Can Hypnosis Enhance Recall Forgotten Events

Hypnosis has been considered for long to be an invaluable method for recreating and exploring puzzling psychological wonders.

Recent research on college students tried to establish the reliability of hypnosis by people. The study categorized students into two sections. One group was hypnotized, while the other was used as a control group.

Then they were asked to provide the dates of 20 national and international news events in the last 11 years. The research found that while hypnosis didn’t make students any “smarter” than those who were not hypnotized.

However, those who were hypnotized were reluctant to change their answers even though they told could be wrong.

This study shows that people may have too much belief that hypnosis can help them recall forgotten memories.

Can Hypnosis Enhance Recall Forgotten Events

Also, the research findings come a few months after another study found that about 9 out of 10 people think that hypnosis might help a person recall something that they could otherwise not remember.

It can be frustrating not to remember something clearly, especially when there are clues that something might have happened and can help you in some way. If studies are something to go by, hypnosis seems like a technique to unlock these memories and help those affected get closure once and for all.

However, things might not be as simple as it sounds.

Memory and Dissociation

Most often, people with past trauma, say child abuse, tend to dissociate from or to forget about the experience.

This is considered to be a frustrating process. By trying to forget or dissociate from the event, it blocks it away from the consciousness, enabling the child – later adult – to cope with the current issues associated with the recollection of the game, without being overwhelmed with bad memories.

Recall of Past Unpleasant Events

Recall of Past Unpleasant Events

Some people may recall later the memories of past traumatic events such as abuse. This can come about in the context of some kind of therapy or altering of physical and emotional state, such as through hypnosis.

But in some cases, recall of forgotten events can occur without any specific therapeutic involvement. In most cases, those who could remember their past events tend to verify exactly what happened to them, thus allowing them to have closure and a sense of self-understanding.

However, sometimes, the memories might be vague and, therefore, difficult to interpret. This makes it harder to find verification, leading to even more painful experiences.

Memory and Hypnosis

Contrary to the misconception, hypnosis does not put a subject to sleep or render them unconscious or put them under some spell or make them do something they do not want to do.

Hypnosis is simply a state of mind where an individual is extremely focused on suggestions made by a psychotherapist and is more receptive to those suggestions.

Hypnosis can also be described as the state in which your mind is open to imagination and fantasy. Therefore, it can be challenging to tell if the recollection of forgotten events is an actual event of just an illusion.

The human brain is believed to work like a video camera in the sense that it records everything that happens in an individual’s lifetime.

However, many people believe that a technique like hypnosis can restore repressed or forgotten memories.

Moreover, many practitioners go further to claim that hypnosis can help people recall forgotten events.

While scientific facts do not back these claims, the nature of human memory as a process of restoration is well documented.

Under a hypnosis session, an individual must particularly open to suggestion for the practice to work. In this way, they can work with hypnosis and recall forgotten events if they like.

How to use Hypnosis to Recall Forgotten Events

How to use Hypnosis to Recall Forgotten Events

The first step is to understand how hypnosis works. You will need to have an open and uncritical perception towards this practice for it to work for you. Don’t approach it with a resistant mind, as the more resistant or skeptical you are; the more ineffective hypnosis will be on you.

Another thing you need to know is how your memory works.

Once the memory is constructed, it is stored somewhere in the brain (the storage location is not precise so far).

However, there are three ways in which the memory that is created is stored. The first is sensory storage, second is short-term memory, and the last is long-term memory.

Short-term memory can last for as short as 30 seconds unless you practice the newly acquired information within that short timeframe.

The second step to using hypnosis to boost your memory is finding a comfortable positing in a clam, dimmed room.

This will allow you to relax and focus on the session. Be sure to take off your shoes also, and put on comfortable clothes and cover your legs with a blanket.

self hypnosis to heal your past

Next, choose an object to focus on. This should be an object that you have a strain focus on, such as a stain on the wall, a corner of a picture on the wall, a tree outside, etc. As you focus on the spot, repeat your mantra, something that you can easily repeat over and over, each after 30 seconds. You should start to feel your eyelids getting heavy and eventually close.

Inhale and exhale deeply once your eyes are completely shut. Hold the breath for about 10 seconds then exhale via slightly opened lips.

Store the information in your memory as you plunge into a deeper trance, particular if you are familiar with your memory section. Once you feel you have reached a profound hypnotic state, start counting backward from five to snap out of the trance. You will feel more relaxed after getting out of your hypnotic state.

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