Are There Angels Watching Over You?

We are always being watched by our guardian angels as well as archangels if we call upon

Some people don’t believe in guardian angels and think these are just folklore stories to
tell young ones so that they are not afraid of sleeping alone or in the dark.

However, every person on this planet has an assigned guardian angel, who is there watching
over you and ready to help you whenever you want and continuously trying to communicate
with you.

To enjoy a good relationship and benefit from your guardian angels, you must understand how
to communicate with them whenever they send you a message.

There are many ways your angels can use to let you know that they are with you. Check this article on How to Know Your Guardian Angel is with You.

Perfect Ways to Communicate With Your Guardian Angels?

Perfect Ways to Communicate With Your Guardian Angels

After seeing the signs that your guardian angel is watching over you, the next thing you want to
do is learn how to communicate with them. Your guardian angels are always knocking on your
door waiting for you to open and usher them in.

Below are the best ways to converse with your guardian angels:

1. Know Your Guardian Angel

The first thing your guardian angels will do is give you clues about them. For example, you may
keep seeing a certain name appearing to you, for example, Michael or Ariel. If you see one of
the angels’ names coming up, then that is your guardian angel.

Once you know the name of your guardian angel, learn about his special powers and what kind
of help he usually provides.

Establish Relationship With Your Guardian Angel

2. Establish Relationship With Your Guardian Angel

Cultivate a close relationship with your guardian angel so that you can always get the messages
he will be sending you. The best way to foster a close relationship with your guardian angel is
by walking with him or her.

You can even engage in a loud conversation as you walk, just ignore the looks on people’s faces when they see you talking to yourself. Alternatively, you can just open mind to receive whatever your angels have to say to you.

When walking with your guardian angel, you will be coming across symbols and synchronicities
that indicate they are there with you. These signs may include feathers, coins, or even subtle

3. Write to Your Angel
Writing to your guardian angels will not only enhance your relationship but it will also make
them understand clearly what is it you want. Remember that there are some words that we
may be overwhelmed to speak, and can only be expressed properly in words.

You also don’t have to only write to your guardian angels when you want them to do something to you; it is
also great to write a letter thanking them for what they have done to you.

Write down the number of ways your angels have helped you, including the things they brought
your attention that changed your life, how they always make you secure, and the way they
make you feel throughout the day every day.

Have a Real Talk With Your Guardian Angel

4. Have a Real Talk With Your Guardian Angel

As your relationship with your angel keeps growing stronger and stronger, reach out to them
and open up your soul’s sincere desires like you are talking to your close friend. Tell them of
your gratitude towards them and how you feel about them. Don’t be afraid to let them know
they are a special part of your life.

While opening to your guardian angel, ask them to continue helping you.

5. Deep Meditate

Meditation has for long been used to connect with cosmic beings and is one of the best ways to
connect deeply with your guardian angel.

This might be tricky since you are not supposed to think about anything but your breath. So take your guardian angel out of your mind for a moment and focus on meditation.

Set Aside Time for Your Guardian Angel

6. Set Aside Time for Your Guardian Angel

Just like you will designate time for your family and friends, make time also for your guardian
angel on a daily or weekly basis to connect with them. This time can be used for meditating or
any rituals that help you empty your brain.

Create an altar in your room to help you contact your angel. This place should be designated for
spiritual energy.

The altar should not be complicated. Just a small space on top of your dresser
is enough. Place a white or purple cloth over this area and light a candle and an object that
depicts your guardian angel.

If you think your guardian angel is your deceased loved one, place their photo on the altar to
always remind you of them.

Make sure you contact your guardian angels regularly and not just when you need something
from them.

7. Learn A Prayer
A special prayer is another great way to communicate with your guardian angel. Some angels
have special prayers that you can say to communicate with them.

But this is only possible if you know your angel. If don’t know yet, you will have to come up with your own special prayer.

Writing special prayers to contact your angel is not difficult. Just use the standard format by
starting by addressing the angel, acknowledging their special powers, recognizing your needs,
and then end your prayer.

8. Pay Attention to Your “Gut”

Many believers think that a strong intuition or a gut feeling is the main way the guardian angels
communicate. If you are facing tough decisions and don’t have time to seek the help of your
angel, an answer will just come to you, so believe in that strong intuition.

Final Thoughts About Angels Watching Over you

Final Thoughts About Angels Watching Over you

Angels are always watching over us 24/7. To know if your guardian angel is with you, pay
attention to the signs, and then start to develop a close relationship with them.

Communicating regularly with your guardian angel helps strengthen your relationship. There are many ways to
communicate with an angel that is watching over you, some of which I have shared in this post.

Don’t just wait until you need something to talk to your angel, show them you appreciate their
guidance and make them know that you value their contribution in your life.

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Be well.

Be Blessed,