signs your an earth angel

“When spending time with earth angels, you will feel carried, nurtured and loved, and the world wouldn’t be such a joyful place without them.”

The human earth angels live here to share the most generous and tirelessly love, light, and kindness in from their hearts.

An Earth Angel is very different from an angel coming to earth on a mission or the basis of your invite. Earth Angels are people whose spirit and origins are not from earth.

Also, they have spent a vast amount of time in the higher spiritual dimensions of love and light.

That’s why they are so natural or pure in form. These earth angels are fully aware of what they are, and also they exist on our planet.

Earth Angels are those beings who wish to bring peace, light, and love to the earth, humanity, and all beings.

There are still a few souls with particular characteristics similar to the Archangels they are called ‘Earth Angels.’

As a matter of fact, you all hold the light of God inside yourselves, but Angel’s light is brighter, and their vibration is much higher than “normal” people.

earth angels

Earth Angels are the purest Angels who are sent here on earth and are born in the human body to carry out their main tasks.

Here are the most important tasks of human earth angels:

1. Earth Angels touch everyone’s heart and open it to love more deeply.
2. Be an example and an encouragement, to guide them to the light, love, and give hope; they will lift the vibration of humanity and earth;
3. Protect the planet, nature, and the environment and generally protect humanity and earth from self-destruction;
4. They are a guide for people that seek spiritual service and help them to heal themselves.

A lot of human earth angels, begin with a problematic childhood. For Example an abusive or emotionally unavailable parent from the very start. If you are an earth angel, you need to know that you are put straight into the business of healing, peace, and love.

You may even end up teaching your parents, friends, or family the lesson of love and compassion. You have joined these unhappy, dysfunctional, and painful families because they have a low vibration and need healing.

But, this doesn’t mean that the earth angels have his or her own lessons to learn.

Although they carry out a lot of light, often they need to heal themselves first from the damage they went through in their dysfunctional families.

27 signs you're an earth angel

27 Signs you’re An Earth Angel.

Do you want to know if you’re an earth angel? Look at these 27 signs if you’re an Earth Angel:

1. You barely ask anyone for help as you are the one who always helps, and it may be a little confusing for you to ask for help.
2. Insecurity is common in your relationships as you tend to sense even the slightest change in behaviors.
3. Initially, you suffer from your own thoughts, later you realize your destructive thoughts and change them.
4. You have an aura to which people are attracted. It’s an easy task for you to inspire and make people feel good about themselves.
5. You accept others the way they are, and you are very adjustable. You get along well with even those people who are not very good to others.
6. For you, there’s always a grey area and two stories to all the situations.
7. You think in regards to all the possibilities and potential in every human and the different situations
8. You can be good at, art, music, and healing
9. People open up about their lives very easily to you.
10. You are not great at time management, but you’re accountable for your responsibilities and the mistakes you make.
11. Earth Angels in the form of children can have cognitive disorders diagnosed because they are not concerned with the outside materialistic world
12. You cannot tolerate anyone suffering in pain. It’s your primary character to help, and so it’s difficult for you to comprehend that someone is in pain. This means that you may attract people with different kinds of negative aura.
13. You experienced intense anger and worried that you might lash out; you prefer being away from people. This trait is because you hold on to negative feelings. You rather suppress your feelings, than bother other people with it.
14. It’s easy for you to feel guilty and worried, thinking if anyone is offended by you, or if you have caused pain or disturbance to anyone. You always need reassurance.
15. You get easily disturbed when you feel your loved one is getting more distant from you.
16. You aren’t a go-getter in your personal or work life. You want to see everyone win, and you are very laid back.
17. You are capable of serving people around you without making it a big deal out of it. You give without being noticed or acknowledged.
18. You are not very comfortable with urban development and resist change.
19. You felt indifferent from others, and often you were teased when you were small. Because of your different interests and behavior.
20. You have a hard time being a part of people crowds. That’s because you feel overwhelmed by the energy of so many different people.
21. You were raised with the feeling that you couldn’t connect to your relatives and family. You feel less connected with your own family. That’s why often you were raised in a dysfunctional family to help them.
22. If you don’t know people very well, they tend to tell you incredibly personal things about themselves.
23. When you speak with other people, they tell you often that you look younger than your age is.
24. You have a history of addiction in your family.
25. You have a clear and perfect sense of responsibility. Even though you may struggle to figure out your actual real purpose on this planet, you know in your heart that you are here to work, to heal, and to spread love.
26. You dearly love the whole thought of spreading love and giving more than you receive.
27. When you look at the sky full of stars, you feel glum like’ you’re missing home.

earth angel

Therefore, If you ever discover that you are an earth angel. Then this message is especially for you.

My dear Earth Angel, don’t forget who you are, shine bright and spread your incredible light, touch, and open people’s hearts with warmth, kindness, love, and compassion. Spread your wings and fly high so you can heal the human hearts and the planet.

I hope my article serves you and helps you discover your inner potential and if you’re an Earth Angel.

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A question to you: Do you know an earth angel or are you one yourself? And what is your best trait as an earth angel? You can reply in the comment section.

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