healthh benefits for yoga in the morning

”Doing yoga in the morning is the biggest gift we can give ourself in that day Because the benefits are beyond what we can measure”

The health benefits of Yoga are well documented. Becoming healthier, happier, more satisfied in life, and free of harmful habits is the basis of our lives’ goals.

The primary purposes of Yoga are increasing awareness and reducing disease as well as enhance greater flexibility, relaxation, and reducing stress.

Also, doing Yoga is like starting on a new habit. As you know, starting a new practice means there was a gaping hole left by an old pattern you let go, that needs to be filled. There is always a reason or two for developing new habits, which mostly is to serve a purpose, and in this case, to achieve good physical and mental health.

In this article today, I’m going to take a close look at the health benefits of Yoga in the morning, including how to begin and ensure you maintain your commitment.

Before we go any further, I would like to point out that, while it seems easy, starting yoga needs a lot of commitment and dedication. Nevertheless, the benefits, as we will cover in this topic, are immense.

yoga in the morning

The 10 health benefits of doing Yoga in the morning

Many people love morning yoga because of its effectiveness. It is considered the most revitalizing, transcending, and enlightening form of Yoga.

This exercise can significantly transform your life through the following benefits.

1. Boosting mental clarity

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes we experience the downs more than the ups. It is rare to have a period where your mind is calm unless you create time for it. Just like rimples of ocean waves can make it difficult to see the floor of the ocean.

Likewise, when your mind is occupied with lots of negative thoughts, you won’t be able to think clearly. That’s why, our day to day hectic lives can leave us mentally exhausted and overwhelmed, which can cause burnout.

Burnout is a situation where your mind and body give up to all the fatigue and eventually shut down.

In circumstances like this, turning to morning yoga can help you restore stillness in your mind, which will then lead to calmness and, ultimately, happiness.

20 minutes of yoga in the morning

2. Morning yoga gets you into a good mood

To ensure that you enjoy the health benefits of Yoga in the morning, set aside twenty minutes for a stretch routine.

This simple exercise will focus on your diaphragmatic breathing, and as you move with your whole body, the stretching targets the depression and anxiety hormones and gets you in a good mood.

If you find yourself flipping out on trivial matters, it could be because your anxiety is at a higher level than usual. Also, you have reached an imbalanced emotional state of mind. This state of mind is a dangerous place to be at because you will end up self-sabotaging without knowing it and you lag on your daily routine.

Your mood is a mirror of your emotional health and ability to process life setbacks. Morning yoga is excellent for boosting your emotional and mental health.

Here’s your 20-minutes yoga exercise against depression and anxiety

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3. Morning Yoga eliminates cravings for bad foods
Cravings usually arise at any time of the day. When this happens, it is typically because of fatigue or a drop in your blood sugar levels caused by a lack of quality sleep or bad diet.

Moring yoga can help you beat the sugar cravings, which is essential when trying to lose weight. Yoga focuses on regular, deep breathing as well as meditation. It helps you still your thoughts and emotions responsible for causing a particular craving.

Who didn’t had that chocolate bar when sobbing after a heartbreak, right?

When you have these emotional situations, less Serotonin is made by your brain. You probably know that Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Having said that, you probably don’t know that low levels of this neurotransmitter cause food cravings.

Yoga in the morning enables you to have a deeper connection with your body, and especially with your mind. When you feel this stillness and relaxness during Yoga, higher amounts of Serotonin will be rushing through your blood veins, fighting these food cravings.

This helps allow you to fight off those unhealthy cravings effectively and, instead, opt for healthier food choices.

4. Yoga in the morning promotes better sleep and hormone balance
4. Yoga in the morning promotes better sleep and hormone balance

Morning yoga will help you get over the difficulties of getting up early in the morning by changing your biological clock that will enable you to get to bet before midnight. Once you make this your daily morning habit, your body will instantly adjust the time to wake up as well as the time to fall asleep.

Therefore, allowing you to wake up full of vigor and a refreshing feeling.

When you are doing Yoga, you have to concentrate on breathing, meditation, or one of the Asana poses.
With this breathing technique, you create positive effects on your endocrine system, which produces positive hormones as well as maintaining your body long-term.

Other yoga poses can also help stimulate your pineal gland that is responsible for generating melatonin hormone and enhance better sleep. Afterward, your biological hormone system will be balanced out, and you will feel the benefits quite soon.

yoga against coffee cravings

5. Reduce the cravings for caffeine

How does caffeine affect your health? Well, if you are like many people who use caffeine to wake them up in the morning, you might be at risk of confronting health issues such as digestive problems. Also, problems like insomnia, high blood pressure, muscle breakdown, increase heart rate, and many more.

Using caffeine in a small amount does not pose any health problems. But with morning yoga, you can get rid of it entirely. This effect is because the stretching will make your mind awake and alert, eliminating the need for coffee.

Also, you make endorphins en serotonin during your yoga practice, which reduces the cravings.

Another health benefit of Yoga in the morning is boosting mental strength, and you will be able to stay alert without help from caffeine.

yoga for better breathing

6. Help you breathe better

The basis of Yoga is calm, deep breathing. Pranayama, a yogic breathing method, focuses on slowing down the breath as well as on breathing below the pit of your gut to the top of your lungs.

Combining this physical and mental technique will make you feel more calm, relaxed, and balanced, allowing you to face your day with more confidence.

They even increase your lung capacity and tidal volume. In the end, you will be able to stay calm, especially in emergencies, think clearer in tenser situations as well as helping you reduce pain.

7. Maintain energy and stamina throughout the day

Morning yoga will allow you to sustain your physical energy and endurance for the rest of your day and into the evening. This is one of the first health benefits of Yoga in the morning you begin to see.

Also, Yoga will help you keep away chronic fatigue and allow you to work for hours on end while maintaining your focus on essential tasks.

Likewise, your body will build resilience and strength, which helps you with completing your daily tasks and goals. You will have an overall feeling of good health and vitality when practicing morning Yoga.

yoga helps to become mindfull
8. Help you become mindful

Mindfulness and Yoga are inseparable. When practicing Yoga, you will transfer your mind to the sensations, emotions, and thoughts that accompany a specific pose. That awareness will allow your mind to get back to the present, where it can stay focused and happy.

When you practice Yoga in the morning, the mindfulness is something that you will carry along the day with you. Therefore, every experience that you have, will have the qualities of the present moment in it.

For example qualities like:

  • calmness
  • stillness
  • vitality
  • beauty
  • love
  • peacefulness

And many more traits that the present moment has in store for you. Imagine how your experiences will be more enhanced to oppose when you didn’t do yoga in the morning.

It’s something you might want to consider.

9. Help you stay fitter and lean

A beautiful lean and fit body is another one of the great health benefits of Yoga in the morning. You don’t have to put your body under strenuous exercise in the gym to get that toned body and good health.

All you need is a yoga mat and video tutorials. Over time, morning yoga will make your whole body stronger, from your legs, arms, back and that beautifully shaped booty.

yoga for longivity
10. Helps you live longer

The by-product of all these health benefits of Yoga in the morning is to make you live longer. The increased level of fitness, reduced stress, regulated heart rate, and many more of these factors, will make you a happy person and add valuable years to your life.

So, it’s not a question if yoga in the morning is something you should do, but more when will you start?

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Therefore, here are some Yoga practice tips

How to start and maintain morning yoga

When it comes to morning yoga, developing a consistent home-based practice is essential, and is one of the ways that will ensure you reap all the health benefits. Here are the steps to get started.

1. Set the room

The first step is preparing a space in your home and dedicates it purely for morning yoga. Since you will only need a mat, this shouldn’t be a big room, but if you have one that is not in use, it would be great. Wherever you settle as a yoga space, ensure there is enough room to move freely and breathe. Declutter the space as well as to provide a positive flow of energy.

2. Get some supply

If you are starting, there is no need to blow your savings on extravagant gears. A simple Yoga is around $10 and might serve you for many years to come.

As you progress, you can add more investments by getting a good quality mat that is a bit thicker to protect your joints when doing the stretches.

Be sure to get some comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. You also don’t have to spend a considerable amount on this, wear what makes you feel good.

yoga practice tips

3. Set your goals

Without a goal, it will be hard to maintain your yoga routine. Remember, without a purpose; you will not have the drive to push your new habit.

Set realistic goals that can be achieved. Unrealistic objectives that are unattainable will likely make you give up on your morning yoga. Make sure you’re passionate about it. It will strengthen your believe it can be achieved

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A question to you: What health benefits do you hope to get out of the Yoga practice?

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