universe always got your back

Why the universe always got your back

Do you know the times where you were totally devastated about a specific situation and at the time it felt like the worst thing that happened to you?

Also, when you look back to that situation you can see that ultimately the situation was very beneficial for you. I think you can relate to that, right?

It doesn’t always make you feel better right away, although later in this post I will teach you how you can comfort your own emotions.

Anyways, looking back at this situation you’ve probably noticed that you did learn some important life lessons, skills, and building the best version of yourself, through this experience.

Therefore, if this is always the case, what does this actually mean?

If you look closely, you can see it’s a co-creation between you (unconsciously most of the time) and the universe.

It's to enrich your life.

God or the universe wants you to grow as a soul and person. Why? So you can experience life in a more full and loving way. It’s to enrich your life.

Also, you need to clear your karma from past lives, so the universe orchestrates situations, where you will grow and clear the karma. I know, you don’t feel the point of it all at this moment, but it offers perspective and relief if you could really see it.

So, back to my point. If this is a co-creation with always a beneficial outcome for you in hind side. Can we conclude that the universe actually got are back all that time? I think so.

Likewise, not only has the universe your back, but it sends positive energies, angels, and guides to nurture and comfort you.

The only thing is; are you allowing and trusting that this happens? If so, you will feel immediately the work of angels and comforting energies working around and for you.

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Can you feel it?

If so, you already got your answer that the universe always helps you. This insight and experience can give you great relief. However, sometimes this is not enough, just yet.

Therefore, we need to comfort ourselves and again remember that you will grow from it and therefore is created by you and the universe. Always keep that in mind, because it can give such relief about the perception of your situation.

A little side-note: If you’re in one way or another in a very abusive relationship or something that is damaging to you. You need to get yourself out of that situation.

Having said that, now we need a way or technique to comfort our own hearts and emotions.

So, let’s go into that, shall we?

How to comfort ourselves and our emotions.

How to comfort ourselves and our emotions.

I talk a lot about it on my website. Because it’s so simple, profound, and effective. It’s the lost art of comforting yourself. At least, in my opinion.

Therefore, I use it in a lot of my writings. So what is it?

If you ever comfort a kid that you love, you know what I’m talking about. It’s actually the same about comforting yourself and when you learn this, you’ll get a life-time tool to heal your wounds.

It goes like this: Put your attention to the pain-energy in your body. For some, it’s around your heart area and for most around the stomach area. Although, it can be anywhere in your body.

so, as you feel this energy, grab this energy with your attention. It’s the same as feeling your big toe with your attention. Also, when you go to that area, give it loving, compassion, and understanding.

After that, you will see that the emotions will fade away and you can get a release of emotions. Which is great, because now you cleaned the portal, so you can better receive the help from the universe.

By the way, this is not only for cleaning this portal but also, that you can ask the universe for help while the emotional blockages are cleared. You cleaned the pipeline, sorta speak.

For now, let’s get to the next part of the process
Ask and you shall receive

Ask and you shall receive

”Ask and you’ll receive” If you know your bible, then you certainly know that this sentence is in it, more than once. Right? How come not a lot of people doing it?

Let me tell you why; because they don’t believe in it! Most people are in such bad emotional states, they just don’t believe it works or the thought will never pop up in their mind at that moment.

I can’t blame them, but when you use the technique to comfort your emotions, you can ask the universe for help again.

That’s why when you did the steps that I mentioned above you’re ready to ask.

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So how does the asking process goes? It’s again, really simple:

  • Ask the universe
  • Don’t think about it anymore
  • Let it go
  • Receive what you’ve asked

So, the first step is just to ask with your hand(s) on your heart. For example: Dear Universe, Please give me healing for my sadness when I lost my mother. Thank you, for I know it’s already done.

Or, Dear Universe, please give me a car so I can drive my children to school every day. Thank you, for I know it’s already done.

See how I already give thanks in advance, so the universe knows it’s already a good fit to put into your reality. Besides that, practicing gratitude always lift your emotions.

Another point to remember is to let it go after that. The universe understands your asking and it is clear to this point.

Only when you doubt and you ask: when will I receive and therefore, asking other things it goes wrong.

Therefore, when you ask help to the universe don’t ask more questions desire more answers related to the first question, ok?

After this is done, the process will start moving and the universe will do his/her job. The best practice to do is to let the universe do her own thing.

This means, you’ll have to let it go, so the process isn’t interfered with.

this is a good lesson to practice faith with the universe

Also, this is a good lesson to practice faith with the universe and your ability to ask and receive. You’ll grow as a person when you know how to do this.

Likewise, when you’re done with asking and letting it go, it’s time for the receiving part.

There’s only one rule here: Be open for receiving or in other words; get a mindset of allowing.

That’s why I always say: If you don’t put your hands up in front, how do you expect to get a present.

So, be faithful, relaxed, and in alignment with yourself and you will receive.

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I really hope I’ve answered your question and now you know how to ask the universe for help properly.

If so, please give this article a share on social media, so that we can help more people. Thank you.

With love,