carnelian meaning, uses and healing properties

What is a Carnelian Crystal?

Carnelian is made from iron oxide and is most often found in Brazil. It has a reddish-brown color and its meaning is energy, self-esteem, creativity, strength, and protection against negativity.

carnelian healing properties

The healing properties of Carnelian

These gemstones are often used for a wide range of healing rituals. Throughout the middle ages and even in old Egypt, this stone was used for alchemy. Also, people in that time, like architects, artists, and other creative people used these stones for extra creativity and made the most beautiful buildings, poems, and paintings.

The creativity from the carnelian stone can also be used for solving problems in the most ethical way possible. It’s also the crystal that grounds you and calms you when being grounded. It cleanses your aura and purifies it. Flowing the excess negative energy back into the earth.

This is why this gem is excellent for protecting yourself against negative energy while soothing your mind with its calm reddish-brown energy.

In the Dark Ages, it was also used against the plague and other horrible diseases because it was thought the carnelian crystal with his red fire-ish energy to always protect you from spiritual, and physical disease.

Right to this day, the carnelian stone is recognized as a protection crystal, among other healing properties. You can wear it as a powerful necklace for protection or a bracelet for balancing out and purify the negative energies, just like the red jasper crystal.

Another thing Carnelian does is helping to balance the menstrual cycle in women, but it’s also being used for infertility and impotence in men. In general, you can say that it stimulates the libido if you wear this crystal.

It also helps with the blood flow and getting the oxygen that you need to the muscles so that your tissues and organs are in optimal health.

Also, due to the soft vibrations of the carnelian crystal, it can be very useful and healing for people that have Reumathism, because her vibrations soothe and heal the bones and bone tissue.

Carnelian is even worn by people that struggle with addiction and need to purify their mind and body. This crystal is a gentle detoxifier, flushing out the bad chemicals that are present in your body.

carnelian emotiona and mental healing properties

The mental and emotional healing properties of Carnelian

If you feel lost or you feel that old energy is trapped inside your energy and emotional system, then please wear Carnelian. One of its properties is to renew energy and get rid of old emotional debris. If you wear it for a few weeks, preferably around the area around your neck, you can feel a fresh brees of energy flowing through your emotional system.

Often this sluggish energy is coming from unhealed pain from the inner child and past lives. But since the Carnelian energy is soft, gentle, playful, and fresh, your inner child will welcome this energy and will energize and heal with it.

If the inner child is getting more healed, it will help you along your journey with different challenges, while before it could sabotage you.

Since one of the properties of this stone is creativity and energy, you will feel fresh, creative energy flowing in your system. This will have its effect on your self-confidence, motivation, but also your willpower.

This boost of confidence is often experienced as a welcome gift in difficult times, where you can be fragile and hurt. If you’re somebody having difficulty with public speaking, being in groups or any other social situation, you can be sure, that carnelian will help you relax and stay confident.

Metaphysical and protection properties

Metaphysical and protection properties

When you’re attacked by energy vampires, narcissists, or maybe even spiritual attacks, you can feel drained, hurt, and unsafe.

Carnelian is the crystal that is associated with the first three chakras, the root chakra, and the sacral chakra. Especially the root chakra is where safety begins. Unfortunately, while having these attacks this chakra goes out of balance and you can feel more insecure and unsafe.

But carnelian is there for you since it helps to energize the root chakra and harmonize it again. Also, it will flow off the bad energy into the earth that you accumulate through these rough times.

The second chakra is the chakra of passion, intimacy, and life energy. The carnelian energy will direct you back to inner joy and safety. Sometimes if you’re getting attacked it’s hard to find any joy, but the carnelian stone will unblock this chakra.

The third chakra is where the solar-plexus resides. This is where your identity is experienced energetically. It won’t come up for you as a surprise, that this is where the carnelian those her work with self-confidence. It will lift you up with her fire and creative energy giving you more self-confidence and self-worth.

If you want to stand more firmly in this world, the third chakra is the chakra where you should work on. And when you stand more firmly in this world, you’re also more grounded. Nothing get’s you more ungrounded than hiding and avoiding challenges, and life in general.

This beautiful crystal will motivate you to take bold decisions because you feel more centered and confident to do this. While feeling your new confidence, you take more and more challenges on and thus creating a more wanted personal world.

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What is The Carnelians Zodiac birthstone? virgo and leo

What is The Carnelians Zodiac birthstone?

The carnelian crystal is connected to two zodiac signs, Virgo and Leo. This doesn’t come up as a surprise. When we talk about Virgo’s they can be insecure and second guess themselves. As we spoke about it already, the carnelian is great for getting new self-confidence and self-worth.

Another thing is that in the autumn and winter months, Virgo’s can get be a bit down and their energy can get a bit sluggish and stuck these times. To get in touch with your joy and vitality, the Carnelian stone will unblock this stuck energy and reconnect you with your inner joy. For Virgo’s, this is the perfect stone to come through the winter months.

The other zodiac sign that is associated with the carnelian stone is Leo. Leo is a one-of-a-kind warrior. That’s why this crystal of passion and fire appeals so much to them. If the fire of their inner warrior has cold down a bit, wearing a carnelian is sure to get the warrior fired up again.

But it can also be the other way around. Some Leo’s are too fired up and get in constant conflict with other people. They can see an opponent everywhere, while there isn’t much to worry about. Their ego is out of balance here, and the carnelian can harmonize the ego and bring back their natural power, instead of their ego power.

What other uses can you use Carnelian for?

What other uses can you use Carnelian for?

House, office, or other places where you often come

If you want a more balanced home or office, you can place a big piece of carnelian crystal in the middle of any place. It will balance out the negative energies and transform them into neutral energy.

If you want more abundance in any form in your home or office, then you can put the crystal on the south side of the room and let the riches of the world flow into your life.

Nevertheless, if you are more interested in the creative power of the carnelian and want to make full use of it, then take the crystal on the westside of that specific room and let the creative energy flow through your house and yourself.

Likewise, if you’re more concerned about the healing properties of this crystal you can place the crystal on the southwest side and feel the gentle vibrations of this crystal, healing bones, tissue, but also mental and emotional debris that’s still left in your system.

So this was it. Hopefully, you got a good overview of what the carnelian can do for you. If you seek it for a protection crystal, then you will have a great friend, that will protect you through hard times.

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