best crystals for manifestation

Crystals are a way for you to manifest a specific desire, guide you through your healing process, or assist you with manifesting the things you desire so much.

Sometimes manifesting becomes mind-numbing if you’re suffering from emotional or spiritual blockages and if you are in doubt, crystals are a lovely tool that can be used to break these blockages.

The key is to find the right crystal for the best healing. That will help to balance your energy, activate your inner senses, and magnify your intention.

List Best crystals for needs, desires, and wishes

Here is a list of beautiful pristine crystals that you can use for various needs, desires, and wishes:

1.The Rose Quartz   

Serves the purpose of:

  • It attracts love, romance, and compassion.
  • It Protects relationships heals your heart and energizes the heart chakra
  • Helps you develop self-love, self-esteem
  • This stone is a kind reminder that the most important person to love and nourish will ever be is YOU

2. Natural Amethyst

Serves the purpose of:

  • The natural Amethyst Magnifies creative thoughts and spiritual consciousness. This crystal also prevents toxins from going into your body, and it also prevents extreme thoughts going wild in your head.

best crystals for desires

3. Blue Agate

Serves the purpose of:

  • It helps you discover courage, speak, and express the truth. The blue gate helps you in developing the urge to be loyal and credible.

4. Natural Fluorite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Heightens intellectual abilities
  • Natural Fluorite grows and maintains the skill of discipline
  • Quick dispensation of information and also enhances the power of maintaining discipline and order in daily routine.

5. Green Fluorite

Serves the purpose for:

  • It helps in developing a sixth sense and gives you spiritual energy.
  • It helps purify and replenish you as a soul.

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crystals for healing your emotions

6. Natural Obsidian

Serves the purpose of:

  • It helps in liberating disharmony as well as bitterness towards others.
  • It also helps with reducing anger, panic, and rage.

7. Lapis Lazuli

Serves the purpose of:

  • It helps bring mental peace
  • Balancing your old en new emotions
  • It also helps in overcoming trauma and grief.

8. Pyrite

Serves the purposes of

  • Pyrite support your quest in manifesting wealth
  • It removes blockages that hamper the manifesting process.
  • This mineral will enhance your courage and eradicate the nature of having fear within yourself.

9. Citrine

Serves the purpose of:

  • This crustal enhances visualization and willpower.
  • It brings intense spiritual energy and unlocks your soul’s purpose to create a center of attention of the necessary power.

crystals for manifesting your dreams

10.Golden Topaz

Serves the purpose of:

  • Focuses on faith, boosting and pushing you forward to believe in the energies, that are going to surround you.
  • You will be more confident.

11. Titanium Rainbow Quartz

Serves the purpose of:

  • It has a vibrant, energetic vibe which is usually useful for clearing blockages and healing emotional distress.

12. Carnelian

Serves the purpose of:

  • It’s this crystal that will give you pure motivation, emotional stamina, guidance, and Courage.

13. Clear Quartz

Serves the purpose of:

  • It amplifies the power of any other gemstone or crystals it touches.
  • It is an excellent crystal, which can be used with the others to harness excess vibrations of nature.


Serves the purpose of:

  • It is a crystal for health, passion, and energy that flows throughout your body.
  • It makes you feel safe and secure, physically, and mentally.

crystals for spiritual growth


Serves the purpose of:

  • It helps to increase fertility.
  • Also, it connects you with the energy of the moon and the heavenly feminine.

16. Aventurine

Serves the purpose

  • It’s the crystal of luck and good fortune; it helps to boost your winning chances in any situation.

17. Amethyst

Serves the purpose of:

  • It is a natural stress reliever.
  • It brings spiritual growth in abundance.

crystals for healing ancesteral trauma

18. Moonakite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Resolving inherited family issues that are there for generations
  • It heals Ancestral trauma.

Affirmation for this crystal to go with it would be:

As I heal myself, I heal my lineage…

19. Larimar

Serves the purpose of:

  • Developing confidence
  • Manifesting inner peace and power.
  • It helps you tap into a deep sense of tranquility that transcends the current circumstances and your emotional responses to it.

20. Emerald

Serves the purpose of:

  • The Emerald crystal assists in manifesting love, empathy, and the willpower to pursue your desires.

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stones to use for manifesting desires

Stones which can be used to manifest desires and positivity

1.Tigers Eye Stone

Serves the purpose of:

  • It enhances the desire you have and pushes you to have a good demand for your needs from the universe.
  • Also, it gives you a sense of a warrior’s strength to cope with all difficulties in your life.

2. Dalmatian Stone

Serves the purpose of:

  • It helps you to connect with animals
  • It generates loyalty and family bonds.

3. Red Gold Stone

Serves the purpose of:

  • Manifesting happiness in and around you
  • Boldness and resourcefulness

stones to use for manifesting your dreams

4. Ruby Fuchsite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Manifesting Friendships
  • An unbelievable trust in yourself, the universe, and others.

5. Unakite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Attracting anything you desire, primarily material things
  • You can use it for resolving conflict
  • It also is an excellent crystal for healing the past

6. Prehnite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Psychic and body-awareness
  • Self-care and also no judgmental thoughts towards your body

7. Blue Aventurine

Serves the purpose of:

  • Generating a bright and bold way of speeking.
  • It manifests hope and empathy within yourself and your heart.

8. Malachite

Serves the purpose of:

  • It encourages you to take calculated risks to manifest change that you’re longing no for so long.

9. Howlite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Increases the awareness of one’s goals and ambitions and creates a feeling of manifesting everything you desire.

10. Green Calcite

Serves the purpose of:

  • Sleeping with this stone helps you in making dreams more pleasant

tips for using crystals

Tips for using the crystals for your benefit

According to Feng Shui, If you wish to manifest prosperity or financial liberty, put a cluster of wealth-related crystals in the left-hand spot of your workplace or residence.

It’s known as the money area. You can also keep crystals in your purse/wallet or the cash area of your workspace.

To unblock and encourage self- love, self -esteem, love relationships wear rose quartz crystal pendants around your neck. It will keep the energetic healing vibration close to your chakra throughout the day.

Also, if you desire your love life to become better, place them in the south-west corner of your house.

Furthermore, meditation with your crystals enhances the effect and vibrations of the manifesting process in general. So don’t forget to do this.

Jewelry is a beautiful way to be in continuous contact with the crystals that enhance your energy levels.

For instance, wear rings and pendants. Therefore not only will your manifesting and healing power will be enhanced. But you also will look beautiful and mesmerizing.

Affirmations for Crystals

Affirmations that go along with the crystals manifestation

  1. As I breathe in, I am quickly attracting fun times, positivity, peace, and harmony in my life.
    As I breathe out, I am releasing past toxic connections and negative circumstances from my life.
    As I breathe in, I send myself love.
    As I breathe out, I send out love to someone who needs it.
  2. When I accept myself, I am free from the burden of needing others to accept me.
  3. I go beyond my limiting beliefs and accept myself.
  4. I honor my body as the temple my soul lives in and get rewarded in good health.
  5. I am divinely guided by the universe and have it at my assistance.
  6. I am attracting an abundance of money, health, and great people into my life.
  7. ” I am financially prospering, and money comes easily to me.”
  8. Love and abundance surround me all the time, and I am open to accepting love in all ways I can.
  9. I am healed and whole. My life will be better, and I will be in harmony with myself.
  10. Today I will be kind and gentle with myself and every soul that crosses my path.
  11. Today I will focus on progress, not perfection.

I hope this article best crystals to manifest anything” helps you to manifest your required desires, healing, and prosperity that you need. These crystals help you magnify and manifest your needs and help you overcome your blockages.

Always remember the key to positive manifesting is patience without anxiety and have no doubt in your mind that you will succeed.

Open your heart and soul to the universe and then see the miracles that happen. Sharing is caring, so if you like this article, if it has helped you in anyway then do share it with others on social media or post a link back on your website for this article.

My question to you is: What is the best crystal for manifestation for you? Or with which crystal did you had the most success with? You may comment in the comment section.

Stay blessed and happy
Sending lots of good and positive vibes your way