My experience with Aiden Powers’ Royal Numerology…

I Tried This FREE Numerology Reading Prediction. Here’s What It’s Really Like To Have Your Numbers Read… And How It Can Help You Improve Your Life.

“Life is full of secrets. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind your life. One way to uncover it is with Numerology. It can help you understand more about your inner self, and understand your path of destiny. Aiden Powers is one of the most gifted numerologists in the world today. He can ‘read you’ to the point that makes you feel scared about how accurate the results are.”

From the desk of Jewel
Boulder, Colorado 
July 10th, 2019

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Dear friend,

If you’re feeling lost in life, and have been thinking about trying an online numerology reading, spend at least 10 minutes to read this message and I’ll show you the right one that is really worth to try.

“The service is free. So why do I need to care which one I choose?” you might say.

Numerology Can Be Wrong.

Well, actually, it’s NOT numerology that’s wrong. It’s the person who does the interpretation. But anyway… If the numerology reading result you receive isn’t accurate, you will take the wrong path.

It tells you about yourself and your destiny. So you’re more likely to follow what the numerologist says in the result you received. And something bad may happen if you follow it.

For example, if the result tells you that based on your life path number, you’re a natural-born leader who is powered by a desire for success.

Now, after you read the result, you might want to consider to start a business and become an entrepreneur – despite the fact that you’ve never become a leader in your life.

If the result is accurate, it could help you change your life and within a few years, you’ll no longer work 9-to-5, and become a successful business owner.

But what if the result is NOT accurate?

You’ll waste a lot of time and money to start a business, only to find out that you don’t possess the skill to become a good leader.

You see, although the numerology reading is FREE, there’s something you have to pay in the future if you follow what’s suggested by the wrong result.

Now, another question may pop in your mind…

With 100s Of Free Numerology Reading Predictions On The Web Promising An Insanely Accurate Result, How Could You Possibly Separate The Wheat From The Caff?

It’s easy – even if you’ve never tried working with numerologist before.

Just see if they’ve been studied Numerology for more than 10 years, and see whether they’re well known as an expert in Numerology or not. See what other people said about the service he/she provides.

If you can find the one that’s so popular, and have become a Numerologist for more than 30 years, and many people have praised him/her for his ability… and even calling this person ‘gifted’ because he/she has helped many people with his knowledge and talent. Congratulations, you’ve found the right numerologist for you.

However, if you can’t find a soul who meets this simple requirement, you might want to get in touch with this person..

Aiden Powers - Founder of
Royal Numerology

Aiden Powers is a founder of Royal Numerology, one of the most popular sites that offer Free Numerology reading prediction. He’s a master Numerologist who have been learning this knowledge from a young age.

Here’s what’s really interesting about him… 

Despite there are so many people who called him a special person who possesses an uncommon spiritual gift, Aiden insists to let everyone know that he’s just like everyone else. But what made him different is his passion for numbers. 

Since he was a child, he always feels intrigued by hidden meanings behind numbers and symbolism, and how much these numbers can tell him. As he got older, his passion for numbers grew to the point when he started to fully immerse himself in Numerology. At this time, Aiden realized there’s something more behind numbers, and he was determined to find it. 

That’s how Aiden began to learn deeper about Numerology and Quantum Physics. 

Not long after that, Aiden finally discovered that numbers act as clues left by the Universe,

which would allow us to discover our purpose in the Universe as soon as we decipher the riddles through Numerology reading.

Today, he gives a chance for anyone who’d like to learn more about themselves through Numerology reading prediction he offered on his website Royal Numerology. And in case you’re wondering, Aiden is the one who’ll read you and send you the report – he doesn’t work with anyone else. 

Although it requires hard work and dedication to reach the level of knowledge in Numerology as he possessed today, he offers his service for FREE to anyone. Thousands of people have tried his free Numerology reading service, and many of them have successfully discovered their hidden potentials and destiny with Aiden’s help – including me. 

(Note that, because of his popularity… He used “Aiden Powers” to protect and safeguard his personal identity) 

Now, that you’ve learned about the founder of Royal Numerology. Let me tell you more about the service provided by Royal Numerology – more specifically, the Free Numerology reading. 

What Is Royal Numerology?

If you’re looking for more abstract insight about yourself and your life path, you can simply call a psychic, invest in a deck of tarot, or start reading weekly horoscope on the Magazine religiously.

But if you seek for a more detailed insight, that includes everything from your everyday life ups and downs, your hidden abilities and talents, PLUS your greatest desires… the Free Numerology reading prediction offered by Royal Numerology is the better option for you.

For years, this website provides custom Numerology readings based on your birth date and your full name. And although the results cover all the three personal core numbers, you can get this service without spending a dime – just spend 5 minutes to follow the instructions, and the result will be delivered to your inbox.

“Sounds good. But is it really worth my time?” you might ask.

It actually depends on you.

If you don’t think Numerology can help you, you’ll get nothing from trying this free service. So don’t waste your time. However, if you can open your mind for something new, you’ll get benefits from it.


A Lot Of Benefits That Can Help
You Improve Your Life.

I’ve personally tried the free numerology reading provided by Royal Numerology. I’ve printed the 11-page result and read it religiously. After I started to follow the report, so many amazing things happened in my life.

My report shows that my Life Path Number, which is calculated based on my birth date, is 2. Based on this number, Aiden found that the obstacle and difficulty I face is meekness, a state of apathy, and sluggishness. And yes, that’s me. But I never realized about this before.

So as soon as I knew about that, I started to make a change in my life. At work, I used to passively waiting for clients to come to me. But after I learned this is something I have to change, I began to actively reach for new potential clients. And believe it or not, my income doubled in the previous month.

If I never tried the Free reading from Royal Numerology, I never know for how long I have to wait until I could achieve the same result. I can’t thank Aiden enough for showing me this insight.

And that’s not all. Here’s more…

Based on my expression number, which is 4… Aiden found that I’m a creative person and can be attracted to arts and music – Yes, I love arts and music, but I never realized that I’m a creative person. It’s nice to know about that.

So if I wanted to achieve growth, my test is to be more creative and to attract more artistic people into my life who can advise and inspire you. That’s exactly what I did after I read the result.

Guess what happened next?

I reached out to my high-school friend who works as a manga artist in Kyoto, Japan. And after a long conversation on Skype… we decided to start a passion project together. This is probably the biggest project I’ve ever done in my life.

I’m still not sure if it’d be successful. But working on this project really makes me feel whole again. This is such an amazing experience that probably won’t happen without Aiden’s help.

As I mentioned earlier,

Life Is Full Of Secrets.

The universe left so many clues for you to be discovered, if you can find them, you’ll know which path you should take that will take you towards your greatest desires.

So if you feel like stuck and struggling to find the right path in your life. Numerology is one of the best solutions to find the right direction in your life. And you might want to give the Free Numerology reading from Royal Numerology a try.


There’s One Thing I Didn’t Like
From The Report I Received.

And that’s about how Aiden Powers presented the result to me.

If you’re like me who’d prefer to read a message that’s straight and to the point, you’ll find trouble reading the report. It’s written in hard-to-read words that required me to read it several times in order to understand the meaning.

That’s not a big deal, though. But you really need to takes patience in trying to understand what Aiden trying to tell you. If you’re okay with that, then you’d be fine.

And in case you’re wondering…

Yes, Aiden Will Offer You A Chance
To Get More Detailed Report.

Of course, this isn’t offered for free like the first reading you’ll receive. This one is more advanced, and it covers even more detail about yourself and your destiny.

Don’t worry. Taking one step further by getting this more detailed and precise reading isn’t required.

For some people, the first reading should be enough to help them walk away from uncertainty. But trust me, when you received your Free reading result, you’ll want to get a chance to look deeper into it… and you’ll never regret that decision.

I’ve personally paid for this report. And I can tell you this is really worth the investment. It uncovers even more hidden meanings behind my path of life.

So it’s no wonder if Aiden call this reading as 3-Part, In-Depth Eye-Opening Numerology Reading.

Here’s what I received from this more detailed reading:

Life-Purpose Snapshot

This is where I discovered my true life purpose. Reading your Life Purpose Snapshot will finally help you create a life filled with meaning, job, clarity, and centeredness. If you feel lost in your life, reading this report will help you feel whole again.

Personality Profile

Have you ever realized that you can unleash your true potential by simply learning more about yourself? Sounds weird, right? I actually thought the same thing. Until I read the Personality Profile report… and that suddenly makes sense. Anyway, here’s what you’ll receive from this report:

Complete 1-Year Forecast

This report is amazing. It’s filled with predestined insights for a whole year. You’ll no longer wander aimlessly through life with no clear direction. It’s like having a blueprint that will take you on the rightful path in your life. Your 1-Year forecast reading will include:

That’s a lot of valuable insights that will help you improve your life.

The investment is totally worth it. I never regret it. And you’ll never regret it too should you take this opportunity to get more detailed Numerology reading from Aiden Powers.

But anyway, as I mentioned earlier, taking one step further by getting this more detailed and precise reading isn’t required. Getting the free Numerology reading may be enough for you since it covers almost everything you need to know.

Most Numerologist charge about $50 to read your numbers and provide you with the same quality reading as what Aiden can provide to you for FREE. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, especially if you need guidance in your life right now.

So if you feel like this is right for you, just click the button below to get your FREE Numerology Reading Prediction today