Back To Life Review – Does It Really
Work For Treating Back Pain?

…Here’s What I Feel After Trying This
Program For Two Months

If you’re reading this Back to Life review, and you’re expecting to hear an expert doing some analytical reviews based on how it works, the background of its creator, and then compared it with the other methods… you’ve come to the wrong place.

I know most review articles on the Web are written in this style.

And I do realize they provide more in-depth technical information to help you make a decision. But this review article will be different.



I’m not a doctor or an expert in this field.

I’m just an average person who had decided to give this program a try and wanted to share my honest opinion about this the Back to Life system based on my experience.

That said, if you want to hear an analytical review of this program, I’m so sorry, this is not for you.


If you’re okay with an honest opinion from someone who had actually tried the program… who are willing to give any information he knew about the program, including the results, so you can see whether this is right for you, then keep reading.

You’ll hear me rambling for thousands of words about the Back to Life system, and what this program has done for me for the last two months.

First, let’s start with the main reason…

Why I Decided To Try This Program

To answer that, allow me to introduce myself.

My name’s Dena Cunnington. I’m a 52-year-old woman in fine general health.

However, back in 2017, I had experienced so much pain in my back that getting out of bed was nearly impossible.

I can compare the symptom with being kicked in the back by a mule.

That devastating pain then took off toward my ankle and made standing or walking a living torture.

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, right now, I think you know exactly how I felt back then. It hurt so bad I don’t want to live another day with that much pain.

And just like you…

No Treatment Methods Worked For Me

Chiropractic was not working for me.

The only thing that helped to improve my condition was message therapy, but still… it was not enough to completely bring back my old, pain-free life.

I also have tried to consume some natural supplements that claim it can help to ease back pain.

Well, as you know, they do work for easing back pain.

But only for a while.

Frankly, I was being dependent to supplement before I decided to stop due to some financial reasons and lost all hope for ever recovering.

That’s Until I Found “Back To Life” While
I Was Browsing On The Web

A quick internet search for “how to naturally treat back pain” bring me to its official website.

I was so skeptical when I watched the short video presentation.

At that time, I saw it doesn’t look that special.

Yeah, except for the fact that I could follow the exercises for a few minutes a day at the comfort of my home.

And maybe, the claim that said it does not only help in treating the symptoms but also helps to stop the root cause of back pain.

Just consider this:

If this method does really work, then I no longer have to suffer from the devastating pain in my back ever again.

I can live my life normally like it used to be…

…That could be achieved for a low-cost one-time investment.

Sounds really interesting, right?

And just like that.

I’ve decided to give this program a try.

I know… I should do more research before buying something from the Web.

But for people like us, knowing there’s a new program like this, is like finding new hope for a better life.

Besides, this program has a strong refund policy – a generous money-back guarantee, if you will.

It allows me to go through the program for 60 days, and if for any reason I’m not happy with the results, I can ask for a refund.

So, practically, there’s no risk for me to give this program a try.

The worst-case scenario is, I’d be spending a few minutes every day for doing the exercises that don’t help me treating my condition.

And I’m okay with that.

Here’s What I Received After I Ordered
Back To Life System…

Note that, I accidentally ordered the digital version. So, there’s no picture of the physical products I can show you in this article.

I’m so sorry. It was my mistake I didn’t check the details of my order.

But anyway, here’s what I received after I made an order:

Let’s talk about the videos first.

There are three levels of exercises you should follow.

The first level is obviously the easiest one to follow.

To be honest, I’m familiar with almost all the exercises on the first level.

Yeah, they aren’t something new for me.

It’s a nice and easy way to stretch out your core and release some knots.

I learned about these exercises when I joined physical therapy a few months earlier before I ordered the Back to Life system. The therapy costs about three times of this program.

So maybe, if you’ve never gone into any similar physical treatment before, the first level alone could make your investment totally worth it.

The second and third level is when it started to get more interesting.

There are more and more unique exercises that I’ve never seen before. And I can say they really work to improve your condition. We’ll go into more detail about the result in a second.

Overall, the content is great.

The direction is good and very easy to follow.

I can easily follow all the exercises on my own without facing any problems.

There’s only one thing I don’t like.

It’s about the length of each video and there’s almost no explanation of what each exercise will do to our symptoms.

I know they’re designed the program to be very concise to ensure it can fit with our daily life.

But I think adding some more extra content, like a short explanation of each exercise, won’t hurt.

Now, let’s continue to the companion manual eBook.

Inside the manual, you’ll find detailed instructions for each exercise.

For you who want to order the digital version like me, I recommend opening the eBook on your phone or iPad. And use your laptop or TV to watch the videos.

It’s not very handy to open both the instructional videos and the book on the same device. It’d be very frustrating to keep switching back and forth between them. I did that on my first day. Learn from my mistake.

Otherwise, anyone who ordered the physical version should have no problem.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Healthy Back Checklist eBook.

While this one is actually not as important as the other two items, but I think it’s very nice to include an item like this, which allows us to easily track our progress.

Again, if you ordered the digital version, I highly recommend opening the eBook with your phone or iPad.

Otherwise, the physical version should feel more convenient to use.

At this point, you might be asking…

“Which version should I buy?”

Well, based on what I’ve received, I think the physical version is the best one.

However, please note that, when you ordered the physical version, you won’t be able to access the Digital Content of Back to Life system.

If you want to access the content seamlessly via the Internet as I did, you have to order the digital version separately.

That’s something to consider before you buy it.

And there’s one more thing…

My friend Dan ordered the physical version of Back to Life and only received the DVD.

If this happened to you, just let the support team know, and they will send the items immediately.

This product is getting more popular today. So, a mistake like this could happen due to the high volume of orders.

Anyway, that’s all I can tell you about all the things they offer to you.

After I received my order via email, I opened the instructional videos right away.

I follow the exercises every single day.

Two Weeks Later, Here’s The Result…

After following the exercises every day for 14 days, I feel like it really helped me feel a little bit better.

Maybe it’s just a placebo effect?

I don’t know.

But I feel my pain has slowly decreased from time to time.

For example, when I woke up, sometimes there’s no devastating pain that made getting out of bed feeling so painful.

At this time, I honestly still don’t 100% believe this system is working.

I still have a skeptic feeling about this product, and ready to ask for a refund if I don’t feel any noticeable results within the first week.

However, knowing it did help in reducing my pain – although it’s still not delivered it claims of solving the root cause of my chronic pain – was make me happy and willing to continue following the system.

One Month Later, Here’s What I Feel…

After following the exercises for about a month, I feel like my pain had decreased by 50%.

Standing or walking no longer feels like living torture.

I did still feel the pain that spread from my back toward my ankle whenever I get up after sitting for more than 30 minutes.

But it didn’t feel as bad as before.

One thing to remember: When you follow the Back to Life system, you shouldn’t expect to achieve a quick result.

While the program claims it can help you erase your back pain quickly, that doesn’t mean your pain will simply go away overnight.

It still took some time and effort. It just doesn’t take nearly as much work and time as following other conventional treatment methods.

At this point, I can tell you this system really work.

But hang on… we’re still not finished yet.

After Two Months, Here’s What I Feel Today…

At the time of writing this article, it’s just over two months into the program.

Did I ask for a refund?

Of course, no.

I can honestly, and amazingly, say that I’m 95% pain-free.

I, too, do not believe it.

But the truth is beauty, as the poet said.

Before I suffer from back pain, I used to play tennis every weekend. However, my back pain has stopped me from continue playing on the court with my friends and colleagues.

Today, thanks to the Back to Life system, I could back to the tennis court in full swing.

Even after two hours of playing, my typical back pain is not there.

Back To Life System Is Simple, Yet
Very Effective.

And I say that from the point of view of someone who always been very skeptical of anything being offered on the Web.

I’m glad the creator of this product has positioned themselves very well on the search engine, so I can find this product fast.

Why NO Certified Practitioners Can
Provide The Same Results?

The exercises work really well.

So why do those certified practitioners who charged us hundreds or even thousands don’t implement the same exercises in their treatment programs?

What happened in Med School?

Do they never teach these simple stretching exercises?

That’s something I will never know for sure.

But here’s just my humble opinion:

Emily Lark, the instructor and the author of this program experienced what you’re currently experiencing right now, unlike people who learned your symptoms from the school.

She learned it from real-life experience and decided to create her own solution.

That’s why she could understand what really works for people like us.

And I can’t thank her enough for creating this system for people who suffer from devastating pain like me and you.

Especially, since she priced her system for a very low price, at only $99.

UPDATE: The price is now only $37 for both the physical and digital versions. Click here to get it at this special price.

Plus, she also offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.

…Which practically means she gives us a chance to give this program a try for 60 days at her risk. If it doesn’t work for you, simply ask for a refund.

In my opinion, only someone who’s very confident with their product can offer a guarantee that strong.

Anyway, that’s everything I can share with you about the Back to Life system by Emily Lark.

Should You Give Back To Life System A Try?

Well, if you ask me, I’ll tell you not to decide to buy now.

If you feel like this is right for you, I recommend taking advantage of its money-back guarantee.

That’s right. Just test it. Use It. And follow the program at the comfort of your home for the next 60 days.

Click here if you want to try it now 

One More Important Thing…

If you’ve been following the same treatment method for a long time with no result, maybe it’s time for you to try something new.

I remember this popular cliché: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

You’ve heard about this too, of course.

But have you ever considered that it really applies to our life?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not working with the author of this program. And I’m not trying to push you to try this program.

But I do try to convince you because I’ve been in your current condition before. And I know this is what’s working for people like us.

You’ve read this far, which I believe, it means you have a strong interest to try Back to Life system.

So do yourself a favor, will you?

Click here to take action and give this system a try today.

All my best,

Dena Cunnington